Key Area #4: Market & Network for to Be “Job Opportunity Ready”

talent"Your network is your net worth." - Porter Gale

If you represent YOU, Inc., then just like a business, you have to market and network out to grow it, and in this case, create new job opportunities.

Objective of this phase: to set up your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile so that you are job opportunity ready; create a solid network, and target A, B, & C list companies to create new opportunities and be job opportunity ready to promote your own career growth.


In this phase,  you will:
1) Go to the Marketing & Networking Strategy section of the Job Search Roadmap to create your communications (resume, CL, LinkedIn profile, etc.)
2) Go to the Job Search Roadmap to learn to optimize your communications so that recruiters will find you.
3) Marketing communications checklist ( cover letter, resume, LinkedIn profile).
4) Network strategy.
5) A, B, & C list companies.
Use Your Action Plan


 Complete the MARKET & NETWORK steps before clicking on the "Mark Complete" button which will take you to the next phase