Executive Packages that Cut Your Job Search in 1/2

Job Search Coaching Support
We have a roadmap that will maximize your efforts and cut your job search in 1/2!

Sound like you?

-Feel confused in the job searching process?
-Applying for jobs but not hearing back?
-Too busy to search for work?
-Lacking authentic confidence when trying to sell your value?
sure how to differentiate yourself when interviewing in order to land high-quality offers?
-Not sure how to salary-negotiate effectively to earn what you're worth?

Cut your job search time in 1/2 while targeting the RIGHT job for your career growth using our Rapid Job Search Strategy©. We're here to support you step-by-step through the entire job search process, offering different levels of affordability for professionals and executives.

Job searching has changed drastically in the last 5 years, and the process is similar to selling high-end consultative services worth $80k-400K (your salary). Most of us are not able to effectively do that without some guidance and practice. That's why we created a system to quickly and effectively guide you step-by-step through the process by coaching you to get in touch with your strengths, value, and growth strategy and aligning it to the market via a job search marketing campaign. See our 5 key areas.

We Focus on 5 Key Areas to Cut Your Search Time in Half:

Growth Strategy that Creates Focus
(Top strengths. Target the RIGHT job.)

An Authentic Brand that Instills Confidence
(Stand out. Be unique. Carve meaning.)

We align your value, messaging, and scripts to the job's needs to create job market fit.
(With market fit, you get more interviews/offers.)

Marketing & Networking Strategies that Make True Traction
("Be the solution" when networking for work.)

Convey Your Value in Your Interview/ Salary Negotiations 
(Pitch your value to their needs for job offers and better pay.)

Attract a consistent flow of high-quality job offers from targeted companies that will aid in your career and salary growth. Tap into your inner motivation to market yourself with authentic confidence. 



  • Learn how to market your value and proven track record to potential hiring managers even if you are currently unsure of what you have to offer them.
  • Dramatically increase your focus and streamline your efforts so you aim for the right position by developing a solid career growth strategy.
  • Simplify your search efforts by using our resume/cover letter templates and email and phone scripts for networking.
  • Negotiate for a higher salary, making $5-20k more annually.
  • Save at least $5-10k from lost wages by dialing in the most efficient efforts to cut your search time in half.

Career5 Roadmap Platform


  • I don't really know what my top strengths are...
  • Not sure what my value is worth...
  • I don't have enough experience for the jobs I am seeing posted...
  • I am struggling on how to stand out compared to my competition for work..
  • I have no network and/or I am quite introverted...
  • I have difficulty interviewing and get extremely nervous...
  • I don't know how to negotiate for a salary well, so I might just take what I get...


  • Get the RIGHT job that utilizes your strengths and drives daily.
  • Enjoy going to work every day.
  • Become comfortable networking out and conveying your value.
  • Exponentially increase your career trajectory since you will be growing in the right position.
  • Have more financial freedom because you will be earning more and increasing your salary trajectory.
  • Continue to learn how to manage and prioritize what you want out of your career better.



Your job search should never start with updating your resume, but instead, with an inside search.
First, we need to find out:

Where and how do YOU want to grow in your work?
What are your top strengths you want to access daily?
What makes you unique?
Do you have a mission or legacy you want to carve into the next job?
What is your proven track record?

How do we justify your salary?
How do you want to bring value to your work daily?

That is how you authentically get excited to look for the RIGHT jobs... to sell your value to your employer with confidence and get the job offers you deserve.

Then we craft your story on everything: your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, etc.   

 What's in the Job Search Roadmap© that comes with most of our packages? 

To stand out amongst the competition, you must demonstrate an authentic confidence in your abilities, which is why we created a step-by-step process that starts from the ground up.  

Sneak a peek at our Job Search Roadmap:

How does it work?

All packages come with the Job Search Roadmap® filled with our step-by-step strategy of quickly getting the RIGHT job. The first thing you need to do is to determine what level of support you need:

Learn About Our Full Service Options

We can even apply and network out for you on your behalf!

Our mission at Career5 is to develop affordable high-impact packages that strategically map you out and market your value so you can reach your professional goals to create impact and build legacies.
Coaching packages are $100 off this month using the code THRIVE100.

Zoom: Coaching & Communications Development. (Target the RIGHT Work, Develop Brand, We develop Your Communications, Strategize Job Search Efforts; Show You How to Apply & Network Effectively)

$899 $799 2 monthly payment option below.

"But getting help seems daunting and expensive..."

Yes, we get it... Investing in professional help to land high-quality job offers can feel like a large investment... and most of us could really use a vacation. But if you first invest in getting the supported needed for your largest 3-for-1 growth vehicle (personal, professional, and financial)-your career, then soon you'll be able to go on MANY vacations!

Example 1: You want to search for a new job, but you already feel stressed at work,  don't have time to learn how to effectively job search, and feel overwhelmed, so instead, you invest in one tropical trip and no support because vacations are important after all. 

But when you get back, you find that you are still in the same position- stagnant at your job with little growth potential; all your relaxation goes down the tube.

vacation investment

Example 2: Invest in help in maximizing your job search and career efforts so you'll attract high-quality job offers, negotiate for a higher salary because you're now clear on the value you bring to work, increase your growth, career, and salary trajectories exponentially, and soon you'll be able to afford multiple annual vacations. You'll also be much happier with the growth potential in your new job. We all need to change and grow. Just ask our former clients.

Kate - Intelligent & Motivated career Coach

“My coach at Career5 has made innumerable valuable contributions to my career – teaching me how to better promote my brand, value, and better articulate my skills. I am now working at a great position due to these efforts. My coach at Career5 was intelligent, motivated, very personable, and professional!”

-Kate R.


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