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With Job Search Accelerator®, we can cut your search by months by quickly reaching out to targeted hiring authorities on your behalf to get in front of the job posting process.

Your job search just got a whole lot easier!

This highly strategic job search effort focuses on rapid networking on your behalf via your email to targeted hiring authorities (not "spray and pray") based on your criteria.  

We force multiply your networking efforts. Think reverse-recruiting. 

We set up criteria, strategy, and scripts for your list of up to 400 people.

We target your specific companies of interest, your logical hiring authority (boss and/or in-house recruiters), geolocation.

We send you the list and you delete people as needed so that you have complete control over your list.

Send messages to hiring managers (your logical boss), in-house talent managers, and industry recruiters via pulling pulling LinkedIn lists and emails.

Saves you thousands in lost wages and builds high-quality connections for future opportunities.
Works for most industries and roles from Professional to C-Level because we create a unique level-specific strategy for each individual. This also works great for college interns and graduates.  With salespeople, we can set up a monthly cadence marketing campaign economically.

The Job Search Accelerator® service simulates a reverse recruiting effort. 

Accelerate Your Networking


We connect you directly to the right people, saving you thousands of dollars in lost wages.

Over 85% of jobs come through some form of networking. Don't wait for a recruiter to find you work (passive effort). Target the work you want instead (proactive effort).  We reach out to hundreds of hiring authorities on your behalf  which:

Speeds job search process by weeks/months.
Opens up more opportunities that lead to interviews for unposted jobs.
Builds your network with high-quality people for future opportunities.
Expands out your "networking for work effort" by 10X.
We run campaigns again for free if you do not find anything with the first one.
Salespeople and college students use this service as well.

Our clients make great traction with this. If you are using this method and applying to jobs, you will be covering the best methods to find work quickly.


Why do our Job Search Accelerator® service?

Because 80% of jobs are never posted and 85% of jobs come from networking.

Networking out to hiring managers, professional associations, board members, and staffing recruiters both in-house and external are the best ways to get a job. But who has time to reach out to hundreds of people to get in front of the right companies and hiring authorities before a job is posted? Expedite your job search exponentially saving months of time.

See example here: People reach out to you and you answer back.

Job Search Accelerator

Our Services
A portion of all proceeds is donated to our local animal shelters annually to help animals in need.Resume Services

Let us cut your job search in 1/2 and save you hours of time!

Resume / LinkedIn Development & Job Search Support
Monthly payments, cancel anytime, so you only pay for what you need.

Learn to convey your unique value, passion, and results to win high-quality roles.

The Difference Between Levels:
PRO (<$100K), MID ($100K - $250K) or EXEC (>$250K+
We use level-specific writers and coaches with higher-level experience.

Career5 Membership, Branded Resume, & Asynchronous Video Coaching
(Includes Rapid Job Search Roadmap, new resume, & weekly coach check-ins.
Learn everything we coach about in our services (to the right).

Resume Example Resume WritingCareer5 Platform


Full Service Branded Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Development
(We get you clear on your results and confident to attract high-level/high-salary roles.)

affirmStarting at $76/mo with . See shopping pages for details.


1-Hour Executive Coach Session + Job Search Accelerator Service (both level-specific)
(For those who need a job quickly and/or who are too busy to network out to get in front of the job posting process).

 Salary Negotiations+Job Search Accelerator+Career5 Platform

affirmStarting at $76/mo with . See shopping pages for details.


Compare Packages and Service Offerings Below

ROADMAP: Career5 Roadmap Membership

BRAND: Full-Service Branded Resume, Cover Letter, & LinkedIn Development

ACCELERATE: BRAND Package, Executive Coaching, & Job Search Accelerator

Rapid Job Search Roadmap© course to guide you step-by-step through the job search to cut your time in 1/2.

Rapid Job Search Strategy© lesson to focus efforts.

Interview Prep Consultative Strategy© lesson to land more interviews

Resume Development: We transfer your old resume to our new template, ask you for key information to develop it, and send back polished with video recommendations. Give you instructions on how to develop your LinkedIn using your new resume.



Full Service Branded Resume, Cover Letter, & LinkedIn Development (Transfer and develop in our optimized template.We ask you quesitons via a video to pull out key metrics to justify salaries and get noticed faster. We tighten, proof read and offer unlimited revisions within a week of receiving it. We develop your LinkedIn profile.



Learn how to keyword-optimize and align your new resume easily to new jobs.

Check-in with Executive Coach via asynchronous video exchange once weekly to ask questions.

Practice your Interview ith our video prep practice software.

Earn More Using our Value-Based Salary Negotiations© lesson.

Accountability partner/pod

Email cadence to inspire

Job Search Checklist to keep you on track

Job Search Track Google Sheet to organize leads

Networking scripts, thank you/cover letter examples

Exit and Onboarding Strategies

Level-Specific Executive Coach & Reverse Recruiter: Work with both your Reverse Recruiter and an Executive Coach to prepare you for the Interview Prep, Salary Negotiations, and to check-in as needed.

    ✓ (1-Hour)
Job Search Accelerator: We reach out to targeted 125+ people weekly to get you in front of the job search process. We use different strategies at each level and more targeted lists with Mid to C-Level.     ✓ (500 for 1 month and then pay $199 (PRO), $249 (MID),or $299 (EXEC) per month after for an additional 500.)
Level Differences:PRO (<$100K), MID ($100K - $250K) or EXEC (>$250K+
We use level-specific writers and we need more time to justify higher salaries and build your brand for each level. Executive-Level coaches have either worked with other C-Level for 5+ years, have doctorate-level academic degrees of expertise in this area, or have been at the C-Suite level themselves.
$299 for Membership for 1 Year (All Levels)
$99 per month after for coaching
$299 (PRO)
$399 (MID)
$499 (EXEC)
Includes free Rapid Job Search Strategy, use of our keyword optimization software, and networking scripts to use.

$449 (PRO)
$549 (MID)
$649 (EXEC)
Includes free access to Career5 Membership during each purchased month.
  Option to Add Weekly Coach Checkins for $99 No Subscription No Subscription

Job Search Accelerator ©

We use level-specific strategies and messaging customized to your needs through this accelerated job search service.

Strategies for each level Internships/College Graduates Professionals Executives
Overview: Reach out to targeted hiring authorities using a both a company list and a criteria list (industry, location, keywords, etc.). We pull the list, send to you. You delete contacts/companies you do not want on your list. Reach out to Managers, Directors, and In-House Recruiters, (Talent Acquisition) at these companies.


Reach out to Managers, Directors, and In-House Recruiters, (Talent Acquisition) at these companies.


VPs, SVPs, C-Level, Board Members (in some cases), Senior In-House Recruiters (Director of Talent Acquisition), and Executive Search Firms at these companies. We can reach as you or for you at an additional charge.)








"Hello.  I think we can put a hold on the emails. The response has been great. I have multiple interviews lined up just within 2 days! Thank you.  I will let you know if we need more."-Tim A., Business Development Director in Logistics.


What Clients Are Saying...
Career5 Reviews

"It's going well! I'm averaging 5-7 calls a week. I have had 2 possible opps come up. Today I meet with the 2 owners of one opportunity. I'll let you know how it goes." -Charles, VP of Sales

"I wanted to let you know I've accepted a position at [great company] as an Employee Relations Advisor. It's the job I was hoping for and I know that your resume template and the assistance you've given me is what helped propel me into getting an offer.  I want to thank you for all your support. I've got a TON of HR contacts on my LinkedIn profile who will all soon know about my new position!  Thanks for all your guidance!" - Rick J. -Employee Relations Advisor (Landed a position shortly afterward)

"I have 5 opportunities in the works. Things are looking up. Keep your fingers crossed! Thank you!"- Christina L., VP of Marketing

" I am already getting request for my resume and it is just the first day! This is so exciting." - Natalie F., HR-Diversity and Inclusion

”The marketing campaign landed me three in-person interviews and one other strong job offer, so I felt like it was a great value and helped get me in front of multiple companies.”-Eric V., Construction Management

"I purchased this for my son to get an internship and it worked! He was not making traction the traditional ways. The campaign allowed him to reach out to hundreds which is great for his future connections and this got him a job at a reputable company that will enormously help him in his job search in one year. Before this campaign- it felt like searching for a needle in a haystack because the competition was so fierce. This allowed him to sneak into a spot that they had not filled yet- a "right place, right time" scenario.  His confidence was starting to decrease before hand, now he is gleaming with pride that he landed a great internship. It was worth every penny." - Lynn D., Director of Marketing

"The networking campaign has been going well.  It’s still doing it’s thing.  I’m almost having a hard time keeping up with the messages, which means it’s working really well.  I have had a few interviews and expecting more soon.  Just today, I had a 3-round interview with a company out of San Diego and I am expecting an offer."- Shane H. Customer Success Manager

"Welp, I am trying to figure out how to respond to all these wonderful connections 🤣 I have director level people at amazon and google that are willing to set up a call with me. I have a call with the director of user experience at google tomorrow, and a coaching session with the creative director at amazon next week! There is a job opening at Patagonia I want to apply for and now have 4 connections here!" -Tara D., (Art Director, Digital Designer)

 Results include:

We save between 4-12 weeks of networking
Networking gets 85% of jobs.
We fill your network with high quality connections