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Job Search Roadmap: Cut Your Search Time in Half

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Job Search Roadmap


How do you cut your search time in half and STILL get the RIGHT job? You focus on 5 key areas that will help you connect and market your value effectively so that you can get better traction, and ultimately more job offers faster:

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  1. growth strategy
  2. authentic  differentiated brand
  3. value alignment
  4. marketing & networking strategy
  5. interview & salary negotiations prep

This course comes with a step-by-step guide to quickly get a job. It includes 6-second glance resume and cover letter templates, marketing funnel examples for job searching, networking email templates and phone scripts, interview behavioral questions, and salary negotiating scripts to use when networking, and job strategy examples.


When finished, you will:

  1. Have clarity and focus on the right opportunities for your growth
  2. Feel confident with your top strengths, drives, and value you want to bring to your work every day.
  3. Be able to market your value effectively and align it  with what an employer needs for a position.
  4. Empower yourself to utilize the best marketing and networking strategies to stand out amongst your competition and get ahead of job postings. You might even have positions developed specifically for you.
  5.  Be able to effectively pitch your value to meet the pain points or vision of a position, and get more job opportunities, as well as negotiate for the salary that you deserve based on data and value.

Ultimately, you will be over half way there to turbo charging your career once you get a job if you continue on with the Career Roadmap.

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