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Looking for a new job or transition to a new path AND get a job? Check out our Job Search Solutions.  

Need to grow your career? Check out our Career Growth Solutions.

Job Search Solutions: Simplify and cut your job search in half

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Drive: (We Brand You, Strategize Path; Show You How to Apply & Network Effectively)

$849 or $599 resume/LinkedIn dev or we show you.

Launch (We Brand, Strategize, Market & Start the Application/Network Process for You to Get You into a Rhythm)

$1199 with 2 payment option.

Turbocharge (We Brand, Strategize, Market, Apply for Jobs & Network on Your Behalf so You Don't Miss Valuable Opportunities)

$2999 or $1999 applying vs not applying; 2 payment option.

Includes (left to right): Combined with coaching of your choice, the Job Search Roadmap® includes the  Career 5 Roadmap CMS®,  resume/cover letter templates, LinkedIn development guides, optimization reports, marketing funnel, email templates and phone scripts for networking, interviewing, and salary negotiations,  and marketing infographic ideas.

Career coaching Sessions +  Career Strategic Plan +  Resumes  +   LinkedIn Example 1  +   Optimization  +  infographic

Want to go self-directed?

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We save you 1/2 the cost of traditional coaching and increase your ability to increase your career growth and salary trajectories by 42% due to our hybrid coaching system.
You don't always need large coaching packages, so let's just get you started and add time on if needed. 

CAREER GROWTH SOLUTIONS that take you to your highest goals and salary.

Turbocharged (Career/Salary Growth)

$499 Option for two payments.

Trailblazer (Map Out College to Career)

$999 Option for annual payment.
  • (6) hours of coaching in 30 min or 1-hour sessions. Start with 2 hours for first year and then meet with coach every six months for 30-minutes to check in and stay on target for next 4 years. Additional coaching at 20% off.
  • Career Roadmap Course with 5-hrs of coach videos.
  • See payment plan option.
  • Jump on a quick call first.

Includes (left to right): combined with coaching, the Career 5 Roadmap CMS® includes over 5 hours of coaching videos,  a YouScience ® Career Assessment, resume/cover letter templates, LinkedIn development guides, optimization reports, email templates and phone scripts for networking, interviewing, and salary negotiations,  and marketing infographic ideas.

Career coaching Sessions + Career Strategic Plan +  Career AssessmentResumes + LinkedIn Example 1Optimization +infographic

Results Typically from Our Clients



Resume, CL, & LinkedIn Development & Optimization (à la carte)

  • Simply Need Your Resume, CL, LinkedIn Profile Developed and Optimized?
  • Work with your coach to differentiate your brand and develop solid metric/value statements .
  • We design/develop your branded resume, cover letter, & LinkedIn profile to convey the value that you can bring to organizations.
  • We scan and keyword optimize both your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile based on 3 job descriptions you send.

Interview & Salary Negotiations Prep


Salary Negotiations

  • Salary Negotiations Coach works with you through entire process.
  • Work with coach to use data to determine salary range.
  • Dial in value and proven track record in order to justify pay.
  • Align your value with their pain points to increase desirability.
  • Rehearse negotiation techniques to get the salary and package you deserve.
  • Typically can increase salary anywhere form $5-50k on average depending on pay grade.
  • Best coach return on investment ever!
  • Jump on a quick call first to assess.

Marketing to Hiring Managers on Your Behalf

$399 Saves your hours and hours!
  • Want to reach out to 50+ hiring managers through LinkedIn quickly with personal messages for first connects and intro emails so you can get your networking conversations started faster? Let us set you up.
  • We will dial in your messaging and unique value based on the labor economics of your position to gain much faster traction.
  • Set you up with our Job Search Tracker to keep you organized.
  • Give you a list of email templates and phone scripts to get conversations going to quickly find a job.

360 Degree Feedback Surveys

  • Build your leadership abilities by staying on top of your professional perception.
  • Based on your pick of the right questions from a suggested list, we create a survey for you, and provide results with feedback.
  • 360 Feedback

Coach Maintenance Program (for existing customers)

$19 per a month
  • Keep going with your career and salary growth.
  • Includes (4) 30-minute career strategy sessions (virtual) with your coach for quarterly maintenance, or (2) 1-hour sessions.
  • Continue working through your Career Roadmap to meet your career and salary goals.

What our customers are saying...

Tim S

“Career 5 is a unique blend of coaching and career management utilizing a unique platform that helped me transition from my former Chief Operating Officer position into my Business & Hospitality Consulting business. The coaching and techniques were extremely helpful and insightful when I was creating my business vision, strategic plan and targets. My coach at Career 5 held me personally accountable and ultimately was a key tool to the success of my new business venture. THANK YOU! I could not have transitioned so smoothly without your guidance and the software assistance!”   (See more testimonials.)

-Tim  S.

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