Job Search Jumpstart

We Develop, Optimize, & Post Your Resume, Cover Letter, & LinkedIn Profile
Saving You Hours of Time

Resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn development is not rocket science but it certainly helps to have a marketing degree! Keyword infiltration into all of these is just like SEO, and of course, there is the strategic placement of your value proposition.  Do you really want to take the time to assure you will stand out in a crowd and make sure the applicant tracking systems pick your resume up? Wouldn’t it be more fun to go get some YOU time instead while we do all the work?

Job Search Jumpstart is $449.  Purchase a coaching or Job Search Launch package and it’s $399.

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 How it works:
1) Meet with your coach to customize and organize efforts.

  • Send us your current resume, cover letter, & LinkedIn profile URL so we can review and strategize.
  • Set up your email so that all communications are coming from and go to your email address.
  • Designate search criteria in Job Tracker where begin to organize all job search efforts.
    Job Search Tracker

2) We develop and optimize your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn Profile.

  • We work with you on your measurable and brand statements, dial in your skills, awards, education, recommendations, and craft your cover letter, resume and LInkedIn profile based on this information and your strategy.
  • In your LinkedIn profile, we additionally work on your network, we set up your profile for recruiters to find you, change your URL, your backdrops, and enhance your photo if needed.
  • We optimize your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile with keywords based on job descriptions that are of interest to you so that applicant tracking systems will pick you up by recruiters and hiring managers.


This package will save you hours of development time! Purchasing the Job Search Jumpstart package will greatly speed up the process of getting to the starting gate of applying and networking for jobs!

We also can apply and network for job opportunities for you with this additional add-on: Job Search Launch. Combine both packages for $999.

Our clients LOVE this option!!  Jump on a quick 15-minute call so that we have your marketing objectives.