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We are a small boutique business where you will have one highly-trained dedicated coach that will EMPOWER you to achieve your AMAZING career goals. You can even try them out with a free 15-minute session offered with our coaching packages.

Let's face it, email coaching sometimes isn't enough when you need individual help to get past the roadblocks. Your career can be one of your greatest growth vehicles and you don't want to hold your career and salary growth back by not getting the help that you need.

That's why we offer affordable coach support options for our self-directed packages.

Two Areas of Expertise at Two Levels

Strategic Coaching (Career & Job Search)

Want to strategize your career or job search efforts? We work with clients to target what they want out of their career, the strengths and values they want to access, and then roadmap the best way to get there.

Personal Brand Marketing Coaching

For those who are consultants or executives who want to build their personal brand and market their value to take their careers to the highest level.

STEP 1: Choose a Service

Find the best coaching option to help you tackle (and overcome) your current career obstacle.

STEP 2: Book a Coach

Explore our top-notch career coaches who provide the service you need. Try us out for one introductory session 1-hour of $99. Build out your plan of action from there.

STEP 3: Get Started!

Meet with your career coach for a session by virtual screen share and/or phone and roadmap your career to its highest level!

"My coach’s insights, strategy suggestions, and thoughtful encouragement were extremely valuable to me as I looked for a new position that represented a significant career shift in the past year. I’m thrilled with the change I was able to make, and very grateful. I wholeheartedly recommend Career5’s coach approach."

Jenny B
-Jennifer B., PhD, Applied Ecologist

Coaching Levels

Career Coaching

For those who are at the beginning to director level who need job search, career transition, or career turbocharging advice.

Executive Coaching

For those how are beyond the director level and need sound executive coaching for leadership roles.

Tara - Career & Job Search Strategy Coach


Tara SkredynskiMeet Tara | Career & Job Marketing Strategy Coach (Executive & Professional)

Tara works to help you realize your strengths, vision, and value – your authentic self. Your Professional Brand is really the top ways you want to bring value to work, and often she either builds a mission around that, or the mission drives your values.  Through this process, she helps you to feel more confident which allows you to apply for and land those high-level opportunities that will build upon your professional legacy.

As an accomplished career development professional with extensive experience in helping people navigate through their career paths, she works with people through career advising, branding, and job search strategies. Her skill set allows her to effectively market candidates for their next up-level career move. Able to easily connect with people, she builds a strong trusting relationship which leads to a powerful and authentic coaching engagement.

Throughout her career, she has taken the time to develop a unique way of connecting with people which allows her to successfully advise on the job search process, resume development, cover letters, interview preparation, and networking. She excels in dynamic environments and has a keen ability to develop highly personalized career strategies and personal assessments. Her extensive experience from various outplacement agencies and her coaching practice have allowed her to assist clients in career outplacement and transition.

Tara has an M.A. in Psychology and in her spare time, she enjoys all that Colorado has to offer with her son and husband.

Aimee - Career & Job Search Strategy Coaching

We've listened to what you need...

Meet with your career coach

We are dedicated to making this process easyaffordable, accessible, and effective by:

  • Dedicating one highly-qualified coach that you get to know well through your process. You can always change if it is not a good fit.
  • Offering it virtually using our platform, phone (if preferred), and screen sharing. No wasted time driving to appointments. Set up early morning sessions in your pajamas if you want.
  • Offering affordable hourly and 30-minute rates. Pay only for what you need. By keeping our overhead down with no large office space, and working virtually, we can keep our rates affordable.
  • By keeping your efforts organized and moving you forward towards your goal faster due to our hybrid Career5 Roadmap® platform that comes with an Action Plan and hours of coaching videos to assist you in your needs along the way cutting coaching time in half.

Career Strategic Plan

Career5's coaches are highly trained individuals who help empower our clients to reach their goals and break down roadblocks wherever needed.