Interview Succinctly with Confidence and Ease!

Convey your value confidently!

Confidence comes from knowing who you are and what you bring to the table.  Most of our clients leave our sessions with a new mindset because they never really stopped to realize how much they had accomplished along their career path!   Through coaching, we will dial in mindsets, and assure you can confidently convey your value, past successes, answer behavioral interviewing questions well using methods like the S.T.A.R. technique.  We also cover technical interviews. The interviewing process has become more sophisticated and we want to assure you are prepared and can go the extra mile where appropriate by utilizing several techniques.  You can get overwhelmed prepping for your interview and we keep it simple and specific to target your efforts where they really count!  We hone in on areas where you specifically need it!

Typically for our clients, this package saves weeks of lost wages  ($1,000+ depending on the weekly salary) and time by landing a job faster and has improved their salary trajectory by 5-10K+ annually.


How we can help you:

Our Interview & Salary Negotiations Coaching package gives you two coaching solutions:

  • 1-on-1 career coaching
  • interviewing & salary negotiations video prep software through BigInterview® to double your traction and additional. You will also have access to the Interview & Salary Negotiations Prep section of the My Job Search Roadmap that has helpful tips and videos.
  • TECHNICAL INTERVIEWS: If you are in need of technical interviewing prep, let’s schedule an additional hour to go over your specific needs.
  • 1.5 Hour of Strategy Coaching  (Skype/Phone 30-min or 1-hr increments).  Customize a solution with your coach and work towards your goals.
  • Dial in brand & value statements.
  • Rehearse STAR technique for behavioral and technical questions.
  • Address any concerns or needs specific to your interviews.
  • Learn ways to stand out in your interview.
  • Learn the art of negotiating for a salary based on the value you provide and researched salary data.
  • Career5’s Interview & Salary Prep Video course.
  • 1-Week  Access to Big Interview: Interviewing & Salary Negotiations Prep Video Coaching Software.
  • Job and Career Growth Analysis Report- Get data on your position, salary, labor market, and economic forecast to make informed decisions.
    Job and Career Growth Analysis
  • My Job Search Roadmap, My Career Roadmap & My Career Strategic Plan with “how to” videos
    Career5 Roadmap
  • Career5 Roadmap® Platform with Action Plan, free resume templates, My Vision Board, job boards, job resources, and labor market info.
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    Resume Templates     

Always try to negotiate!

You have one shot at getting a salary based on your value. It is typically assumed you will negotiate higher in some way, even if you feel as if they are offering the best they can offer. A company will tell you if it is unable to go higher or not, but you want to make the most over time because your entire salary trajectory is affected by this one process. Let us help you through it.

See an example of how we can work with you to increase your interview and salary negotiations skills.

Results Include:


Purchasing the Interview and Salary Negotiation Package will exponentially improve your ability to land and negotiate for a salary you are worth.