Resume Writing Framework & Examples


Executive Resumes

Our resume framework connects the dots that you are perfect for the role at the top of your resume.

Resumes are viewed by two sets of eyes: recruiters and hiring managers. Our framework speaks to both and includes:

These 2 areas are on the front page and act as something similar to your 1-page resume or cover letter and are easy to realign for new roles. 

  • Your overview statement can also be a short cover letter (85% of cover letters are not read) -Separate cover letters often get lost in the applicant tracking system and recruiters go straight to the resumes.
  • Top areas of strengths and effectiveness (value pitch/career snapshot)-Top strengths, metrics, and proven track record aligned with the intended job and justify the salary you seek.


These below act as your typical resume.

  • Professional experience with metrics that justify your salary and proven track record- Bolded topics for users to quickly find what they need and metrics that speak to your best results.
  • Education, professional organizations, certifications, etc.
  • Recommendations - We use recommendations from Linkedin, letters of recommendation, or performance review comments that speak to your abilities and offer social proof that you are as great as you say.


Resume Framework and Example: You pick the colors. Choose if you want photo or not.

This example came from an actual client. We have left photos off of all for privacy reasons. Areas have been blurred out for privacy and names changed. Colors match his website and LinkedIn profile. You pick whatever color scheme you want and choose to add a photo or not. Photos do go through the ATSs. We don't recommend for state, government, security, or Fortune 500 roles. You can always add and take off if needed.


Example of a Full-Service Executive-Level Resume

This first page, we are using now as a cover letter and alignment of your top strengths to the job description so that the recruiters reading this see that you "check all the boxes" and you align to their role.

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Executive Level Resume: Professional Experience should convey the results that justify salaries.

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Example of Medical Executive Leader Role

Medical Resume WritingMedical Resume Writing

Medical Executive Resume Writing


Professional Level Resume (Manager):  Abilities are aligned to a job description and unique abilities are called out.

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Young Professional-Level Resume: Align abilities with job description, branded unique personality, and added metrics in professional experience.

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Convey your value and unique framework of creating transformation for companies with an infographic that gets you noticed exponentially faster.

Professional Branding" Paint the transformation for your organization."

We can craft an infographic for you that paints the transformation for a company's pain point so that you can use it when networking for new opportunities. Our clients get great traction with these visual images.  Full Set with Infographic