Design and “Scale Up” Your Amazing Career

Amazing Career

No matter what stage you are in your career, you have the ability to “scale up”. You can have an amazing career if you just invest enough forethought, time, and focus to design and create a career path with an actionable plan that you can see through. This is our main goal here at Career5. We want to help you make the most of your strengths and talents and to support you in driving your career with intention and meaning. 

 When you become the “driver” of your career instead of a “passenger”- it is a game changer. When you think of your career as your personal business- YOU, Inc…it’s a game changer! It takes some effort and creativity, but the ride is 100% worth it because you are growing and thriving along the way.

You are no longer waiting for a promotion, to be recognized for your efforts, or to be paid what you are worth because you know that these rules no longer apply to your way of thinking. You set yourself up to make opportunities continuously arise for you. 


Typically for our clients, this package has improved career and salary trajectories by 5-10K+ annually by utilizing fast-track efforts for growth… as well as increased happiness, work-life balance, and personal growth due to carving out the right career path for them.

Based on your needs to grow your career, here are some ways we can work with you:

Soar to Great Heights!


Here at Career5, we help people like you take a leap of faith, break your barriers, and soar to new heights while simultaneously utilizing data and strategy to make informed choices. We help you design a career path that fits YOUR definition of success by doing work that you enjoy that accesses your key strengths and the meaning you want to carve into it.

We are your “go to” place and coaching support for all that you need to create an amazing work-life… no matter what age, education level, or stage you are in your career.

    • Strategy Coaching via Skype/Phone 30-min or 1-hr increments. (30-minutes can be used for your resume, CL, LinkedIn profile review and optimization reports.)  Customize a solution with your coach and work towards your goals.
    • Work with coach to dial in and map out what you want out of your career such as: meaning, work-life alignment, metrics and measurable statements that truly create traction with your salary and career trajectories, strategize growth, strategize education and training, and maximize efforts to make phenomenal traction.
    • Utilize platform to keep you on track: My Career Roadmap & My Career Strategic Plan.
      Career5 Roadmap
    • YouScience® Assessment.
      You Science Assessment
    • Job and Career Growth Analysis Report- Get data on your position, salary, labor market, and economic forecast to make informed decisions.
      Job and Career Growth Analysis
    • Resume, CL, Linkedin Review & Optimization Reports.
    • My Job Search Roadmap, My Career Roadmap & My Career Strategic Plan with “how to” videos
    • Career5 Roadmap® Platform with Action Plan, free resume templates, vision board, job board, job resources, and labor market info.
      Tour Our PlatformResume Templates   

Here’s an Example of How We Can Work with You

 How It Works

Think of our Career5 Roadmap® platform as a way of sifting out what you really want out of your work and what jobs to target. Then you can map out a plan and access our tools to get you there.

The Career Design & Fast-Track package is derived from the Career5 Roadmap® methodology and is broken up into two roadmaps that are meant to greatly enhance the coaching process: My Career Roadmap and My Job Search RoadmapBased on your career or job search needs, you target those specific areas to work through.  Most packages allow access to both of these roadmaps since we want our clients to have all the tools necessary to find new job opportunities and grow their careers. The two roadmaps go hand and hand.


Career5 RoadmapMy Career Roadmap takes you through 5 phases (below) to strategically align and map our your long-term life and career goals to get life balance and make impact.

My Job Search Roadmap uses the latest methods to quickly get you a job utilizing our Rapid Job Search Strategy®.  Both roadmaps use concepts, research, and trends from the following 5 areas: business management, labor economics, career development, positive psychology, and transformative learning.

Sneak a peek at the Career Growth & Fast-Track Package here.


Woman on computer Customize a solution with your coach and work towards your goals based on how you want to grow and maximize your career working intermittently with your coach along the way.

This process helps you sift out what meaning, intention, and goals you want to focus on so that you can get the most out of your work and life. The roadmaps allow our clients to keep track of their strategy and progress, and create an actionable plan, making far great traction than traditional coaching packages.

Results Include:


Purchasing a coach package to “scale up” your career will exponentially improve your ability to strategize and grow your career and negotiate for the salary you are worth.



With your 5 phase methodology in My Career Road Map, you will:






Below is what is included in both: My Career Roadmap & My Job Search Roadmap

  • Tell us your immediate career needs so we can start working through them while you are developing your roadmap.
  • Take assessments to clarify what strengths, personality traits and value you bring to the workplace, explore careers, and define your work-life meaning and value.
  • This will become the groundwork for building your brand and helping you choose a career.
  • Determine the meaning you want to thread into your career.
  • Get into the SUCCESS MINDSET.


  • Define success for you, align your life and career goals/values with your career choice, and balance all areas of your life.
  • Determine salary growth.
  • Define your long-term work-life vision (BHAG) and career exit strategy.


  • Map out a plan for career growth from A-Z (depending on where you are on your career path). The plan becomes your action plan for you to follow so that your eyes are always on the long-term goal.
  • Develop your “net worth” with your network: addressing the difference between colleagues, mentors and sponsors, the benefits of volunteering, and participating in professional organizations.
  • Your strategy will be authentic and aligned with how you want to grow in your career and life so you make the right training or education, look for the right positions, and move forward on the right career path.



  • Using what you learn from the first 3 phases, define your personal brand and what value you bring to the workforce with both brand and value (measurable) statements you will use on all of your marketing communications from your business card, resume, LinkedIn profile, individual website, etc.

  • Get an overview of how to grow into leaderships, seek promotions, and develop strong teams, and tighten up your strategy for these areas.
  • Here is where you can review your salary and look for opportunities to grow it, look for ways to stay relevant and valuable for job security, tighten daily processes, or clear your plate of barriers and misconceptions, and work on maximizing your time and efforts, building your support systems, and scaffolding your knowledge to help you succeed in your long-term goals.
  • You will evaluate your progress, and that you work on any specific areas that will help you maximize your efforts to reach your goals.
  • If you need to make a career choice, this section will walk you through the process of choosing a career, mapping out your path from A-Z, and evaluating the costs of making that choice (Career ROI) to assure you are on target.
  • Utilize our free cover letters and resumes built to convey your brand and value.
  • Develop (or redevelop) your communication materials so that you stand out in the crowd.
  • Assure you have the correct keywords in your material and LinkedIn profile to get noticed by the applicant tracking systems (ATSs) that many employers and recruiters use to find the best candidates.
  • Utilize our step-by-step guide to infiltrate keywords for each job that you apply for, even if found through networking efforts.
  • Let our coaches scan and optimize your resume, cover letter, and Linkedin communications for you. Most of our coaching packages come with this option.
  • Let us develop and optimize your resume, cover letter, and Linkedin communications for you. Our full-service option can be added to most packages.
  • Utilize the Guided Career5 Rapid Job Search Strategy. If looking for a job, you will be guided through steps to submit your resume to the best sites and recruiters
  • You focus primarily on a networking strategy to find the right hiring managers to find your job utilizing LinkedIn and other networks.
  • You will practice interviewing and salary negotiation techniques so that you stand out in front of the competition.
  • Utilize our video prep interviewing software that is industry-specific and will also cover salary negotiations.
  • One-on-one career coaching will help you dial in techniques, company-specific strategies, and your value statements that will help you win your job.
  •  Know when and how to salary negotiate. You only have one shot at this so make it count!
  • Research the correct data and build a case using your value (measurable statements).

Utilize our step-by-step plan to make sure you leave on good terms from your position.

Utilize our step-by-step plan to assure you are meeting expectations in your new job.


Once you have finished with your road map, you will have a front page mapped out with:

  • Where you want to go with your career.
  • How you will continue to grow so you can get there.
  • Who will help you get there.
  • When you want to get there.
  • What you need to do (action items) to get there.

You check in with it periodically to keep you on track so you can realize your goals and dreams!