Resume & Cover Letter Templates

“Don’t reinvent the wheel, just realign it.” – Anthony D’Angelo

People can pay thousands of dollars developing their resumes, when in fact, it is not rocket science, but instead time-consuming. We have set up our resumes and cover letter templates based on current best practices and update them every six months, which we then give to you for free access. Feel free to use them, tweak your own in a similar manner, or let it be a muse for creativity for your own version. The next section will go over the “must haves” for these two items.

  If you are short on time, remember, you can always purchase our full-service option which takes your current resume and fits it into this format, where we work out your value statements, as well as optimize it for keywords so that you will be picked up on the applicant tracking systems.  We then develop your LinkedIn profile in a similar manner. It is an agile method that you will have to tweak with every new job opportunity that you pursue.

Click below to download your Career 5 Free Resume and Cover Letter Set that comes with your Career 5 Roadmap platform. These are in .docx format.

Download Your Career 5 Free Resume Kit (Cover Letter and Resume) TemplatesResume Templates

Career 5 Customizable Templates We Develop for You

For those that have chosen for us to develop your resume and cover letter, or if you would now like that option. Please schedule a quick 15-minute call at your convenience here to get an estimate.