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Accelerate Your Job Search for Professionals and Mid-Level: Get the RIGHT job that accesses your strengths and drives daily growth using a unique brand and marketing strategy with our Rapid Job Search Strategy®. (Professional to Director Level)

►Are you clear on the jobs, company, and industry that you are targeting?
►Are you aligning your value to the positions you are seeking?
►Do you have a solid marketing strategy that conveys your track record of bringing value?
►Do your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile convey your brand value?
►Do you have your value pitch ready to effectively "close" your interview and salary negotiations?

Align your growth strategy, value, communications (resume/LinkedIn profile) and pitch to your targeted jobs to cut your job search in 1/2 using our proven method.

Job Seeker

We Focus on 5 Key Areas to Cut Your Search Time in Half Using Our Rapid Job Search Method®

Target the Jobs that Will Help You Grow

Brand Your Unique Authentic Value that Instills Confidence

Align Your Value to the Market & Create a Value Pitch

Create a Game Plan to Cut Your Job Search in 1/2

Land High-Quality Job Offers by Closing Your Interview and Salary Negotiations

Executive Search

Find you the RIGHT position for your growth in 1/2 the time for Senior Executives, VPs, and C-Suite Level. Continue to build your legacy.

►Do you want to make more impact at your current work or pivot to a new path to continue growing your legacy?
►When searching, are you conveying your value succinctly and showcasing your proven track record?
►Are you strategizing how your talents can be of value to move mountains in your next position?
►Are you approaching your networking authentically with a consultative mindset?
►Are you able to align and pitch your value to what your next organization needs so you can become the solution?

We fully support you in the job search process so you can focus your efforts on aiming for the RIGHT legacy opportunity and also have time to keep working in your current job:

We use a hybrid coaching system that saves you 1/2 the time and costs of traditional coaching but fully supports your efforts by combining:

Career Strategy & Executive Coaching (Tap into inner drives and fire, strategize, and stay the course.)

Unique Marketing & Networking Strategies (Build your authentic brand. Get noticed. Strategize your value pitch. Connect to the right people.)

Career5 Roadmap CMS® (Career Management System) Stay on track, roadmap your next career move, and use data to drive decisions. Use our tools (keyword optimization, interview and pitch prep software, company databases, etc.).

We get our clients noticed exponentially faster!

Don't just update your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile...Create a marketing campaign that showcases your true value and gives you more authentic confidence to land great jobs!

We even create infographics to get your value noticed faster!

Resume Cover Letter LinkedIn Development Infographic

Job Search

Get interview or salary negotiation prep that lands you more job offers by practicing your "value pitch". 

We've researched and targeted the best ways to assure you go into your interview with confidence and present your "value pitch" to land high-quality offers. Then negotiate for the salary you deserve based on your value and researched data using the following:

  1. Strategic Coaching
  2. Interview Video Prep Software (if needed)Interview Salary Negotiations Career Coaching

Fork in Road- Career Choice

"If you come to the fork in the road, take it." Yogi Berra

Need to pivot or transition to a new career?

Let us help you roadmap your way to your new path using data, your inner drives and fire, and an actionable plan! Life is too short to not use your gifts and talents. The world is better off for it.

Accelerate Your Career Growth

Put the supports needed in place and strategize/roadmap your plan to move up quickly in your career, no matter what stage you are in.

Jumpstart Your Career in College

Let us help you roadmap your path to accelerate your career growth starting in college. Ultimately, we make your job search easier when you graduate by focusing on key areas to empower you to stand out amongst the crowd.

  • Growth strategy
  • Differentiated brand
  • Value alignment
  • Network strategy
  • Leadership abilities


"The future is yours for the taking." 

We created the Career5 Roadmap© Career Management System to keep you on track through this entire process... to help people get jobs quickly AND grow their careers. It includes both Job Search and Career Roadmaps and so much more...

Career5 Roadmap Platform

Most of our packages come with the Career5 Roadmap CMS© (career management system) that was built to keep our coaches and clients on track. See all that it includes:

  • Career5 Roadmap Platform
  • Job Search Roadmap 
  • Action Plan 
  • Job Tools (salary data reports, economy information, hidden job market links, keyword optimization software, best places to work, career videos, etc.)

What Clients Are Saying...

Testimonial TimCareer5 is a unique blend of coaching and career management utilizing a unique platform that helped me transition from my former Chief Operating Officer position into my Business & Hospitality Consulting business. My coach's techniques were extremely helpful and insightful when I was creating my business vision, strategic plan, and targets. Career5 held me personally accountable and ultimately was a key tool to the success of my new business venture. THANK YOU! I could not have transitioned so smoothly without your guidance and the software assistance!” - Tim Power Smith, COO in Aspen, CO  (more testimonials)