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      Hi All,

      If you are sending out dozens of resumes and getting no response, this can be common and there usually is a couple of reasons for this.

      1) Are you scanning and optimizing for keywords on your resume?
      2) Are you reaching out to hiring managers once you apply to introduce yourself?
      3) Are you reaching out to other people in the company that might be able to introduce you to the hiring manager or put in a good word?
      4) Are your skills aligning? (This often shows up when you are scanning and optimizing for keywords).
      5) Are you using the right messaging to market your value to hit the possible pain points of the job?

      There are a few places to start. If you purchased a package and are on the job search roadmap, take a look at the step called: “Apply for Jobs”. The funnel approach might be a good place to review on that page as well.



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