Do your clients need an expedited resume refresh?

Our job marketing writer will quickly transfer your client's current resume to our researched resume templates and include the following:

  1. Client gets a document that outlines the process.
  2. They pick their resume template and color.
  3. Client fills out a questionnaire for their resume (big wins, track record, metrics, top strengths, etc.).
  4. Client sends a job description that is of interest.
  5. Our writer transfers the resumes over to new template, highlights questions needed, and sends back to your client.
  6. Once information is gathered, everything will be proofread and checked for errors and finalized.
  7. A matching cover letter with a suggested template is included.
  8. Option to add LinkedIn profile update.

(Convey Your Client's Value, Keyword Optimized Resume Against 1 Job Description)

Resume & Cover Letter STANDARD
(Convey Your Client's Value, Keyword Optimized Resume Against 1 Job Description, & Create a Matching Cover Letter with a Template)

Resume Cover Letter Dev

Resume, Cover Letter, & LinkedIn - PRO
(Convey Your Client's Value, Keyword Optimized Resume Against 1 Job Description, Create a Matching Cover Letter with a Template, Update Your Client's LinkedIn Profile)
Resume Cover Letter LinkedIn

Resume, Cover Letter, & LinkedIn - COMPETITIVE
Everything that is in PRO - plus spend 30-60 minutes on the phone with a job marketing writer answering key questions to dial in your results, metrics, and proven track record. Great for those who are not clear about what results should stand out. 

How it works:

  • We act as contractors or partners for your company and work seamlessly under your company name.
  • We give you a page to copy for marketing content so you can create a landing page for resume development on your own site.
  • We sign non-compete/non-solicitation contracts regarding our partnership agreement so that you feel confident that we are working together toward the same vision.
  • You create an email for our writers:
  • We designate a payment link so your client pays us directly and you don't have to worry about it. If you want to upcharge our prices, then we will reimburse you the difference monthly in the form of a partnership agreement. 
  • We begin the process with a 1-day business period.
  • Turn around time can be as quickly as 3-4 days.
  • Our writers will be known only as contractors for your company.
  • Our checkout page will have your name on the package and not ours.

The name Career5 will never be mentioned in this exchange and your clients will only know our writers as partners with your company. 

To get started quickly, just give us a call here so we can set you up to provide full service options between your coaching and these resume services. or call 303.800.0068.


Make your client's first impression count.

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Which resume and LinkedIn profile would you prefer to view?  Which set speaks to a higher level of professionalism?