We're here for your executives every step of the way to expedite and ease the complexities of job searching tenfold.

Most people searching for work could benefit from 1 or more of the following which is why we allow you to customize your package based on your needs.

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1 Professional Branding & Marketing

Branded resumes and LinkedIn services. Without it, you're invisible.

Our research has shown:

►Gets in touch with the Why in your career to be the fuel for job searching.
►Gets noticed EXPONENTIALLY faster by hiring authorities.
►Attracts multiple high-quality opportunities and promotions via your unique value.
►Allows for higher salary negotiations by proving your track record of great results.
►Gives you the authentic confidence needed to land great opportunities through this deep-dive.
►Allows you to continue to build your legacy.


How do you know you need it? You are not getting many calls for interviews.

2 Rapid Job Search Strategy & Value Pitch

Know where to focus and what to say when networking for work.

Practice with a virtual coach session or via our Rapid Job Search Roadmap Course to ensure you know where to target your efforts and what to say.

This saves you weeks of being stalled in your job search approach.


How do you know you need it? You are unclear as to how to start your job search effectively and what to say that really differentiates you when networking out.

Career5 Roadmap Platform


3 Accelerated Job Search Campaign

We open the right doors 10X faster saving months of time (Accelerated Job Search Service).

Over 85% of jobs come through some form of networking. This process:

    • Expedites your networking by reaching out via personal messages to targeted hiring authorities and companies (50-300 people).


    • Speeds job search by weeks/months.


    • Opens up leads to interviews for unposted jobs.


    • Builds your network with high-quality people for future opportunities.


    • Increases the typical leads process by 10X.


How do you know you need it? You are working and have no time or your job search is taking much longer than anticipated because you are not comfortable networking out. Let us do this for you.

4 Interview & Salary Negotiations

Become the solution. Negotiate a value-based salary.

Strategize. Prepare. Prepare. Prepare.

This is where the rubber hits the road and lack of preparation can ultimately cost you thousands in potential salary and lost wages due to starting the job search over or not negotiating for the absolute best salary that you deserve.

We have unique strategies that help you stand out amongst the competition, land more job offers, and negotiate often for $5-$20K higher (depending on your level).


How do you know you need it? You are interviewing and are not getting offers, you have not interviewed in quite a while, and/or you do not know the best strategies to negotiate for a salary you deserve.

Salary Negotiations Career Coaching

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5 Job Search Accountability

Losing momentum is the #1 reason why people don't find their dream jobs. We keep you accountable.

Get support and different perspectives on the job search to help you quickly find your next role that you love! Buy 3 months worth of support with weekly check ins.


What Clients Are Saying...

"I would recommend Ascend5 for all of your career search and professional development needs. I began working with them to help polish my resume and update my LinkedIn profile. They did so much more. After meeting and getting to know each other, my coach helped me truly define my skills and value statements to impress prospective clients and employers. The Career5 web platform is truly the best of class and I was able to land multiple industry interviews and job offers eventually landing in a position that was perfectly suited for me. My coach talked me out of settling for a lesser opportunity numerous times and offered her executive coaching and mentoring skills to help me raise the bar in interviewing and negotiating. I recommend Ascend5 to all of my clients and network professionals looking for a job."

- Brad D. Deputy Director of Aviation Operations

We've helped hundreds of executives and professionals move to their ideal roles by  moving you through the most optimized ways to job search so you can:

✓Be able to find high-quality positions in a pinch when needed.

✓Know how to expand out and accelerate your networking to find and create positions before they are posted.

✓Negotiate for a salary based on the value you bring to your work instead of market rate for your position.

✓Be promoted more often toward growth roles.

✓Have more energy and momentum to make positive impact at work.


Ready to move your executive to their next amazing role?

Let's jump on a call to strategize.


Our winning combo to get started...


Branded Resumes/LinkedIn Development  +  Accelerated Networking Service


We market your employees to connect them to hundreds of hiring authorities/recruiters to expedite the job search process 10X.


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"My coach was very helpful in organizing my thoughts and a strategy for the call.  She helped identify some keywords and their significance to the position that I am pursuing. Some of the suggestions reinforced other people's ideas and helped me properly close the interview. I was very happy that I connected with my coach for this session."

- Andrew F. Program Director (more testimonials)

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