Quick Start Your Job Search

Get Started Quickly with Your Job Search

We just created your beautiful branded marketing communications that convey your value and now want to send you out in the right direction with your strategy. Check out these useful tips.

If you need help with further services, as our client, you now get discounted rates for additional coaching: $109 for professionals and executives to continue your job search efforts. We also have full-service options like applying for jobs, crafting cover letters, and keyword optimizing. See more here.


Career5 Roadmap Platform

1 OVERVIEW: See a quick overview of the Career5 Platform and Job Search Roadmap here so you can utilize it during your search.  There are specific deep-dive videos below for different sections.


Job Search Tracker

Organize Your Search Efforts and Create a Job Search Strategy. Use our Job Search Tracker Google sheet or Trello (free) to organize your efforts, and dial in a strategy that meets your market's needs.



3 Set Up Your Job Alerts. Use our great toolbar to the left: Job Search Tools > Job Boards.



Search for companies. Use our tool on the left: Job Search Tools > Search Companies; or Job Search Tools > Hidden Job Market (Top staffing agency websites).



You've found jobs you love, now it's time to align your resume to get through ATS software. These are 2 quick videos to get you started. Key things to remember to ignore that Jobscan recommends:

  1. Don't worry about the lengths of your resume if you were marketed with us.  This is always controversial, and Jobscan recommends no more than 1000 words, but the key is to be easily skimmable and you should have 1 page per every decade up to 3 pages. People are often passed up if they are not conveying their scope of experience and value well enough.
  2. Don't worry about the date formatting that Jobscan suggests either.
  3. Aim for 60-70% instead of 80%. It will get you through the door.


6 Apply for jobs and network out to the hiring managers you want to work for using a consultative approach by reaching out to them on LinkedIn (or use Skrapp to find their email address) to introduce yourself.

The goal is to warm the lead by introducing yourself, conveying why you are valuable to them, and trying to find a mutual connection or area of interest to start having conversations with them. You will most likely have to reach out once a week to get this going. See how to think of your job search as a marketing and sales effort where you work down the funnel.  See lessons: Apply for Jobs and Network for Work in the Rapid Job Search Roadmap.

Here's a video of how to reach out to hiring managers on LinkedIn.



Start a Word doc to put all of your scripts in it for networking out. See lessons: Scripts (Email/Phone/Cover Letters/Thank Yous) for Networking for Jobs in the Job Search Roadmap.




career planning


Prepare for Interviewing and Salary Negotiations. See lessons in the Job Search Roadmap.: