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 Research Companies

Research and be data-smart. Target companies at which you want to work, and look for growth in news sectors– there may be job opportunities. Use the following sites to search for companies for data, news, size, CEOs, etc.   

  • Built in Colorado is a great startup site to find new companies based on industry. Sign up for a free account to look them up.
  • Buzzfile is great if you KNOW the company name. You can get some interesting data. 
  • Crunchbase is notorious for giving you startup company information.
  • Owler has company news, competitors, etc. 
  • D&B Hoovers is great information but you need a subscription.
  • Same with Zoom Info.
  • Linkedin has a ton of company information as well.  So before you pay for a subscription, try a free 30-day premium subscription on Linkedin: Career Premium, Sales Navigator, etc.  Try Sales Navigator before Career Premium with the 30-day subscription and just put a calendar prompt to cancel it if needed.  It has much more search criteria.
  • Research your business journal. Here in Denver- we have the Denver Business Journal. Find the business journal in your area to see what companies are growing.

Built In Colorado



D&B Hoovers