Key Area #5: Leadership Abilities that Make Traction

"Focus on being PRODUCTIVE, instead of BUSY." -Tim Ferriss


You have worked through all phases to grow YOU, Inc. and this last phase is dedicated to take your growth to the next level and to assure that you don't run the risk of ever becoming obsolete or invaluable.

Objective of this phase: Maximize and actualize your efforts by dialing-in your leadership abilities so that you can fast-track your career, see your long-term goals to fruition,  increase your salary trajectory, and stay valued to your employers or clients.

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(Skip ones that aren't applicable.) In this phase,  you will:

1) Stay relevant in your job and industry.
2) Prioritize and time manage for results.
3) Leadership growth & traction.
4) Assure salary growth.
5) Work-Life Balance

Use Your Action Plan


Complete the Leadership Abilities steps before clicking on the “Mark Complete” button which will take you to the next phase.