Key Area #2: Develop Your Authentic Differentiated Brand

"If you want to stand out from the crowd, give people a reason not to forget you." -Richard Branson

YOU, Inc. is your business, and like any business, you need a solid authentic brand with a differentiator in order to market yourself well for job opportunities. Most people are not entirely comfortable with the process of marketing themselves for a job, but again, if you have done your core groundwork through the Growth Strategy section, then you will know who you are and have something that you stand behind when going through this process. This section is a great opportunity to explore who you are and what you contribute in your job. Most people find that, in the end, it brings them far more authentic confidence when going through this section.

Objective of this phase: To build your brand so that you can confidently convey your what you do, and how you want to show up at work and bring value every day to work. Your brand will be used to create your marketing and communication materials to get jobs, give presentations, and network. Having a solid brand will also help you interview better and negotiate your salary with confidence!

Go to BRAND Steps

(Skip areas that aren't applicable.) In this phase, you will:
1) Develop your brand. 
2) Determine your differentiator (superpower).
3) Develop value (measurable results) statements to stand out. 

Action Plan



Complete the BRAND steps before clicking on the “Mark Complete” button which will take you to the next phase.