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Job Searching just got a whole lot easier. Relax. Go enjoy the day. We've got you covered.

We walk you step-by-step using our Rapid Job Search Strategy© to cut your job search in 1/2 and stand out with confidence so you can land more offers.

Combine all to get full support or DYI.

1 Authentically Branded Resume & LinkedIn Development
Carve out your unique value through our branded resume writing & linkedIn development to get noticed faster.

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2 Reverse Recruiting
Our Job Search Accelerator® Service cuts your search in 1/2.

3 Interview Prep
You only have one shot to interview right before doors close. We have a game-changer consultative strategy that lands roles and leaves doors open for future opportunities if you don't land it.

3 Salary Negotiations
We can typically get $10K-$50K+ more for our clients by researching salary data, creating the case, and coaching you with scripts so you can earn the salary you deserve.

Salary Negotiations

3 Career5 Membership Site
Access our Rapid Job Search Masterclass with 20+ DYI lessons and videos that mimic our resume and networking services.
Add discounted Virtual Executive Coaching.

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Our Services
A portion of all proceeds is donated to our local animal shelters annually to help animals in need.Resume Services

Or let us cut your job search in 1/2 and save you hours of time!

 Rapid Development or Full Service Branded Resume & Cover Letter Packages
Option to add LinkedIn Development. 
PRO (<$100K) & EXECUTIVE (>$100K+) Level
2-3 days
$249 -$399

Job Search Support Program®
PRO (<$100K) & EXECUTIVE (>$100K+) Level
$299 (PRO) - $399 (EXECUTIVE)
Saves $100+ by combining services

⇒We organize your job search efforts on the Career5 Platform and our Job Search Tracker Spreadsheet.
⇒2-Hours of Executive Coaching Sessions (15, 30, or 60-minute sessions) for Interview Prep, Resume Branding, Salary Negotiations, or Job Search Accountability. Buy more time if needed.

 Salary NegotiationsCareer5 Platform

Job Search Accelerator® Only
We're that sure this program works.
$299 (PRO) - $399 (EXECUTIVE)- per a month. Cancel any time.
Reach out to up 400 targeted people each month
⇒Pivot as needed

 LinkedIn Development 

What Clients Are Saying...
Career5 Reviews

Executive client landed a role in another state, and received a 40% salary increase; 13X ROI from coaching
"Couldn't have done it without you! Your service truly works!"

Mid-level client pivoted from a government sciences role into a university role that builds community (her strength) and is back on track with salary within 2 years projected to increase 20% in next 2 years in a job she loves 5 minutes from home; ROI from coaching is priceless.
"It was scary and amazing at the same time, transitioning out of my role and taking a temporary pay cut. But I went from 10 shades of gray to invigorated and I now see my energy and efforts will accelerate my growth 10X."

A professional client who wants to move up to a larger corporate role for career growth; projected to increase salary 20%; 20X ROI from coaching.
"Welp, I am trying to figure out how to respond to all these wonderful connections I have director-level people at amazon and google that are willing to set up a call with me. I have a call with the director of the user experience at google tomorrow and a coaching session with the creative director at Amazon next week! There is a job opening at Patagonia I want to apply for and now have 4 connections here!" -Tara D., (Art Director, Digital Designer)."

Executive client who wanted to switch companies to an SVP operations role for career growth; projected to increase salary 25%; 25X ROI from coaching.
"Just checking in to see when the campaign concludes?  I have been trying to stay on top of Linked in to the best of my ability.   I have two really solid leads.   I believe both will result in offers. Thanks!" -Kara P., (Operations Leader).

College student looking for an internship had no luck with traditional networking. A new resume, Accelerated Job Search Service, and coaching helped him to land a new role in Logistics- not internship that will keep going PT in last year of college making $25K from this opportunity; 40X ROI from coaching.
"I was starting to feel I had nothing to offer or wasn't worthy of a good job. My friends were all landing internships and I wasn't.  My area was a little more difficult to find roles. Coaching changed my mind frame to a consultative mindset and increased my confidence enormously. I was no longer scared to interview. I did not feel like I had to show up as something I was not. I just had to show up intelligently and enthusiastically. I was so proud to land my role! I am now working and love it-though admittingly- full-time is a big adjustment :).  It was scary to spend that kind of money, but the payment plan made it worth it, and the coaching was priceless to my confidence in my abilities. I highly recommend this." - Jesse D., Logistics