Rapid Job Search Roadmap Overview

Our Rapid Job Search Program® cuts your job search time in 1/2 by guiding you through these top areas during your search and providing coaching if needed along the way.
Career5 Roadmap PlatformJob Search Roadmap Course

1. Target Jobs for Growth
Strategize to target at least 2 positions forward.

2. Develop & Brand Job Marketing Communications 
Build your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, infographics, websites, etc.

3. Align Your Value to the Value of the Job Market
Align your messaging on your resume/cover letter, create your value pitch, and learn how to keyword optimize using a software to get you through the ATSs (Applicant Tracking Systems).

4. Market Yourself and Network Out for Work
Create a solid job search strategy, organize your efforts, and learn how to apply and network out for work.

5. Interview Prep & Salary Negotiations
Strategize, prepare, and rehearse the top techniques to land more job offers when interviewing. Learn to negotiate for the salary you deserve.

Let's get you to the RIGHT job quickly by empowering you to tap into your amazing talents and market your value effectively by walking you through this step-by-step guide.

Job Marketing Communications

By getting you in touch with what you truly want out of work and using a solid marketing and networking approach that conveys and visualizes your value, you will cut your search time in half by just going through these 5 key areas.

It's not your fault that job searching can be so difficult. In school, we were never taught to manage our careers or how to job search effectively. We were given a diploma, a handshake, and a "Godspeed!" Many of us had huge loan debts to pay off, but no manual to show us how to handle our newest financial asset called our degree, designed to drive our biggest financial growth vehicle called our career.


Don't worry! We're going to make this easy for you and walk you step-by-step through the job searching process. But first, let's talk about your career... No matter where you are in your career, it's important to realize you are the only advocate for your career growth. This means to think of your career as your own personal business (think YOU, Inc.) where you have to manage and grow it so you can make true traction.
If your career is "YOU, Inc."-- think of job searching as the Marketing & Sales side of your business. Every marketing and salesperson knows it's your differentiator, credibility, and ability to connect with others that opens the gate to start a conversation. You're going to work through this process so you can network effectively for a job - because 85% of jobs are acquired through some form of networking.

Career5's Rapid Job Search Strategy© focuses on 5 Key Areas to Give You the Most Traction In Your Job SearchWoman Interview

  1. Target Jobs for Growth  (aim for the right job)
  2. Create an Authentic Differentiated Brand (present your proven track record, results, and the unique way you work)
  3. Align for the Job Market (assure your value is aligned to the needs of your intended position and you can convey it)
  4. Create a JobMarketing & Network Strategy (find a job faster by nurturing relationships that build trust; dial-in a marketing strategy that gets you noticed)
  5. Prep for the Interview & Salary Negotiations  (visualize for them how you will bring great value to your position and be worth the salary they will pay you)

1 Target Jobs for Growth

You'll dial in a solid growth strategy so you are aiming for the RIGHT position for your growth. Determine what strengths and skills you want to grow professionally, and then aim for a path that targets this growth. Without it, you will not know which jobs to target and, ultimately, will lose traction.



  1. Define your top skills, interests, and drives which become the fuel for your brand and growth.
  2. Decide where you want to grow your career at least 2 positions up.
  3. Determine how and if you want to incorporate a mission into your work so you can get behind your job search efforts.





Develop Your Authentic Brand

You'll develop a solid authentic brand that conveys your strengths, drives, and value, so you can confidently sell your value and unique abilities when interviewing. Without knowing who you truly are and what makes you unique, you cannot sell your value well in the interview process or command the salary you deserve.

Resume Cover Letter LinkedIn Development Infographic

  1. Decide what value you want to bring to your work daily.
  2. Define what makes you unique so you stand out when looking for work.
  3. Develop your value proposition (superpower) statements.
  4. Create your branded resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile so you are job-opportunity ready!

3 Align Your Value to the Job Market

You'll align your value to reflect what is needed in your intended position to get market fit. Value alignment speaks directly to the needs of the hiring manager which always gives you a greater chance of getting an interview, and ultimately a job offer.

  1. Align your value to EACH position you want through your resume and cover letter, the messaging used when networking (value pitch), and during the interview process.
  2. Align your current skills with the skills needed for this position and show additional value if you are missing skills.
  3. Keyword optimize your resume and LinkedIn profile utilizing a recommended software so you get past the applicant tracking systems.


Create a Solid Marketing & Networking Strategy

We show you how the marketing funnel and networking strategy work for job searching. An effective lead nurturing process that conveys your value, credibility, and promotes trust is the BEST way to get more interviews and job offers.

  • Learn marketing, consultative sales, and solid networking techniques to get you noticed quickly.
  • Get organized using our Job Search Tracker spreadsheet, get into a rhythm, and stay on track.
  • Utilize daily sales funnel examples with email templates and phone scripts to keep you on track.
  • Craft messaging and utilize lead nurturing techniques that build trust with potential employers. 
  • Practice networking scripts that use a consultative approach looking for work.
  • Look at alternative ways to market yourself that explain your unique processes: infographics, videos, examples of your work, etc.Resume, CL, & LinkedIn Development & Optimization

Prep for the Interview & Salary Negotiations

We also want to ensure you are fully prepared for the interview & salary negotiations process. You deserve to get more offers and earn the salary you're worth, which means you need to:

  • Be well-prepared for the interview
  • Connect with the key people who are interviewing you
  • Help your potential employer visualize what a difference you will make (if hired) 
  • Show your unique traits that demonstrate you are the best person for this position 
  • Go the extra mile in the interview

If you cannot do this, you will stay stuck in a loop, never making it past the interview process.

We even have an interview and salary negotiations video prep software so you can rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. It can be purchased additionally with our self-directed package at a discounted member rate. 

Most importantly, we will rehearse through your value proposition and key strategies that will help land you more job offers.

Big Interview

In this process, you will:

  1. Learn the mindset needed for both interviewing and salary negotiations.
  2. Develop your pitch to align your value with the pain points or vision of your intended position using a consultative approach.
  3. Utilize additional ways to stand out from your competition.
  4. Know how to connect with the key people with whom you are interviewing.
  5. Practice behavioral questions and the STAR technique.
  6. Negotiate for the salary you deserve.

Man on Computer

The Supply and Demand of Your Position


First and foremost before starting your position, you need to know where your position falls in terms of the "supply and demand" of the job market. (Example: if you're a nurse, you're a high demand/low supply type of job.) 

A High Supply/Low Demand Job:

  • There are not many job openings but there are many qualified applicants.
  • You are going to have to differentiate and market yourself that much harder-- don’t get discouraged!
  • You are most likely working in a well-desired field. Working through the first building block steps in the Rapid Job Search Strategy© is extremely important so you build your brand differentiator, value statements, and job search strategy and really stand out.
  • Recruiters typically are not even looking for candidates in this area. Even in mid demand/mid-supply, they typically are not there. Remember, recruiters only have an overall placement rate of 10% so never rely solely on their help to find you a job.

A Low Supply/High Demand Job:

  • Start with applying and networking right away while you are working through the building blocks concepts. 
  • You might be able to get something quickly.
  • These are also the jobs where recruiters generally focus.

Let's state the obvious here... getting a job takes time and the higher up you are (which also typically means the higher salary you command), the longer it will take. The lower in supply and higher the demand is for your position, the longer it will take. It means you have to be more aggressive with the sales funnel of the job searching process, and more creative if you want a job faster.

If you are in something similar to the pandemic or recession and there are not as many jobs, focus on building your network until a position opens up and consider taking something that pays the bills in the interim if it makes sense.

Are You Ready to SHINE?

When you go through this 5-step process, you will have:

  • Clarity of what jobs to target
  • Confidence in the value you WANT to bring to your work
  • Know how to effectively market and network your VALUE to get the RIGHT job for your growth
  • Command the salary you are WORTH! 

You deserve to LOVE your work... to thrive in it and give back! Now it's time to make it happen!

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