Full Service Job Search Marketing Package

DRIVEN: A Full-Service Job Search Marketing Package for Busy Professionals

Job Searching Can Be Time-Consuming and Stressful.
Let us save you valuable time by effectively developing your job marketing campaign.  We also help you reach out to people faster by creating your job search marketing package and strategy.

You're ambitious, busy, and you understand that if you can hire out to expedite a more effective job search campaign for yourself, then you are willing to invest in a service that will help you in this process. After all, time is money, and your time is valuable.


We Lay the Groundwork and You Continue with the Networking Efforts!

Applying and networking for work can be extremely time-consuming and stressful. If you are out of work, getting up to speed with this can cost you thousands of dollars in loss of wages.  We wanted to offer an affordable service that launches your job search efforts effectively and efficiently- and often our clients get jobs right away just based on this package.

We launch your process by getting your job search strategy, communications, networking email templates, and marketing funnel organized, we send first networking emails out on  your behalf to up to 100 people. Then you are ready to start networking and applying for jobs right away.Woman hiking


Go relax, and let us take care of you!  We complete your job preparation efforts from start to finish with your branded resume, cover letter, Linkedin profile development, optimization and marketing strategy efforts.

This is a far better option than trying to figure out how to brand yourself, create a 6-sec resume, a CL that get you noticed, or a LinkedIn profile that is optimized to be seen by hiring managers.   We also create a solid marketing strategy that includes a marketing funnel and leads nurturing agenda to stay on track. 

All of this takes can take several weeks to a month just to solidify and nail down to have an effective strategy that is making you true traction.

Coaching Package

How it works:
1) Meet with your designated account manager to customize and organize efforts.

  • Jump on the phone with a coach to strategize efforts.
  • Send us your resume, CL, & LinkedIn so we can review and make recommendations.
  • Set up an email specific to your job search.
  • We brand, design, and develop your resume, CL, and LinkedIn profile.
  • We scan and optimize your resume, CL, and LinkedIn profile for keywords when you send us 3 job descriptions that interest you.
  • We create an infographic based on our templates that conveys your proven track record and abilities.

  • We guide you through putting your professional portfolio together if needed to take to interviews and networking meetings.
  • We set up your LinkedIn parameters to be seen by hiring managers.
  • Designate search criteria in Job Tracker where we organize all efforts.
    Job Search Tracker

2) We set up your job marketing strategy,  network email templates, and funnel.

  • Based on your job, we determine the best strategy to network and apply for jobs.
  • We give you email templates and phone scripts to use, and have you rehearse them with us.
  • We craft your cover letter that you approve.
  • We set up your job search funnel and leads nurturing agenda.
    Job Search Marketing FunnelJob Search Daily Funnel ActionPlan
  • We give you access to our Big Interview & Salary Negotiations Video Prep Software for 1-month.
  • We give you 3 salary reports to use for negotiations.
    Glassdoor Salary Assessment
  • We network out with 50-100 people with first contact emails on your behalf.




Apply for jobs

 3) Before you start job searching, we rehearse how you will job search daily.