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Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Profile Development




Do you need your resume and LinkedIn profile updated OR a job marketing campaign that conveys your unique value?

Don't spend hundreds of dollars revising your cover letter and resume. Instead, invest in a job marketing campaign that gets your value quickly noticed so you can generate high-quality job leads.

Whether you're at a professional or executive level, think of the job searching process as the sales & marketing side of your career (think YOU, Inc.). It's not the most talented people that get hired or the ones with the best resumes, but those that can market and align their value to the job market.

1) That's why, first, we determine where you want to grow, then we build your authentic differentiated brand that conveys how you uniquely bring value to your job. Next, we align this value to your intended positions.

2) We build your branded communications (your 6-second glance resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile) and showcase the most important components in the top 1/3 of your resume (your brand statement, skills, metrics, and relevant experience).

Update Resumes

We help you extract all of your important metrics to convey your proven track record.  You'll use these throughout your job marketing campaign all the way through to the salary negotiations process.



3) We also need to keyword-optimize your resume and cover letter for the applicant tracking systems (ATSs) for EVERY job application that you submit.

Every resume acts as a marketing piece that is specifically aligned to each job description by matching keywords and concepts.

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4) Your LinkedIn profile needs to be optimized so that hiring managers and recruiters can find you to offer you job opportunities; we also set up your job alerts effectively.

Resumes will be replaced someday soon by a digital version, and right now, that's LinkedIn. Hiring managers and recruiters are now scouring talent on LinkedIn due to their innovative recruitment tools. You have a greater chance of receiving more job opportunities during your career if, on LinkedIn, you are:

  • keyword optimized for your position and industry
  • are well-connected (at least 250, ideally 500+ connections)
  • convey your proven track record in your experience and summary
  • stand out as an influencer or thought leader by posting or forwarding great articles
  • show social proof of your value by having recommendations

5) Once you figure out the supply and demand of your intended position, you might need to add additional ways to stand out.

For example, creating infographics that convey your metrics or scaffolded knowledge and examples of work accomplishments. If there are many communications, you can bring a professional carrier such as brag book or professional portfolio to job interviews. We build and help you put these pieces together when needed.

Post portfolio on LInkedIN

Work example



The goal is to get people to remember you when you are networking or interviewing for a job. They will also remember that you were the one that went the extra mile for it. Ultimately, that's who they want to hire.  

For executives and those marketing themselves for leadership positions, it is even that much more important that we showcase your proven track record to justify your leadership growth through metrics, infographics, work examples, videos, news examples, etc.

Hiring managers LOVE our resumes and clients often say they start getting much more traction and interviews from using them!

"Thank you for checking back.  I have accepted a position with a commercial staffing company with large growth potential. I appreciate all that you have done for me.  Your system and advice truly work." - Matt K. Business Development and VP of Operations

We can build you a high-quality resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile, and even maximize your growth potential through a Job Marketing Campaign. We also offer a full-service option to apply and network out on your behalf if you are currently too busy to look.

Note: If your resume and/or LinkedIn profile seem to be in reasonable shape, we are also able to discount packages based on hourly needed.  

Jumpstart: (We Develop Your Communications/You Take It from There)

$399 or $599 See payment options below.

Is it worth the investment to get help when job searching?  Absolutely! Job searching is comparable to selling high-end consultative services which means you have to market your value authentically and nurture leads. Most people aren't used to selling their value. Let us help you get the high-quality job offers that you deserve.

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