Job Search Roadmap

Need job search help? We have a roadmap to who you the way.

Cut your job search time in half while targeting the RIGHT job for your career growth. We're here to support you step-by-step through the entire job search process.  We even have different levels of affordability.

Job searching has changed drastically in the last 5 years. We created a system to quickly and effectively guide you step-by-step through the process with coaching by first getting you in touch with your strengths, value, and growth strategy, align your value to the market, and then use a unique marketing strategy and funnel. Our packages include resume, cover letter, and email templates, as well as phone/interview script examples. See our 5 key areas.

We Focus on 5 Key Areas to Cut Your Search Time in 1/2:

Growth Strategy that Creates Focus
(Top strengths. Target the RIGHT job.)

An Authentic Brand that Instills Confidence
(Stand out. Be unique. Carve meaning.)

Align Your Value to Your Job's Needs
(With market fit, you get more interviews/offers.)

Marketing & Networking Strategies that Make True Traction
("Be the solution" when networking for work.)

Convey Your Value in Your Interview/ Salary Negotiations 
(Pitch your value to their needs for job offers and better pay.)

Attract a consistent flow of high-quality job offers from targeted companies that will aid in your career and salary growth. Tap into your inner drives to market yourself with authentic confidence. 



  • Attract a consistent flow of high-quality job offers from targeted companies that will aid in your career and salary growth. 
  • Learn how to market your value and proven track record to potential hiring managers even if you are currently unsure of what you have to offer them. 
  • Dramatically increase your focus and streamline your efforts so that you aim for the right position by developing a solid career growth strategy. 
  • Simplify your search efforts by using our resume/cover letter templates and email and phone scripts for networking.
  • Negotiate for a higher salary, making$5-20k more annually.
  • Save at least $5-10k from lost wages by dialing in the most efficient efforts to cut your search time in 1/2.


  • I don't really know what my top strengths are.
  • Not sure what my value truly is worth.
  • I don't have enough experience for the jobs I am seeing posted.
  • I am struggling on how to stand out compared to my competition for work.
  • I have no network and/or I am quite introverted.
  • I have difficulty interviewing and get extremely nervous.
  • I don't know how to negotiate for a salary well, so I might just take what I get.


  • Get the RIGHT job that utilizes your strengths and drives daily.
  • Enjoy going to work every day.
  • Exponentially increase your career trajectory since you will be growing in the right position.
  • Have more financial freedom because you will be earning more and increasing your salary trajectory.
  • Continue to learn how to manage and prioritize what you want out of your career better.

How does it work?

All packages come with the Job Search Roadmap® that has 5 hours of coach video courses.  So the first thing you need to do is to determine what level of support you need by choosing a coaching package:

SELF-DIRECTED with Q & A Forum (Driver)

Work self-directed through the Job Search Roadmap® course with 5-hours of coach videos, use the job search tools and resources on the Career 5 Roadmap CMS. We move you through from start to finish through the job search process. Learn about our 3 coach support options here: 1) Q & A in Career 5 Tribe Forum. Ask questions.  2) Option to join weekly coach group webinar for $29 per session 3) Option to purchase 45min of coaching for $99.

You will learn how to:

  • Develop your growth strategy so you are aiming for the RIGHT job.
  • Develop a solid brand so we can develop, optimize, and brand your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile.
  • Develop your resume, CL, and LinkedIn profile (use our 6-second glance templates.) We review these 3 and send you a recommendation report.
  • Organize your job search, set up your alerts, and set you up on our Job Tracker spreadsheet.
  • Learn about the marketing funnel and leads nurturing for job searching.
  • Craft your marketing messages for your networking emails, phone scripts, and overall leads nurturing process.
  • Learn how to interview and salary negotiate effectively. (Option to purchase 1-month BigInterview Video Prep software at a discount for $49.)
  • You will be able to pull 3 salary reports for data to negotiate. Negotiate for a higher salary of 10-20% more. 
  • Learn the best methods for networking out to hiring managers and cut your search time in half.


Career Strategic Plan

 + +Job Search Funnel Apply+ResumesLinkedIn Example +Optimization++Interview Salary Negotiations Career Coaching


FULL SERVICE- We Brand and Market You for Jobs (Driven)

Let's face it, email coaching sometimes isn't enough when you need individual help to get past the roadblocks. Your career can be one of your greatest growth vehicles and you don't want to hold your career and salary growth back by not getting the help that you need.

That's why we offer affordable coach support options for our self-directed packages.

Q & A in the Career 5 Tribe where you can ask questions and get help from coaches.  Watch videos on topics.

Coach-Directed Webinars. We send out a sign-up weekly for our coach-directed webinars. Pay only $29 to attend for a full hour. Groups stay between 5-10. If you're stuck, sign up and ask questions ahead of time so we can make sure you get your questions answered.

Coach Session. If you've signed up for any of our packages, you get a discounted  45-minute coach session for $99.

We take the mystery out of job searching with our Job Search Roadmap® and different coaching options so we can easily guide you through the best steps to get the RIGHT job!

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 What's in the Job Search Roadmap© that comes with most of our packages? 

You've got to stand out amongst the competition and this comes from authentic confidence in your abilities, which is why we created a step-by-step course that starts from the ground up.  It includes tutorials, coaching videos, and resume & email templates, and so much more.

Sneak a peek at our Job Search Roadmap course with 5-hours of coach videos.

We save you 1/2 the cost of traditional coaching and increase your ability to increase your career growth and salary trajectories by 42% due to our hybrid coaching system.
You don't always need large coaching packages, so let's just get you started and add time on if needed. 

Results Typically from Our Clients


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Kate - Intelligent & Motivated career Coach

“My coach at Career 5 has made innumerable valuable contributions to my career – teaching me how to better promote my brand, value, and better articulate my skills. I am now working at a great position due to these efforts. My coach at Career 5 was intelligent, motivated, very personable, and professional!”

-Kate R.


When job searching, people tend to focus on their resumes and applying for jobs, but a real job search starts as an "inward search" where we start with your authentic brand that is driven by a personal mission of who you want to be as a human on this planet.  How do you want to bring value to work every day?  Why even care about your job?

"When I started my work as a career coach, I often thought about the reality of how most of us feel a bit disenfranchised at work because we just feel like a cog in the wheel of a machine...someone else's machine. It's an honest thought, so how, exactly, do we get invested in our work on a daily basis?

Well, the truth is in how we approach it.  Owning your own business is not all it's cracked up to be today. You have to have a lot of start-up capital and work day and night. So be an employee can definitely have its perks.  I think the best way to "own your business" if you are not willing to invest a great amount of time in your work life, is to think of your career as your personal business- think YOU, Inc.

You are the CEO and founder- and every job you take is a partnership- where you are planning your own growth by getting professional help and managing your career along the way, building your value based on the strengths you LOVE to bring to work, going after promotions that will make your career and salary trajectory take off, and by carving in a mission statement for yourself that states how YOU want to bring value to work and grow as a human on this planet.

Aimee - Career CoachThat is when you bring true synergy to work. You know your employer will train you to grow their business, and you will utilize ALL the benefits your company has to offer to grow in the way YOU need to grow.  You get training, possibly a graduate degree, travel time tied to work, volunteer time allotted for what you care about in the world, you get benefits for you and your family.

You learn every leadership development concept you can so you can be a better colleague, friend, and partner to all the people you care about. You learn to HACK time by prioritizing better so you aren't working crazy hours. Maybe you even inspire the CEO to do GREAT things that benefit the planet with his/her company.  Be the fresh vision and become your own "machine" within the machine of the company or industry That is how you make the most of your time at work. That is when you feel you are making a difference on this planet somehow.

You become the DRIVER, instead of a PASSENGER, of your career. We have watched our clients succeed with this method again and again, and that's what we want for you!

Aimee Marcelo
Founder of Career 5

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