Map Out Your College to Career Path

You no longer need to fear the unknown because when you finish college, you will know exactly:

  • who you are and what strengths, skills, and drives are important to you.
  • what career you will begin and the value you bring to it.
  • how to build a supportive network that will move mountains
  • what key areas you will maintain in order to keep growing your career
  • and how to effectively market yourself and search for work and be "job opportunity ready"

You will be empowered and unstoppable.  This is where your journey begins...

Why is important to plan your college to career path?

We are never taught typically to plan and manage our careers, and though it really isn't rocket science,  there is a bit of a building blocks process to this, somewhat like a business, and it starts from the inside.  That's why we created the Career Roadmap to help plot out your course to your career. As you start working through these steps, you inevitably start building up 5 key areas that help you academically grow and ultimately help you move mountains in your career.


What are the 5 Key Areas?

These 5 key areas actually work in high school, college, and throughout your career: 

  • value alignment
  • growth strategy
  • network
  • differentiated brand
  • leadership abilities 



Roadmapping your path with our coaches using the Career Roadmap©  will help you plot out your direction to have the career you love and the salary you deserve.  Because ultimately, we want to empower you to develop your own path along the way, and not wait for your employer. This is the secret to most people who have successful careers.

Plan Your College to Career Path

Focusing on the 5 key areas, we assess to assure you are picking a major that is a good fit for both your strengths and the job market. Then we map out your path from A-Z to assure you have all the supports to get you there: scholarships, network, branding, resume, LinkedIn profile, etc. (What's in the package?)

Typically saves clients $5-50K on choosing the wrong path and not setting up supports to land the first job after college.

Ultimately the Career 5 Roadmap CMS has 2 tools that keep you on track with your coach throughout the years:

1) Career Roadmap©  and 2)  Job Search Roadmap©.

 The Career Roadmap© helps you plot out your path to your career choice and work through the 5 key areas for support and growth, and when it's time to look for internships or work, you can access the Job Search Roadmap© with your coach.

Ultimately, we make your job search easier when you graduate by focusing on these key areas, to empower you to stand out amongst the crowd.

Our Job Search Roadmap© (included in the Career 5 Roadmap© CMS) combined with coaching will guide you quickly through the steps needed to prepare and look for a job focusing on these 4 key areas below. It even comes with a highly effective marketing funnel plan:
Job Search Marketing Funnel

1) Align your top skills, strengths & drives to the job market to you get the RIGHT job.

Know who you are, what value you bring to the table, and where you want to go and grow so that you can authentically convey with confidence why someone should hire you.  It also acts as the fuel to drive your job search.

2) Develop your superpower (your differentiated brand) and dial in your results statements to justify your salary.

We all have one unique strength that stands out and provides value.  Knowing this will get you the job you want and the salary you deserve. Rehearse them repeatedly, so that you stand out in the interview process amongst the crowd.

3) Get noticed for job opportunities with our unique marketing strategy package.

 It comes with our 6-sec glance resume templates, marketing funnel plan, networking email templates,  phone scripts, and step-by-step guidance through the entire job search process.  

 4) Convey confidence with our interview & salary negotiations video prep software and coaching.

Would you present to a large group of people without rehearsing? Ultimately it's your confidence in your abilities to bring value to your work that will land you a job. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!

Investing in the College to Career Path Package Empowers People to Thrive in College and Careers.  It's the difference between being a "driver" vs. a "passenger" in life.

Career and Salary Trajectories

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