Full Service Job Search Marketing Package

Full-Service Executive Job Search Marketing Campaign
Let us market you quickly to get the RIGHT job and save you weeks of time while also tapping you into your inner confidence and drives!

Sound like you?

-Need guidance in effectively branding, marketing, and closing the sale for your interviews so you can land high-quality job offers to continue your legacy?
-Don't have time to search for the right executive level opportunities?
-Want to move to the next leadership level but aren't sure how to market yourself well to get there?

-Wish someone would just quickly walk you through this job search process and market you effectively to get your desired jobs?

You're not alone! We help motivated people like you to access your talents and value, so you can authentically brand and market yourself for the RIGHT positions that will allow you to continue your legacy and make true impact.

We help people in leadership find the RIGHT jobs through 5 key areas to cut your search time in 1/2:

We strategize your growth so you know where to focus.
Top strengths. Target the RIGHT job.

We dial in an authentic differentiated brand that gives you confidence.
Stand out. Be unique. Carve meaning. Show your proven track record in metrics.

We align your value, messaging, and scripts to the job's needs to create job market fit.
With market fit, you get more interviews/offers. 

We market/ network or research for you, and showcase your strengths.
Stand out and "be the solution" when networking for work. We research, craft letters/keyword optimize too saving hours/weeks of time!

We prep you for the interviews/salary negotiations processes.
Pitch your value to their needs to "close the sale" so you can get high quality offers and a salary that you deserve.

Think of us as your talent agent who is here to support you the ENTIRE way. We lay the groundwork for your marketing and networking efforts. We can even apply and network out on your behalf.

Applying and networking for work can be extremely time-consuming and stressful. If you're out of work, getting up to speed with this can cost you thousands of dollars in lost wages. We want to help you launch your job search efforts effectively and efficiently.

Job SeekerWhy use us vs. relying on recruiters? It's the difference between active and passive job searching.

Pros to Using a Recruiter: Recruiters can sometimes have access to jobs that are not on job boards so they can be a valuable tool when they are the exclusive agency (think recruitment contractor) or in-house types (staff).

Cons to Using a Recruiter: It's always better to aim for the companies and positions you want- this is the active method of job searching. If you are just responding to recruiters to help you get a job, it could be roadblocking your path to where you truly want to go and grow - and a passive method to job searching. Your finances can also be negatively affected because 3rd party recruiters need to get paid for their time and typically 20% of your first-year salary from your potential employer, which hurts your negotiating abilities and ultimately your salary trajectory.

Recommendation: Aim for what you want! If a recruiter is an "in" to the right company-- then it can be worth it, otherwise, make your own opportunities happen. 

We use a similar technique as recruiters, but we work specifically for you to target the jobs you need to grow your career using a hidden network approach

Ultimately we want to aim for the job that helps you continue to grow your legacy.

Go take care of yourself personally, while we take care of you professionally!

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We complete your job preparation efforts from start to finish with your branded resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile development, optimization, and marketing strategy efforts. Save your energy for the networking and interview stages so you can land the RIGHT job opportunities.

Job searching is equivalent to selling a high-end consultative service. Your salary is anywhere from $100k-700k, give or take, and most people don't know how to sell their value and be the "solution" for the client. Job searching is essentially a marketing and sales process.

If you don't invest in guidance, your salary, career, and happiness trajectories can take a huge hit. That's why we are here for you during this entire process, strategizing with you the entire way.

We'll build a job marketing campaign that showcases your value, impact, and legacy so you can land high-quality positions and justify the salary that you deserve.

Update Resumes

Resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn development.

Marketing Campaign

Infographics that showcase your proven track record.


Portfolios and brag books that show examples of your work when relevant.

We cut your search time in half but organizing your efforts, researching companies, keyword-optimizing your resume, crafting cover letters, find hiring managers, and crafting introductory emails- then you just apply and send! This service is great for busy professionals.

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Testimonial“Career5 is a unique blend of coaching and career management utilizing a unique platform that helped me transition from my former Chief Operating Officer position into my current position. The coaching and marketing techniques were extremely helpful and insightful when I was creating my business vision, strategic plan, and targets. My coach at Career5 held me personally accountable and ultimately was a key tool to the success of my new business venture. THANK YOU!
-Tim  S.,VP of Operations
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Accelerate for Busy Professionals (A la carte) Send us 8 jobs. We organize, research, keyword-optimize, find hiring managers, craft cover letters and inmails for LinkedIn, and you click a button and apply.

$899 $799 (Use Code THRIVE100 to save $100 from original price)
  • For busy (working) professionals/leaders. We speed up your lead time to your new opportunity and save you exponential time deep-diving into this complicated process.
  • Marketing strategy (scripts/messaging).
  • We organize your job search and lead nurturing efforts so that we can communicate our efforts with you.
  • You send us 8 jobs that really excite you. We research the companies and reviews, keyword optimize, align content to job description, find hiring managers, and craft cover letters and inmails for 8 jobs that you send to us. Why 8? It seems to be the magic number that clients need to see some real movement, and we can always add another package. It beats the $5K+ that most staffing agencies charge for job searching.
  • We manage your Job Search Tracker spreadsheet to organize efforts, communicate continuously with you, and dial in efforts where necessary, then watch your job search take off!
  • If you get a job before we work through your 8 jobs, we credit remaining amount toward interview, salary negotiation, or on-boarding strategy coaching if desired.
  • Includes Roadmap CMS, templates, keyword optimization, action plan, etc.
  • RESULTS: Clients typically get jobs 4x faster, especially if they’re busy working.

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Let's brand and market your amazing abilities so we can get you the RIGHT job quickly.