Interview Prep: Be the Solution

Land Your Job Interview and Negotiate for a Salary You're Worth

Learn to align your value with the needs of the hiring manager in your interview and salary negotiations processes.

We've got you covered. We have researched and targeted the best ways to assure that you go into your interview with confidence, and can land the job and negotiate for the salary you deserve based on your value and researched data.

Strategic Coaching

Interviews have changed so much in the past 5-10 years. We want you prepared, and to get you into a marketing/sales mindset where you are answering the pain points or speaking to the vision of the position. You want to go in with an authentic unique brand concept of who you are and the results you can bring to this position. Your results statements are key and often overlooked and ultimately determine the salary you are offered through negotiations. 

Interview & Salary Negotiations Video Prep Software

Big Interview

When you go into your interview or begin to salary negotiate, not only do you have to be strategic but you want to be confident in conveying your value, which takes practice. By rehearsing with our level and industry-specific software, your efforts will make the most of your career and salary trajectories. Rehearsing is key!

Confidence in an Interview or Salary Negotiations Comes from Truly Knowing What You Bring to the Table

Many of us have never really sit down long enough to uncover our life's work, our strengths, or our true value that we can offer. Once we work with you, you'll leave our sessions with clarity as to what value you bring to your work and what makes you stand out. That is when it becomes natural to convey who you are to a potential employer... because it will come from a place of authenticity.
With coaching, we will work through your measurable statements, dial in mindsets, and assure you know what exactly you bring to the table so that you can confidently convey your value and past successes to your new employer. You can get overwhelmed prepping for your interview and we keep it simple and specific by targeting your efforts where they really count! We hone in on areas where you specifically need it!




The Importance of Dialing in Your Value Proposition


When you align your value proposition to the needs of an employer-it is a "win-win". That's why we work on you to define and convey this easily when interviewing. We start with pulling out your resume and carving it right into it, if it is not there already.


"Good Morning. Thought you might like to know. My interview Friday went very well with Western Governors University. while I was speaking to the recruiter, she asked a question which I answered with everything we typed this past Thursday. She made mention that it was an excellent answer. I want to thank you for your time. give me a few more days and I will be back in-touch." Mark C- Senior IT Program Manager



Ways We Can Work with You

You can prep for your interview & salary negotiations with either a coaching package that comes with our Big Interview Video Prep Software or purchase our self-directed course:

  • 1-on-1 career coaching.
  • Interviewing & salary negotiations video prep software through BigInterview® to double your traction and additional. You will also have access to the Interview & Salary Negotiations Prep section of the My Job Search Roadmap that has helpful tips and videos..
  • TECHNICAL INTERVIEWS: If you are in need of technical interviewing prep, let's schedule an additional hour to go over your specific needs.
  • Prepare to interview with your "A" game!
  • 1 Hour of Strategy Coaching (Skype/Phone 30-min or 1-hr increments). Your coach works with you to customize your solution and work towards your goals. Focus on interviewing and/or salary negotiations. You can always add another hour later if needed.
  •  Dial-in brand & value statements.
  • Rehearse STAR/PAR technique for behavioral and technical questions.
  • Learn ways to stand out in your interview dial in your specific strategy.
  • Learn the art of negotiating for a salary based on the value you can provide and researched salary data.
  • Career5's Interview & Salary Prep Video course.
  • 1-Month  Access to Interviewing & Salary Negotiations Prep Video Coaching Software (can be exchanged for an extra 30 minutes of coaching ).
  • My Job Search Roadmap, My Career Roadmap & My Career Strategic Plan with "how to" videos. 
  • Career5 Roadmap® Platform with Action Plan, free resume templates, My Vision Board, job boards, job resources, and labor market info.Job Search Roadmap Course

Typically for our clients, this package saves weeks of lost wages  ($1,000+ depending on your weekly salary) and time by landing a job faster and has improved their salary trajectory by 5-10K+ annually.

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