College-to-Career: Rapid Job Search Program© for Graduates

You worked hard to get here! Let's map out your path to quickly get the RIGHT job when you graduate.

You no longer need to fear the unknown because when you finish college, you will know exactly:

  • Who you are and what strengths, skills, and drives are important to you.
  • What career you will begin and the value you bring to it.
  • What key areas you will maintain to keep scaffolding up in your career and salary growth.
  • How to build a supportive and powerful professional network.
  • How to effectively market yourself, search for your first job, and be "job opportunity ready." If you ever lose your job, you will know how to quickly find one.

You will be empowered and unstoppable.

This is where your journey begins...

LAUNCH: Career5 Reverse Recruiting (Job Search Accelerator©) + Coaching

Our goal is to get you the best high-quality role and salary while cutting your search time in 1/2, saving you missed wages,  opportunities, and time in this process.

This package includes all of the following:

✓ Jump on a 30-minute kick-off phone strategy consultation with level-appropriate Career Customer Success Manager or Executive Coach assigned to you. These are highly intelligent people with high levels of education and/or work experience that have been trained on our proven Rapid Job Search Strategy© framework. Our staff prides themself on ensuring your success.
✓ We review your Resume & LinkedIn and make recommendations
✓ Use our resume template to transfer your resume
 and meet with a coach for 15 minutes to get it in great shape.
✓ We set up your entire search (Job Search Tracker) and job alerts and give you a profile on the Career5 Membership Site (Rapid Job Search Strategy Course - see below.)
✓ We show you how to keyword optimize, align your resume, apply, and effectively network out for 1 job opportunity.
✓ We REVERSE RECRUIT for you by curating a list of up to 500 hiring authorities monthly for 2 months based on your criteria and network you out on your behalf through LinkedIn. You have complete control over who we contact.
✓ We prep you for interviews and salary negotiations using our unique consultative strategy so you can land multiple offers and a higher salary!
✓We're there to keep you moving through this process. We check in with you every other week to see your progress via email and jump on quick calls if needed (up to 30 minutes of call time a month).
✓ Add coaching minutes to use during your salary negotiations or purchase our Salary Negotiations Package to fully help you through the salary negotiations process (we data analyze the market, role, experience, signing bonuses, and compensation package, and give you customized scripts based on the value and track record you bring when you are negotiating).
✓ We reevaluate efforts after 2 months to see if we need to renew efforts on a monthly subscription ($499 per month). Most graduates (95%) find jobs within the 2 months).

✓ Cut your job search in 1/2.
✓Proactively target companies vs waiting for recruiters to find you.
✓Land more offers and have the ability to negotiate higher as a result.
✓Negotiate for the best salary you can.



Career Transition, Career & Salary Acceleration, & Radical Change Coaching Programs
We set a goal and cadence together to actualize it using our proven framework.

We use level-specific coaches with higher-level experience.

PIVOT $199 (Session)
Roadmap a New Career Path & Growth Strategy
Don't stall your career & salary trajectory!

 Salary Negotiations+Career5 Platform

Roadmap a New Career & Salary Growth Strategy
Life's going to be so much easier.

 Salary Negotiations+Career5 Platform

We organize your growth on our Career5 Platform® that includes courses & tools plus 1-on-1 Executive Coaching.

We have our SEARCH Program® that includes resume templates, Rapid Job Search Checklist®, our Rapid Job Search Strategy®, interview prep lessons and video rehearsal software, salary negotiation lessons, etc., and if you are stuck, get a personal coaching session.

Our ACCELERATE Career Program® includes our course, Career Roadmap & Accelerated Career Checklist®, an Action Plan to keep you and your coach on track, a Vision Board to help you visualize your success and executive presence, and many extra resources (economic data, salary assessment & networking assessment sites, etc.)



Career5 Platform


Investing in the College-to-Career Path package empowers people to thrive in both their college and career.

It's the difference between being a "driver" vs. a "passenger" in life.

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