Overview of the Career5 Roadmap® Methodology

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This is YOUR journey!  ®

If you’re here today, maybe it’s because you’re ready or you need to find a job, change your career path, or just “up” your game.  You have taken a critical step in investing in one of life’s greatest personal and financial growth vehicles— your career!  You’re also here because you realize that no one will hand you your dreams. Instead, you have to make them happen. It will take some work, effort, and focus– but what Career5 has created is a guided system to make it easier for you to organize your strategy and actions– so you can concentrate on what’s important to you… which is creating a meaningful impactful work-life where you are thriving and growing.

Through our research and experience with our clients, we have discovered the best way to get our clients there is with:

  1. Having a meaningful plan 
  2. Having an empowered mindset 
  3. Know the tools and methods that will get you the most traction in your work.
  4. Having an action plan 

By having a meaningful plan– one that threads purpose into your work on a daily basis– you will have the fuel to get out of bed every morning to make change and impact on a positive level.  This is key to our clients making true progress. Victor Frankl, a renowned psychologist and concentration camp survivor and author of Man’s Search for Meaning wrote about this core concept: the search for meaning is a central task of existence. We all want to know why we are here and how we can best move forward in our life path.

“If we get up every morning and ask ourselves, ‘How can we best serve this planet today?’, it puts us into an entirely different place of existing in our careers.” -Victor Frankl

By having an empowered mindset you will always be able to move forward, even through difficult situations. You are now in a growing clan of people who treat their careers as their own personal business (think YOU, Inc.)!  You will now be in the driver’s seat, instead in the passenger seat. This means moving through your career with intention and forethought so you can achieve your desired goals instead of just dreaming about them! If you’re here– it’s because you are one of the fortunate people on the planet that is actually able to make a career choice and decide how to use your talents.

Dr.  Gail Matthews, a psychology professor at the Dominican University in California, recently studied the art and science of goal setting.

“By having an actionable plan, you become 42% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams, simply by writing them down on a regular basis.” – Dr.  Gail Matthews¹

By creating your own roadmap here, and checking in with it on a consistent basis, you will stay on target with what you want out of your career.

That is the purpose of this journey, to create a roadmap to your ideal career. Just being here increases your chances of reaching that dream position you have always wanted. We are here for you the entire way– whether you are completing the roadmap as a self-directed course, or have purchased a coaching package. Coaching time is always available in 30 or 50-minute increments. Just go back to the pricing page, purchase and schedule your needed time through our online scheduler, and we will be on the phone or Skype for you as needed.

When you thrive, prosper, and your spark shines through, you can pass your talents and gifts to others in a positive and impactful way. And because you are shining more brightly, the world becomes a better place. It’s the reason why we stop to see people perform in the streets, pay top dollar for a concert, and why some people get hired over others for a job opening.

Neither your boss, parents, or partner can make your dreams happen. They might be able to support you, but it is ultimately up to you, your outlook, and focus in both your life and career, and the energy and talents you cultivate, that will make it happen. And you can always count on our support along the way!

So let’s start working through your roadmap!


Aimee Marcelo
Founder of Career5

Morrissey, Mary. “The Power of Writing Down Your Goals and Dreams.” The Huffington Post, TheHuffingtonPost.com, 14 Sept. 2016, www.huffingtonpost.com/marymorrissey/the-power-of-writing-down_b_12002348.html.

The Career5 Roadmap® Methodology

Career5 Roadmap® Methodology



  1. Go through the Career5 Course
  2. Work through your roadmap
  3. Watch your career strategic plan  (My Career Strategic Plan)  start developing as it pulls out key areas from your My Career Roadmap into the plan.

You can go through this course self-directed with or without a coach, but it is always recommended that you hire a coach to help…

  1. Strategize your efforts
  2. Develop your value statements
  3. Review your resume
  4. Be a sounding board for when you are stuck in areas such as making a career choice or finding a job.

Most of our clients undervalue their efforts and self-worth because life gets busy, and it is common to forget all that they have contributed. If at any time you want to get a coach, but do not already have one, please contact us using the email icon that is on each page.

We can give you the coach package discounted rate if you have already purchased your Career5 Roadmap. Just email us at hello@career5.com.


When you are finished working through all of your roadmap, the most pertinent parts are pulled to the front on the “My Roadmap” page which will act as your career strategy to refer to throughout the year, and hopefully years to come.

You will be able to refer back to this, again and again, to keep you on track over time. You can purchase additional coaching time when needed, tweak your goals when they change, but overall you will be able to manage and strategize your career growth from this point forward efficiently and effectively. And if you want to move on to Level 2 to keep growing your career, you are encouraged to do so!

Onward and upward! Aim high!