Solutions & Results: Be the Best Version of YOU!

“Scale Up” with BIG PICTURE or IMMEDIATE NEEDS. You decide.

Immediate (chunk it) 

Have just one need you want to tackle?  You can pick a coaching package and dive right into your immediate needs with your coach and work through the rest of your roadmap platform later when you are ready. If you’re going self-directed, then hire a coach if and when needed.

single vs full solutions

Big Picture (connect ALL the dots)

Looking to “scale up” at work? Want to transition to a new career and get a job? Then we can combine and strategize a package that meets your needs. Ultimately we want you to be the driver and not the passenger of your career by roadmapping it!

Some of the ways Career 5 can work with you:


What happens when you roadmap your career?


You’ll feel empowered, confident, and more relaxed because you have started treating your career as your own personal business- YOU Inc. and are now the driver, instead of a passenger, of your career. This will allow you to: get more satisfaction out of your daily life, have more energy since you are utilizing your strengths while bringing more meaning to your life, make opportunities that fit your long-term goals, and earn more money because you know your value that you bring to the table. You have a 42% greater chance of reaching your long-term goals with a plan!  Career 5 focuses on 5 key areas to keep your career growing! See why it is important to strategize and manage your career.

5 ways to turbocharge your career

Take a Video Tour of How the Career5 Roadmap CMS Keeps Your Organized and Actualized When Used with Coaching or Self-Directed Courses!

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After you finish the platform, you use it for years to come and will be able to:

1) Make a career choice (if needed) with confidence based on ROI by mapping out (from A-Z) utilizing assessments.

2) Have life and career goal alignment so you can have work-life balance.

3) Convey your value and stay ahead of automation.

4) Experience faster career and salary growth because you know how to strategize and grow like a pro.

5) Determine your long-term career goal where you will focus your efforts.

6) Enjoy increased job security due to awareness of labor market trends.

7) Build a strong support network based on a sound strategy.

8) Bring meaning into your work-life with your eyes always on your long-term vision.

9) Understand how the job searching process works today, as well as exit and onboarding strategies.

10) Know how the applicant tracking system (ATS) software works for hiring managers.

11) Develop your brand and value statements that you can use throughout your digital and personal communications.

12) Utilize your brand when developing or revising your resume and cover letter to get noticed; optimize with keywords for the ATS.

13) Develop and optimize your LinkedIn profile, and learn how other social media can help you in your search.

14) Utilize the power of networking since 85% of jobs are obtained through people you know instead of job postings.

15) Develop a solid job search strategy based on an actionable timeline.

16) Practice interview and salary negotiating conveying your value.

What makes Career5 different than other career coaching sites?

Most of our packages come with the Career5 Roadmap™ platform that is a hybrid approach that includes roadmap courses that cut coaching time in half. We keep you on a schedule moving forward with an Action Plan!  Plus, you’ll end up with a Career Strategic Plan (My Career Roadmap) to keep you on track for years to come!

We cut expensive coaching time in half!

The roadmap shows you how to manage your career as your own meaningful business to keep you on the cutting edge and see your goals and dreams to fruition. Fill out designated areas of your roadmap, your coach will review it prior to your session, and work at a higher level.

It’s an iterative (agile) process that guides you through managing your career for years to come.

Once you develop your roadmap, you can update as your career grows; a one-time development that has endless rewards! Research, develop, evaluate, tweak, and repeat.