Authentically Branded Executive Resumes & LinkedIn Development
We help you to define your mission to serve others and pull out your key metrics to attract better roles and justify higher salaries.
Be authentic. Make impact.

Executive Resume Writing + A Brand Strategy Session = An Authentically Branded Resume that Justifies Your Higher Salary


At Career5, we use BOTH level-specific resume writers and executive coaches (if needed) to develop your unique brand on your resumes and build a business case to justify the salary you deserve. Our goal is to brand your value and showcase your proven track record because they truly know how to scaffold you up in your particular role.   It also helps our clients to get authentically clear and confident in their abilities which are needed to confidently interview well and land offers in such a competitive environment.

Just a few of the places our clients have found new roles.
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Do you have a branded resume and LinkedIn profile? 

Leadership roles are highly competitive. We carve out your unique brand and value into your marketing collateral (resume, LinkedIn profile, etc.) with an Executive Coach (who understands your level and role) to get you authentically confident. Our executive writing framework was developed by recruiters and marketers.

Results Include:
✓Attracts high-quality roles 10X faster because it is well-organized and your value is showcased.
✓Recruiters can easily connect the dots that you are perfect for this role.
✓Gets you authentically confident in your abilities to go for these highly competitive roles by working with an executive coach to pull out your unique value.
✓Linkedin profiles get noticed much more often by recruiters for new roles due to being optimized and branded well.

Justifies higher salaries of $20K - $100K+ (depending on your level).

Do you have a resume that conveys the value you bring to your roles?

Executive Resume Writing

Branded Resume & LinkedIn Packages that Stand Out, Convey Your Business Value, and Justify Higher Salaries

Our Branded Resume & LinkedIn Development Services for Mid to C-Level

Attract high-quality roles and justify your highest salary.

BRAND: Executive Resume Writing
We develop and brand your resume & cover letter. Option to add LinkedIn development
Our resume format gets you noticed 10X faster and typically justifies higher salaries of $20K-$100K+ by showcasing your results and value.

guarantee60-Day Interview and Satisfaction Guarantee. See more here.

Executive Resume Writing
See examples here.

MID Level is recommended for salaries from $100K- $200K, EXEC Level $200K+, and C-Level (Extra time is needed to justify high-level salaries).
Pay in 4 interest-free installments starting at $150.03 with ShopPay

Branded Resume & Cover Letter + LinkedIn Development

Package Feature/Comparison


Choose a resume template and color here  (they all have the same framework).
We assign you a level-specific writer (PRO, EXEC, C-LEVEL).
We align and keyword-optimize and align the resume to 1 role so you can apply right away.
We send you a custom video with how to brand your unique value and add metrics.
Jump on a virtual branding session for 30 (PRO), 60 (EXEC), or up to 120 minutes (C-LEVEL) with a level-specific executive coach who asks you high-level questions while working on your resume to enhance it, add metrics, and work with you to authentically find your value.
1 Hour Branding Session w/ Executive Coach

Up to 2 Hours Branding Session w/ Executive Coach
We develop a cover letter within the resume that saves you 1-hour of time for each role to which you apply.
Up to 3 revisions during first 2 weeks.
Receive 1-month access to our Career5 platform with the Rapid Job Search Roadmap to help you cut your search time in 1/2.
Also includes:
Rapid Job Search Strategy– Learn how to cut your job search in 1/2 using our proven strategy

Scripts for Job Search – Thank you emails, networking emails, cover letter examples, and sample phone call scripts.
Alignment Video– We send you a video to show you how to align your new resume to new roles.
✓ Keyword Software – Use our software to keyword optimize for every job.
Receive a choice of a second resume targeted for board member roles or other roles, or an infographic. (For C-Level ELITE package only)
(For C-Level ELITE package only)
For ELITE Packages, we develop your LinkedIn profile by mirroring our work completed on the resume, to your LinkedIn profile (we copy content, keyword-optimize, and ensure you are recruiter-ready).



✓Get clear on the value and results that you bring to companies.
✓Get authentically confident in your abilities.
✓ Get noticed 10X faster.
✓Attract high-quality roles.
✓Justify higher salaries up to $100K+.
✓Become recruiter-ready on your LinkedIn profile to receive more opportunities.

See resume examples here.

Questions about our resume process?
Your resume gets you noticed by hiring managers exponentially faster and typically resides in the top 5% of the pile. 

We build and develop your personally branded marketing communications depending on your package that could include:

  • 6-second glance skimmable resume (2-column resumes are not easily skimmable)
  • Cover letter template with an example that is easy to repurpose for your own use.
  • We give you instructions to copy resume components into your LinkedIn profile so it is recruiter-ready.
    .   executive resumes
    Our Goal: To get you noticed quicker, give you the authentic confidence needed to job search effectively, and get you the salary you deserve. You'll use these metrics and proven track record throughout your entire job search process: networking, interviewing, and salary negotiations. 

See examples here.


Your Brand
Keyword Optimize
Cover Letter
LinkedIn Profile Development
Results & Guarantee

Once you're marketed well...we'll strategically aim you for your targeted roles and salary.downward arrow



We quickly, discretely, and proactively get you in front of the job posting process through the hidden job market using our SEARCH Program©.

The numbers don't lie.
Our research has shown that using our guided Rapid Job Search Program with support along the way has a significant impact on our clients' career and salary trajectories, often paying for the support 3-10X.


Results for Leaders:

  • We coach and pivot along the way to keep you moving forward.
  • We keep you focused on your targeted roles.
  • This program on average saves $30K-$100K+ on lost wages due to ineffective searching.
  • This program helps our clients make $20K-$100K+ on increased salary just in one year, impacting salary trajectories significantly over time.
  • Clients feel supported and don't lose confidence in this competitive process, which is greatly needed to land these roles.
Why is an authentic personal brand important?
Resume Writing

Presentations-Professional branding

Ultimately, your brand is your legacy. It is the way you are known today and how you will be remembered when you leave.  It reflects who you are, which is more important than what you do. Your legacy is the most realistic representation of how you lived, behaved, and interacted with others, and how they felt about you. We work with all of our clients to build authentic brands!

"More than half of employers won't hire potential candidates without some sort of online presence today." - Career Builder


Need to talk to an executive coach (instead of a sales team member) to carve out a quick job search or career strategy?
Schedule an introductory $49 Strategy (1/2 off) Session for 30 minutes with an Executive Coach. We will send you a strategy roadmap email after.

What Clients Are Saying...
Career5 Reviews

Marketed her as a Senior Project Manager to transition to a new role with the title she deserved. Received a 65% salary increase; 80X ROI from branded services and coaching.

"I couldn't believe the traction on my resume. I sent out 40 resumes and got 13 calls for interviews. Before that, I heard almost nothing. I was a bit overwhelmed- a good problem to have. " - Elizabeth B., Senior Project Manager in Tech

Executive client needed a new resume for operations leadership.

"I was so excited about the resume and other links that I completely forgot to respond to your email. Thank you so much for all the work you guys did. My resume looks amazing, and I am very happy with the service you guys provide. The process was awesome from the beginning. You were timely and efficient. The resume looks very modern and professional. You managed to capture my experience in ways I did not even think about. My chat with my coach gave me a new perspective and approach to my career. I am grateful my sister-in-law recommended your company, and I will do the same for anyone looking to re-work their resume. You guys really rock! Have a beautiful week and I will contact you again, should I decide to use more of your services. Thanks again!"-Jose V., Operations Leader

Executive client landed a role in another state, and received a 40% salary increase; 13X ROI from coaching
"Couldn't have done it without you! Your service truly works!"- Chris P., VP of Corporate Strategy

Enterprise sales client needed a new job.

"I just wanted to give you the good news.  I received two job offers back to back.  I accepted the [company] offer and am starting on this monthy!!!  Thank you for all your help along the way.  I couldn't have done it without you.  Hope all is well with you.  Cheers!! -Matt L.

Branded her well and worked toward getting a promotion in title and salary that were well overdue.  Now looking for outside opportunities to keep growth going.

"This is amazing!! Thank you so much! You have helped me gain confidence in my abilities. I’m so thankful!!" - S. Wood., Director of Student Affairs

Branded her at SVP level to transition to her new role with the title she deserved. Received a 30% salary increase; 60X ROI from branded services and coaching.

"In reflecting on this experience it really all came together because of my connecting to you-- thank you. You should know you helped me see my own value and the materials you provided, comments, etc. were amazing - so inspired." - Aria W., SVP of Client Services."