You only have one shot to interview and negotiate for a higher salary.  Make it count!

Our Interview & Salary Negotiations Coaching package gives you two coaching solutions: interviewing video software and 1-on-1 career coaching to double your traction.

  1. Start first by meeting for a quick session with your coach to see what your true needs are so that you can customize your package accordingly.
  2. Work on building your brand and value statements, if you have not done so already.
  3. Go through the self-directed video interviewing and salary negotiations software that is industry specific, where you can practice, record, and send off to your coach for feedback. Video interviews are often the first stage of an interviewing process, but even if you never have to go that route, this software will help you rehearse answering questions. We have partnered up with Big Interview and access to the software for 1 week is included in this package.
  4. Then meet with your coach one-on-one to dial in efforts so that you nail your interview or are prepared to negotiate. If you are working on BOTH interview and salary negotiation, you may need to purchase additional coaching time based on your needs, but it can always be added if needed.

Convey your value confidently!

Through coaching, we will dial in mindsets, and assure you can confidently convey your value, past success, and answer behavioral interviewing questions well.   The interviewing process has become more sophisticated and we want to make sure you are prepared and can go the extra mile where appropriate by utilizing several techniques.  You can get overwhelmed prepping for your interview and we keep it simple and specific to target your efforts where they really count!

Always try to negotiate!

You have one shot at getting a salary based on your value. It is typically assumed you will negotiate higher in some way, even if you feel as if they are offering the best they can offer. A company will tell you if it is unable to go higher or not, but you want to make the most over time because your entire salary trajectory is affected by this one process. Let us help you through it.

Results Include:


Purchasing the Interview and Salary Negotiation Package will exponentially improve your ability to land and negotiate for a salary you are worth.