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We work as your trusted in-house talent partner using a Flat Fee Model
We expand and contract with your company's needs. Plug us in as needed.

 We're your trusted agile in-house talent partner.
Our unique method cuts your expenses and search time in 1/2 using our  Candidate Value Scope© 5-step framework.

1. We develop your landing page for your role with your "wish list" criteria and track interactions, adjusting as needed.

2. We track efforts with our Candidate Tracking Sheet© to organize your leads for current and future use.

3. We network out to 100s of targeted high-quality candidates across various industries and our large database of contacts to ensure high-quality leads.

4. We video screen based on your "wishlist criteria" and record so you can actually get a snapshot of their personality, intelligence, and acumen before contacting them.

5. We quickly funnel down candidates to a small select group of high-quality leads. We fill your roles in a fraction of the time it takes for traditional recruiting.

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Expedited Talent Sourcing© for companies that care about their talent.

  • We find high-quality talent using multiple marketing, screening, and candidate touchpoint methods.
  • We work with companies that want to continue to grow their company through effective recruitment processes and fostering a great employer brand.
  • Results: You receive high-quality leads using our Candidate Value Scope™ method (see below). 


Partnership Recruiting©: Most recruiters charge 20-25%. We charge you monthly for recruiter services. Think of us as contract recruiters.

As your talent partner where we get to know your company's growth needs and culture and create the right candidate funnel for it.  This typically works out far less depending on the time needed to recruit (5%) vs the traditional 20%.

Offering a reduced rate allows you the ability to attract higher-quality talent since you now have more in your budget that can be allocated to compensation.

Results: You can offer ways to attract better quality talent that will move mountains for your organization, such as higher signing bonuses.



We strategize using innovative methods to find high-quality candidates.

We have an extensive network of high-quality candidates both from Ascend5 and from our sister company, Career5 (brands and networks out people for new opportunities). We use multiple social media and marketing campaigns to quickly find, attract, and funnel high-quality people into your roles.

Results: We work on building your employer brand by adding consistency and multiple touchpoints in the recruitment process to build high-quality talent relations, becoming a truly reliable partner for your talent needs.

Candidate Value Scope

We use our Candidate Value Scope™ Matrix with each client to ensure your top needs are aligned with what they offer.

Sometimes quality candidates have up-to-date resumes and LinkedIn profiles, while others do not. We meet virtually with hiring managers to get an exact "wish list" to target candidates more accurately (leadership and/or technical abilities, track record, years of experience, etc.). By taking the time to screen candidates with this method, we send you a document that states exactly how they align with your needs.

This allows us to market for your exact talent and eliminate wasting time with candidates that do not meet your "must-have" criteria.


Compare Us to Traditional Reverse Recruiters

Career5 Partnership Recruiting Services Include Career5 Recruiting 
Traditional Contingent Search 15-30% 
Determine the timeline and scope of work. Unlimited VS. Unlimited
Review role/description to ensure targeting of high-quality talent. Create a landing page to capture candidate data.   <-->
Target curated sources and databases to quickly generate talent leads using effective high-touch point marketing funnels (10x faster than traditional methods). <--> Reaches out using a much slower traditional method.
Set up candidate tracking (your system or ours) to keep us on track. <--> Usually is not utilizing marketing to its fullest extent.
Create and utilize our Candidate ValueScope™ scoring system of your top wishlist requirements for roles to screen for higher-quality talent because resumes are often not up to date. <--> Sends a resume and you have to decipher if the candidate meets your needs.
Act as main POC during the process for all incoming candidates from internal/external sources. <-->
Send videos of top candidates answering your most needed requirements.  You watch and reach out to your top picks and eliminate valuable wasted time on phone calls. <--> Sends resumes and recap of phone screen.
Schedule interviews. We schedule <-->
Guarantee hire; replace if a candidate leaves within 90-120 days. Generally, we find most candidates within 1 month. We replace candidates if needed. <-->
Makes the entire process streamlined and tracked by data to pivot where needed. We partner with you long-term to create continuity and a positive experience for both you and your candidates. <--> Constantly competes against other recruiters and creates confusion for incoming candidates being contacted by multiple recruiters. Another hefty recruiter fee.
Package Pricing $4999 1st mo $1999 any additional month after  per candidate search depending on level; job board posting costs are separate. Usually find candidates in 1 mos. <--> VS. 20% of candidates salary

($10K+ or more)

Why does this method work so well?

Our research has shown time and time again that by working together as an in-house partner, everyone wins.

"We started offering this service because the recruiting system is broken if you do not have in-house talent managers to hire.  Partnering up with a recruiting company that understands your company's culture and growth needs, creates continuity right when a candidate walks through your virtual door."  - Aimee Marcelo, Founder of Career5


Results include:

✓We send you high-quality talent in a pinch when needed.
✓We know your company, culture, and your roles inside and out because we have worked with you continuously so you can plug us in where needed.
✓ We can scale you up faster from this affordable staffing model.
✓You won't be inundated by multiple recruiters since we'll be your main point of contact (POC) for staffing.
✓You'll have more energy and momentum to focus on other important goals to move your company forward.


Simple cost-effective and affordable solutions can quickly repair an eroded employer brand so that your company doesn't lose traction through the churn and burn of employee replacement.

Save thousands annually on hiring using a more effective recruiting system.


"This method of partnering up as a 'primary' recruiter for the company gets far more traction, eliminates the confusion, and gives us options as to whether we want to hire a recruiter to handle it or just have a funnel set up where we interviewed the screened candidates.  Either way, we are saving $5K-$20K per candidate-more if we just go with the funnel."- Matthew Fox,  Energy Fox Group in Colorado

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