Utilize our Rapid Job Search Strategy™ for Job Seekers

Need a job quickly?
Save time and prevent salary loss with our JOB SEEKER package that provides a sound guided strategy to get you a job quickly.

We have a solution to helps you quickly get a job, so that you will be led step-by-step through the best methods to land the job you desire.

No more shooting darts into the air or wondering why no one is calling you.

Are your resume and LinkedIn profile optimized? Are you using the right networking strategy to find jobs? Many of the jobs posted today typically have someone already in mind or were posted for “due diligence” reasons, so if you’re not using the right job-searching strategy, there is the possibility of losing weeks, and even months of earnings. The Rapid Job Search Strategy™ will guide you through a step-by-step process so you will know exactly what efforts are working, and focus your energy there. It’s a self-directed course that comes with or without a coaching packaged based on your needs. It also comes with the Career5 management platform (that includes an action plan, online roadmap, job search resources, and vision board). If you don’t purchase the coaching package, you can purchase coaching time if you are stuck or need to dial in your value statements.

It includes the following:

 1) Learn about the best methods and techniques to find a job in today’s market.

Get an overview of how the applicant tracking systems (ATSs) work and how people are recruited for employment. Learn Career5’s job search strategy so you can save you time and money on your efforts.

 2) Develop your brand and value statements that will go on all of your digital communications.

(Include resume, cover letter, business card, personal website [if applicable], LinkedIn profile, etc.).

 3) Develop and optimize your resume, cover letter, and social media profiles so you will get noticed.

Use our software to compare your resume and LinkedIn profile against job descriptions to see where you rank with the applicant tracking systems (ATS) and then optimize for specific keywords. Utilize your brand and value statements that will stand out to potential employers and recruiters.

 4) Strategize a solid network that helps you move mountains even if you don’t know many people.

Since 80% of jobs are found through contacts, it is important that you have one working for you.

 5) Review and practice interview questions and read about salary negotiation techniques.

Learn how to convey your brand and value in both your interview and when negotiating for your salary. Option to purchase 1-week access video practicing software for $49 if needed.

 6) Strategize a solid actionable job search plan based on your needs and time frame.

Determine the best way to get the job you desire using our step-by-step guide, and create an action plan that meets your time frame.

 does this work? It’s super easy: Purchase the JOB SEEKER Package with coaching, add full service, or go self-directed.

Purchase your package and set up your first meeting with your coach, who will help you strategize your immediate needs and work on developing or redeveloping your brand and value statements, resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile so that you will get noticed. This package includes a resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile analysis and optimization report where your resume is compared to job descriptions in a software that ranks your probability of being pulled for an interview by employers. You will dial in your value in terms of measurable statements to us  for interviewing and salary negotiating, and also develop an actionable job search strategy where you will start seeing results.

See a sample of what this course has to offer

” I was just not making much headway with the recruiters, but after ramping up with this Career5 Rapid Job Search Strategy™, my efforts apexed into three interviews and two job offers in one week. It was a solid strategy that also expanded my network. I could have saved months of time if I had started sooner. It’s not an overnight quick fix because that just does not exist for job searching, but it is a truly solid strategy that I can use again when needed. Finding a job is a much different process than it was 10 years ago- maybe even 5 years ago.”

-Greg Hall