Join our private, growing community of intrapreneurers to learn how to effectively job search, grow your career and salary, and make a positive impact on the planet.

Working with a coach, we help you quickly strategize, brand, organize, and launch the complex job search effectively in 5 days so you can cut your search in 1/2 and earn $5K-$50K more.

What's in the Career5 Membership & Course Platform©


EXPEDITE Program© will cut your job search in 1/2 and help you earn a $5K-$50K higher salary.

Job Search Checklist and Action Plan to keep you on track
✓Resume templates with our unique framework that get you noticed 10X more!Resume Cover Letter Combo
✓Branding lesson to develop an authentic brand
✓Free resume self-review. We give feedback.
✓Accountability partner (another member on the site)
✓Group discussions with driven, like-minded people
✓Weekly challenges and email cadence to inspire momentum
Job Search Track Google Sheet to organize leads
✓ Rapid Job Search Roadmap-our step-by-step Rapid Job Search Strategy®
✓ Learn to network like a consultant and land high-quality roles to mimic the Job Search Accelerator® service.
✓ Networking scripts, thank you letters, and cover letter examples
Interview Prep video practice software
✓Salary negotiations lesson to earn $5K-$50K+ more annually
Exit and Onboarding Strategies

✓ Cut your job search in 1/2.
✓Proactively target companies vs waiting for recruiters to find you.
✓Earn a higher salary ($5K-$50K more).
✓Increase your career and salary trajectory by landing roles at better companies. 

What's in the EXPEDITE: Rapid Job Search Program


EXPEDITE® uses the Rapid Job Search Roadmap Course® to cut your job search time by 1/2 and simplifies the complex job search process by guiding you step-by-step and optimizing your efforts.

You choose where you want the help and what you can afford.

Growth Strategy & Mindset
Develop Your Branded Resume, & LinkedIn
Align Your Value to the Job Market
Rapid Job Search Strategy
Prep for the Interview & Salary Negotiations

It's time to get excited about your work!

Career Development

When you go through this 5-step process, you will have:

  • Clarity on which jobs to target
  • Confidence in the value you WANT to bring to your work
  • Know how to effectively market and network your VALUE to get the RIGHT job for your growth
  • Command the salary you are WORTH! 

You deserve to LOVE your work... to thrive in it, give back, and build your legacy. Now it's time to make it happen!

Utilize the Career5 Platform and EXPEDITE Course.
Add services and coaching as needed.

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We guide and show you through everything we do for our clients in our full-service package (membership, job search course with option to purchase 10% off coaching (15, 30, 60 increments), and services).

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OR utilize our proven EXPEDITE program framework and get services as needed.

Executive Resume Writers

$199/mo. Cancel anytime.

(Everything in EXPEDITE, plus you can message a coach throughout your job search).

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Add Ons 
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Executive Coach Sessions (branding, interview prep, salary negotiations) are held in 30- or 60-minute sessions. Prices start at $60.