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We Manage Your Job Search to Land Better Roles & Higher Salaries
We authentically brand you and prep you for interviews.
We show you how to reverse recruit you to proactively find roles.
We work with you to justify and negotiate for higher salaries.
We work together to land you great roles.
Our Results: 98% of our clients have successfully landed new roles.

We proactively guide you to find and land the best roles for your growth in the hidden job market.

We are there through this entire process using our proven Rapid Job Search Program©.

1BRAND: Dial in your personal brand and elevator pitch while developing your resume & LinkedIn profile.

Resume Example- Resume Writers Near Me

 2LAUNCH: We get you organized, strategize for the companies and roles you want, and launch your job search.

3 REVERSE RECRUIT: We connect you to hundreds of the right people to tap into the hidden job market.

4 LAND: We prep you to land more offers using a solutions-based consultative strategy for connecting and interview prepping.

Salary Negotiations

GROW: We show you how to salary negotiate for $5K-$50K higher using data and results.


We're going to work together to get you an amazing job and a higher salary. 

We help you quickly strategize, brand, organize, and launch the complex job search effectively in 5 days so you can cut your search in 1/2 and earn $5K-$50K more.

EXPEDITE© Rapid Job Search Program
We have a 98% success rate of our clients finding jobs following our program.

As low as $70/mo with affirmLearn more

EXPEDITE Package Includes:

We work with you to launch, brand, apply, coach, and reverse recruit to expedite the entire job search process in 1 month.  You can add any additional services if needed, a la carte.

$999We show you exactly what we do in this program.

Week 1 (Organize and Brand): First payment due of 2 payment program.

1) Organize: We organize your job search, set up and share job folders, set up job alerts, create a new email for you, and go over Rapid Job Search Strategy.

Career5 Platform

2) Resume Development: We transfer your resume to our proven framework that gets noticed 10X faster. This is not a full-service resume process but close (just no back-and-forth revisions). Good Resume Example

3) 1-Hour Executive Coach Branding Session: You meet with your Executive Coach to brand your unique value on your resume for an hour.

4) LinkedIn Profile: We update your LinkedIn to mirror your resume and be recruiter-ready.

We complete Steps 1, 2, 3, & 4

Week 2 (Set Up Reverse Recruit Campaigns & Coach):

1) Reverse Recruiting: We have you fill out a discovery form for the Reverse Recruit Campaigns.

2) Apply: We show you how to realign, keyword optimize, craft your cover letter, save as a .pdf, find the URLs of the right people on LinkedIn to reach out to so you can get their radar. This way you learn how to effectively apply.

We show you how via online videos/courses.

Weeks 3 through 4 (Run Reverse Recruit & Coach):

1) Use a 30-minute session to ask questions and dial in. We show you how to pull lists of up to 500-2000 Targeted Hiring Authorities: Using our recommended software, we show you how to pull lists for companies, in-house talent, PEs, VCs, etc. The goal is to connect, connect, connect you to the hidden job market. You Run Your Personal  Email Correspondence Everything speeds up at this point. If you need to pivot with the lists, you can. This will greatly improve and increase your connections to uncover hidden job opportunities and start interviewing for unposted roles.

2) 1-Hour Executive Coach Value Pitch & Interview Prep Session: We interview prep/role play for 1 hour to land more offers using a highly effective consultative strategy. You start interviewing.

3) 30-Minute Salary Negotiations Prep Session: We will meet for 30 minutes to pull salary data and talk about what you should be making, how to negotiate, and ensure if you need legal help with negotiating your package, that we can connect you to the right people.

4) Apply: You continue to apply for roles and reach out to the right people on your behalf for an introduction to get on their radar.

5) 1-Hour Executive Coaching: You have another hour of coach time (15-minute, 30-min, or 60-minute sessions) to ask questions, pivot, etc. to be used at any time over the following month.

Reverse recruiting will continue on for 4 weeks additionally at this point. You use the same Executive Coach throughout

You only pay for what you need:If you need more services, you can pay for discounted executive coaching,

We show you how to reverse recruit yourself using the same tools we use via online videos/courses.

We complete Coaching Steps 1, 2, 3, & 5
(effectively apply, reverserRecruit yoursel, interview/networking prep, aalary negotiations, and use the last hour for any topic)

Resume Example+Career5 Platform+ coaching+Job Search Accelerator


✓ We get you noticed 10X faster for high-quality roles.
✓ You feel fully supported and confident throughout the entire process so you can focus on landing the roles.
✓ You learn how to get around the broken job search process to tap into the hidden job market.

✓We connect you to key decision-makers faster to get in front of the broken job post process.
✓Your LinkedIn network expands significantly for future opportunities.
✓Negotiate for higher salaries up to $5K-$50K higher because you are not going through a recruiter.
✓Use this consultative strategy moving forward throughout your career. 

What's in the Career5 Membership & Course Platform©

Career5 Membership Platform

No more stressful jobs, meaningless work, or stalled careers. We are built to grow.

This company has already helped 1000+ motivated performers to C-level executives to job search, scale up, increase salaries ($10K-$50K+) and reach for the right roles to open the doors for you to continue to grow and thrive. 

✮Let us work with you to manage your job search to get you into a role that gives you a meaningful work life.✮

Aimee Marcelo, Founder

What Clients Are Saying...

Career5 ReviewsMeet Ginger, Career5's Job Search Support Dog.

Marketed her as a Senior Project Manager to transition to a new role with the title she deserved. Received a 65% salary increase; 80X ROI from branded services and coaching.

"I couldn't believe the traction on my resume. I sent out 40 resumes and got 13 calls for interviews. Before that, I heard almost nothing. I was a bit overwhelmed- a good problem to have. " - Elizabeth B., Senior Project Manager in Tech

Executive client needed a new resume for operations leadership.

"I was so excited about the resume and other links that I completely forgot to respond to your email. Thank you so much for all the work you guys did. My resume looks amazing, and I am very happy with the service you guys provide. The process was awesome from the beginning. You were timely and efficient. The resume looks very modern and professional. You managed to capture my experience in ways I did not even think about. My chat with my coach gave me a new perspective and approach to my career. I am grateful my sister-in-law recommended your company, and I will do the same for anyone looking to re-work their resume. You guys really rock! Have a beautiful week and I will contact you again, should I decide to use more of your services. Thanks again!"-Jose V., Operations Leader

Enterprise sales client needed a new job.

"I just wanted to give you the good news.  I received two job offers back to back.  I accepted the [company] offer and am starting on this monthy!!!  Thank you for all your help along the way.  I couldn't have done it without you.  Hope all is well with you.  Cheers!! -Matt L.

Branded client well and ran the Job Search Accelerator Service which successfully moved him to a VP level in a new company. Received a 25% salary increase; 35X ROI from branded services and coaching.

"The Reverse Recruiting Service worked! I landed a job via one of the connections off the list and the resume. In week 3 of my new job, so far so good." - Robert K., VP of IT

Branded her well and worked toward getting a promotion in title and salary that were well overdue.  Now looking for outside opportunities to keep growth going.

"This is amazing!! Thank you so much! You have helped me gain confidence in my abilities. I’m so thankful!!" - S. Wood., Director of Student Affairs

Marketed her at SVP level to transition to her new role with the title she deserved. Received a 30% salary increase; 60X ROI from branded services and coaching.

"In reflecting on this experience it really all came together because of my connecting to you-- thank you. You should know you helped me see my own value and the materials you provided, comments, etc. were amazing - so inspired." - Aria W., SVP of Client Services."

Why is an authentic personal brand important?
Resume Writing

Presentations-Professional branding

Ultimately, your brand is your legacy. It is the way you are known today and how you will be remembered when you leave.  It reflects who you are, which is more important than what you do. Your legacy is the most realistic representation of how you lived, behaved, and interacted with others, and how they felt about you. We work with all of our clients to build authentic brands!

"More than half of employers won't hire potential candidates without some sort of online presence today." - Career Builder