Design a Career that Represents You
Be fearless. Create your own job opportunities.
Access your strengths and talents on a daily basis in a job that you LOVE.
Everything you want is on the other side of fear.
Carve out a meaningful career that allows for epic lunch breaks.
Find a job that you love in a culture that fits you.
Push yourself to your highest peak!
Become a leader with a personal mission that inspires others.
Build a supportive network that helps you move mountains.
Work with your company to support what's important to you.
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Why Career 5? Why roadmap your growth?

Career5's inception started from the basic idea that if we're accessing our top strengths and drives at work, then we often bring more energy, value, and growth to it... maybe even move the needle forward in society in some way by either making great impact on the planet through our work or just being kinder to the people in our lives because we are more fulfilled.

Think about it, if you're happier, and your teams and employees are happier, then there is more positive synergy. That is when great things start to happen. But it doesn't happen with just an idea. It takes a plan. That's why we roadmap all of our clients to get to their ideal work, and to keep iterating the plan in an agile method as they continue to build their legacy.

A goal without a plan is just a dream. - Dave Ramsey

Get to Know Our Team

Aimee Marcelo

Aimee Marcelo

Career Strategist

Henry Ford once said, "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right," and this quote has always stuck with me. If we believe in ourselves and push forward through adversity and fear instead of hiding behind it,  we can come out on the other side and make positive impact in ways we can't even yet imagine. Our loved ones, our colleagues, and our planet need that from you.

But if we wait for someone else to save us from our own unhappiness, to professionally develop us, and take us into greatness, we will most likely have a subpar life that falls short of our hopes and dreams. It ALL has to do with our mindset... a choice every day to take control of our own lives, both at work and at home so that we can truly make the changes needed to grow.

Life can be over in a blink of an eye. I know because I lost my husband unexpectedly in my mid 30s. We have a choice every day to let happenstance take over our work and home lives, or to drive it with meaning and intention. Being the driver of your career means to treat it like a business... to think, YOU, Inc.. This means to really get to know what strengths and drives you want to access daily, what type of legacy or impact you want to make in your work, and then map out a strategy to get you there. If you're tapped into your inner drives and top strengths, you will light up, and it's a gift to everyone around you when this happens. We have seen this again and again with our clients.

When you are the driver of your career, your job now becomes a partnership, where your employer utilizes your strengths to help them grow their business, and you utilize their resources to grow YOUR business (YOU, Inc.). That's when true synergy happens. That's when you have your dream job. That's also when you can become an intrepreneur at work. It's hard to start your own business in today's world. Why not build your value, take on an intrepreneur mindset, tap into those inner drives and strengths and just blaze a trail of positive impact at a company where you can get behind their mission?

Don't waste another day. Map out your path to growth in your work. Make positive change daily with your colleagues, your direct reports, and even your CEOs who might need help creating a new vision for their company; CEOs get tired too... the pressure is enormous and sometimes they forget why they are even there. Remind them what's important on this planet... to use their resources to build an impactful legacy, and if you just can't seem to align your mission with theirs, go find a company where where you can.

You have NOTHING to lose by investing in your growth and taking the chance to become the absolute best version of yourself.... and you have EVERYTHING to lose by doing nothing. Let us support you on your journey.

Aimee has 20+ years in marketing, training, and recruitment for both higher ed, fortune 500 companies, and startups, and works continuously to help both high-level executives and motivated individuals market themselves well to find the right jobs. She has an M.A. in Adult Training and is a certified Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF).