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We take the mystery out of job searching with our Job Search Roadmap® and coaching so we can easily guide you through the best steps to get a job, so you can focus on finding the RIGHT job!

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Kate R

“My coach at Career 5 has made innumerable valuable contributions to my career – teaching me how to better promote my brand, value, and better articulate my skills. I am now working at a great position due to these efforts. My coach at Career 5 was intelligent, motivated, very personable, and professional!”

-Kate R.


Need a job quickly? We're here to support you step-by-step through the entire job search process.  We even have different levels of affordability.

Job searching has changed drastically in the last 5 years. We created a system to quickly and effectively guide you step-by-step through the process using a unique marketing strategy, funnel, and resume and email templates. Utilize our Job Search Roadmap and coaching  to align your strengths to the job market  to create a market fit by working through these key steps:Job Search Marketing Funnel

  1. growth strategy
  2. authentic  differentiated brand
  3. value alignment
  4. marketing & networking strategy
  5. interview & salary negotiations prep

We can even set up your efforts!

When job searching, people tend to focus on their resumes, but a real job search starts as an "inward search" where we start with your authentic brand and develop it into a marketing strategy that gets you noticed!

You have to start at the base level, just like building a product for a business (remember- think YOU, INC.) where you:
  1. Determine your core strengths, skills, and drives so you can set up a viable market fit.
  2. Carve out a mission statement that will get you up every morning to sell your value to get a job.
  3. Determine where you want to grow so you pick the RIGHT job that will be your next stepping stone.
  4. Brand yourself uniquely so your value stands out when you market and sell your abilities.
  5. Align your value to the market place to create market fit .
  6. Develop your communications (your "six-second" resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile) and an effective networking strategy that will help you land interviews.
  7. Prepare to interview and salary negotiate. Interviewing and salary negotiations can be considered the bottom of the sales funnel and closing the sale, where you fine-tune your "pitch" and price your "services" (or salary) based on your value and not just the going rate.

It's a process that demands that you tap into what's important to you in your life and work- because without it, you will not innately be able to convey your value and get a job easily. Without it, you will not bring your best version of yourself to your work.

Instead, we want you to become the CEO of YOU, Inc. and think of every job opportunity as a partnership with your company, where there is a growth opportunity for both parties. That's when it becomes a win-win.

Career 5 RoadmapThat's why we created the Job Search Roadmap that contains our Rapid Job Search Strategy® to help guide you through the building blocks to quickly get a job. Combined with coaching, you can strategize your best job search efforts based on your needs. You meet with your coach via Skype or phone intermittently as you move forward in your progress keeping track of needed tasks in My Action Plan.

Sneak a peek at the Job Search Roadmap!

We save you 1/3  the cost of traditional coaching, give you 4xs the knowledge,  and increase your ability to succeed with your goal by 42% due to our hybrid Career 5 Roadmap CMS that is combined with all packages.
You don't always need large coaching packages, so let's just get you started and add time on if needed. 

Results-Oriented JOB SEARCH Solutions.
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Job Search Solutions

We focus on the top 5 areas to get the most traction out of your job search efforts with a: Growth strategy,  brand differentiator (superpower), value alignment, solid marketing & network strategy,  and ample interview/salary negotiations prep.
What's in the Job Search Roadmap Video Course?

(Mover/Ambitious Packages) Your coach will customize based on your needs.

Driver (Self-Directed)

$149 per month
  • Develop unique brand/results.
  • Resume/CL/LinkedIn review and scan with recommendation reports.
  • Job Search Roadmap Coaching Course
  • Free 6-Sec Resume/Cover Letter Template Set
  • Networking/Marketing Funnel Strategy, email templates, phone scripts
  • Jump on a quick call first.

Commuter (Group Webinars)

$199 per month
  • Weekly 1-hour Q & A Webinar to answer questions. People benefit from the group interaction.
  • Develop unique brand/results.
  • Resume/CL/LinkedIn development and keyword optimized.
  • Job Search Roadmap Coaching Course
  • Interview/Salary Video Prep Software 1-mos access.
  • Networking/Marketing Funnel Strategy, email templates, phone scripts
  • Jump on a quick call first.

Mover (Coaching Package)

$399 one time

Ambitious (Full-Service)

  • (3) 1-hour or (6) 30-minute coach sessions.
  • We work with you to develop your unique brand/results.
  • We develop your resume/CL/LinkedIn development and keyword optimized.
  • Job Search Roadmap Coaching Course
  • Interview/Salary Video Prep Software 1-mos access.
  • Networking/Marketing Funnel Strategy, email templates, phone scripts
  • We send out up to 50 connect and first contact emails in your name to start the networking process.
  • Payment plan option: 2 payments of $405 in 2 weeks
  • Jump on a quick call first.


Resume, CL, & LinkedIn Development & Optimization (à la carte)

  • Simply Need Your Resume, CL, LinkedIn Profile Developed and Optimized?
  • Work with your coach to differentiate your brand and develop solid metric/value statements .
  • We design/develop your branded resume, cover letter, & LinkedIn profile to convey the value that you can bring to organizations.
  • We scan and keyword optimize both your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile based on 3 job descriptions you send.
  • Marketing Package Networking email template examples, marketing funnel, etc. to get you noticed!

Interview & Salary Negotiations Prep


Coach Sessions

$149 or $79
  • Simply need a quick coach session. We are there for you!
  • Client on Computer

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