Key Area #1: Aim High and Define Your Growth Strategy

"Stop calling it a DREAM, and start calling it a PLAN." - unknown

Objective: If you are running the business of YOU, Inc., then you need to work on discovering who you are, what strengths, skills, and interests you have that will help you land a job, and how you want to grow your career. This is how you authentically OWN or become the driver of your career. It becomes the fuel for growth.

It's also the basis of building your brand and making career choices. You will create a foundation for building your value, which  helps grow both your career and salary trajectories. Ultimately, you want to assure you are in a growth mindset so that you can take on the challenges that come with change.

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(Skip areas that are not applicable.) In this phase:

1) Current vs. desired state analysis (long-term vision).
2) Top strengths, interests, skills, and motivators.
3) Career growth ladder.
4) Salary/revenue goals.
5) Possible roadblocks.
6) Growth mindset. 

Use Your Action Plan


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