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We Reverse Recruit Mid to C-Level
We manage your job search.
We authentically brand yourself and interview prep you.
We reverse recruit you to proactively find roles.
We work with you to justify and negotiate for higher salaries.
We work together to land you great roles.
Our Results: 98% of our clients have successfully landed new roles.


Ever wish you could just pay someone to find you a new role?

We quickly, discretely, and proactively get you in front of the job posting process through the hidden job market using our EXPEDITE Program©.

The numbers don't lie.
Our research has shown that using our program has a significant impact on career and salary trajectories for our clients, often increasing their salaries by $10K-$75K.

Let us reverse-recruit you so you can focus on getting the right job, continue working, or maybe just take that needed vacation.
We have a 98% success rate of finding clients new roles.

Our Rapid Job Search Program© guides you step-by-step through our proven framework.

1BRAND: We quickly develop your resume and authentically brand your value.

Resume Example- Resume Writers Near Me
Get noticed 10X faster.

 2LAUNCH: We get your organized and clear on what you are targeting.

LinkedIn Development
Cuts the job search in 1/2.

3 REVERSE RECRUIT: We connect you out to the key decision-makers to find your next role.

Career Coaching
Cuts the job search in 1/2.

4 LAND: We prep you for connecting and interviewing using a highly-effective consultative strategy.

Career Coaching
Land far more offers.

GROW: We consult with you to salary negotiate for ~$20K-$100K+ higher.

Negotiate a value-based, not market-rate salary ($5K-$50K more).

We discreetly launch and manage your job search using our EXPEDITE: Rapid Job Search Program©

Within 1 week we launch, prep, and manage your job search. You even can start the process as you transition out slowly.
We save hours, weeks, and often months of time!

Launch + Interview & Salary Negotiations Prep + Reverse Recruit + Apply + Coach

EXPEDITE Package Feature/Comparison

Our packages are built to incentivize both parties so you quickly get a job.

Full Support. You apply for your own roles.
Customized package for discreet C-level needs.
COACH/RECRUITER: We assign you a level-specific Reverse Recruiter/Coach. They meet with you weekly, often communicating multiple times on a cadence. They are there to ask questions where needed.   


BRANDED RESUME: We review, convert to our format, and make recommendations. You can add a full-service package here if needed. Option to add additional branding time. Add LinkedIn Development for $149.
BRAND VALUE PITCH: We define your unique value,  your mission, and figure out your top-level metrics and role-play around how you can bring value to new companies.  We look at ways to get you authentically confident in this process. This is at the core of landing more offers in this branding session with an executive coach.
ORGANIZE: We set up your job alerts and organize your job search on our Career5 platform.

APPLY: You send us 10 jobs per month that we apply to on your behalf. We check the company reviews, keyword-optimize and align to the role in a customized resume, we research who you have connections with at the company and who to reach out to introduce yourself for the role to get on their radar, and scripts of what to say, We log on your Job Search Tracker. Purchase a 10-pack for $999 and send us 10 jobs to apply for you on your behalf. (Purchase separately above.) Purchase a 10-pack for $999 and send us 10 jobs to apply for you on your behalf. (Purchase separately above.)
REVERSE RECRUIT: We reverse recruit you to your targeted companies up to 1000+ in a month, often pulling multiple lists that you approve. We do this on your behalf to land you interviews.
SCRIPTS: We give you custom scripts for written communication to hiring managers.
INTERVIEW PREP: We interview prep/role play.
SALARY NEGOTIATIONS: Receive salary negotiation coaching (every offer). C-Level we recommend a lawyer for final negotiations.
ONBOARDING: We ensure you onboard well to be successful in your new role.
LEVEL-SPECIFIC STAFF: Get paired with one of our most senior reverse recruiters and coaches.
DISCRETE REVERSE RECRUIT: We reach out discreetly to key stakeholders (PEs, VCs, and Executive Search Firms) through emails/inmails to see if there is a role coming up at your level so we are not going through your personal Linkedin (needed at the C-Level and a few other situations).

We have a 98% success rate of our clients finding jobs following our program. 
guaranteeWe guarantee to get you a role in 120 days or the 5th month is $500 off.

Career5 Platform+ Job Search Accelerator+   +Salary

For C-LEVEL, we discreetly network out on your behalf. Your name does not come up unless there is a role available.

Waiting for a recruiter to find you a role is like waiting for the right opportunity to show up on your doorstep. This method is a proactive way of looking for work. Recruiters also get 20% of your salary which decreases your ability to negotiate higher. 

By paying monthly, you only pay for what you need and both parties are invested in this process. Go enjoy your day while we look for your new role!

"It's a 1-on-1 job search coaching and accountability program that has been fuel-injected with a discrete networking campaign and you even apply? Brilliant! Exactly what I need. I am swamped right now." - Mark F., SVP of Strategic Partnerships.

The monetary and time benefits of managing your job search.

Estimated Time for Job Searching
6-12 months  ~3-6 months for our experts
Networking out discreetly to targeted companies and hiring authorities and applying for roles Most people give up after 20 when networking and don't apply to as many roles as needed due to lack of time. 500 hiring authorities/mo. Apply for 15 roles/mo.
Authentically branding your value, story, and mission Doing this yourself is very difficult. You need feedback. Work with an executive coach to help you get authentically in touch and clear on the unique value you bring to companies, weaving your founder's story and mission, and humanizing your leadership abilities.
Job Interviews Many people can cycle through this process repeatedly without landing offers. Landing the offer is a challenging process and it is much more competitive at this level. We show you an effective consultative strategy to use when interviewing the lands more roles. More offers, better salary. Landing the offer is difficult without a clear strategy.

Clients usually land 3X more offers with this strategy.

Total Hours for Job Search Per a Month & Cost Savings ~80 hours/mo  We spend ~40 hours/mo. If your salary is at:

$60K, you save ~$1.5K+/mo in your time;$100K, you save ~$2K+/mo in your time;
$200K base, you save ~$4K/mo;
$500K base, you save -$10K+/mo.


Lost Wages & Cost Savings


Many people get caught up in work or desperately need a break so they are not focusing on job searching full-time and lose traction which elongates this process, sometimes by several months.

Each month out of work you lose -->
PRO $6K+ MID $10K+ EXEC $20K+, C-LEVEL, $40K+


 We cut the search time by 1/2. We often save clients 3 months of search time. If your salary is:

PRO $18K+
MID $30K
EXEC $60K+
C-LEVEL, $120K+

Salary Negotiations & Trajectory: When a recruiter is working externally for a company that person charges ~20% of your salary per role --> PRO $10K, MID $20K, EXEC $40K, C-LEVEL, $100K+) which decreases your ability to negotiate higher (the employer has to pay both of you), and your salary trajectory can take a hit from this.  By going directly to the right sources, we often can bypass external recruiters and their fees, giving you higher negotiating power.
Onboarding:  Many people think "I have the job. I am finished with this process!" But 20% of people in new roles either don't stay or are exited within the first year. We go over how to self-onboard effectively to set up expectations and communication to ensure your success
Take that Needed Break: We are job searching for you, go spend some "you" time or family time to re-energize for this next role.

Typical Average Clients Savings: $28K+ (PRO), $40K+ (MID), $60K+ (EXEC), $100K+(C-LEVEL)

How it works...

1. Job Search Launch

1. JOB SEARCH LAUNCH: We strategize organize, & review your resume/LinkedIn profile. We assign you your "dream team" (level-specific Executive Coach and Account Manager) and go over this process to develop a custom strategy. We create your profile on the Career5 platform (includes Rapid Job Search Roadmap™ Course) with coaching videos, Action Plan, Job Search Tracker, and set up job alerts. We review your resume and LinkedIn and give recommendations. You can purchase a resume package if needed here. We set up a cadence of communication weekly and a new email for your job search that we both share.

2. Brand & Coach
3. We apply for you.
4. Reverse Recruit You

Maybe it's time you take a break while we search for a new job for you.


Managing your job search can save you 200+ hours of time and increase your salary trajectory.

Do you have a branded resume and LinkedIn profile? 

Leadership roles are highly competitive. We carve out your unique brand and value into your marketing collateral (resume, LinkedIn profile, etc.) with an Executive Coach (who understands your level and role) to get you authentically confident. Our executive writing framework was developed by recruiters and marketers.

Do you have a resume that conveys the value you bring to your roles?

Executive Resume Writing

Results Include:
✓Attracts high-quality roles 10X faster because it is well-organized and your value is showcased.
✓Recruiters can easily connect the dots that you are perfect for this role.
✓Gets you authentically confident in your abilities to go for these highly competitive roles by working with an executive coach to pull out your unique value.
✓Linkedin profiles get noticed much more often by recruiters for new roles due to being optimized and branded well.

Justifies higher salaries of $20K - $100K+ (depending on your level).

Why is an authentic personal brand important?
Resume Writing

Presentations-Professional branding

Ultimately, your brand is your legacy. It is the way you are known today and how you will be remembered when you leave.  It reflects who you are, which is more important than what you do. Your legacy is the most realistic representation of how you lived, behaved, and interacted with others, and how they felt about you. We work with all of our clients to build authentic brands!

"More than half of employers won't hire potential candidates without some sort of online presence today." - Career Builder


Need to talk to an executive coach (instead of a sales team member) to carve out a quick job search or career strategy?
Schedule an introductory $49 Strategy (1/2 off) Session for 30 minutes with an Executive Coach. We will send you a strategy roadmap email after.

What Clients Are Saying...
Career5 Reviews

Executive client landed a role in another state, and received a 40% salary increase; 13X ROI from coaching
"Couldn't have done it without you! Your service truly works!"- Chris P., VP of Corporate Strategy

Mid-level client pivoted from a government sciences role into a university role that builds community (her strength) and is back on track with salary within 2 years projected to increase 20% in next 2 years in a job she loves 5 minutes from home; ROI from coaching is priceless.
"It was scary and amazing at the same time, transitioning out of my role and taking a temporary pay cut. But I went from 10 shades of gray to invigorated and I now see my energy and efforts will accelerate my growth 10X."

Executive client who wanted to switch companies to an SVP operations role for career growth; projected to increase salary 25%; 25X ROI from coaching.
"Just checking in to see when the campaign concludes?  I have been trying to stay on top of Linked in to the best of my ability.   I have two really solid leads.   I believe both will result in offers. Thanks!" -Kara P., (Operations Leader).