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"Thanks - I would never get this done on my own!  You really are excellent at what you do. " Sharon R, Program Director for Education (Marketed her unique humorous personality to attract better educational program roles.)

"I agree with you. It is perfect because of you. Respectfully, Terri K." Technical Program Manager/Environmental Engineer for Federal/Government (Built a resume that reflected her amazing abilities.)

"Thank you for checking back. I have accepted a position with a commercial staffing company with large growth potential. I appreciate all that you have done for me. Your system and advice truly work." - Matt K., Business Development and VP of Operations (Had been out of work for 6+ months and found work within 1 month of remarketing him.)

"I wanted to let you know I got a job!! It's literally perfect... it's not the bridal dress designer (although they want me now)...it's a remote position that has a high salary and signing bonus!! Thank you so so much for your help with my resume!! They said they hired me because of "my fire" in my resume!" - Minaz K., Director of Marketing (Found high-level role after remarketing her amazing global experience.)

"Thank you so much for your services - everything looks great!  Excited to send these to recruiters and see what results I get. Overall experience was great and very smooth.  Love the template and style of the resume.  Thanks again for your help!"-Michael N., Director of Marketing (Marketed for growth role and higher salary.)

"The set looks awesome. You guys did a great job.  I have been very impressed with the experience and the final product.  You have been flexible, consultative, and overall accommodating to get me in the best position possible. Looking forward to getting this out on the market. It's a much better representation of me. Thank you!!!!!" - Aaron H. VP of Strategy

"I wanted to tell you how grateful I am for your service - I have had 15 requests for interviews, including companies like Twilio, Cognizant, and Google. I left you a glowing review on LinkedIn (as you so clearly deserve) and will be doing one for Google this week. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your amazing skills! I will absolutely be a return customer when the time comes to find my next challenge. :)"- Beth B., Senior Product/Project Manager

"My coach's insights, strategy suggestions, and thoughtful encouragement were extremely valuable to me as I looked for a new position that represented a significant career shift in the past year. I'm thrilled with the change I was able to make, and very grateful. I wholeheartedly recommend Career5's approach, which combines extensive experience and broad principles with a very individualized focus on specific career- and life decisions for each person advised." - Jennifer B., PhD Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology

"Career5 has been instrumental in the process of defining/implementing a strategy to set me on my way in the desired career path via the Career5 Roadmap. The approach is simple yet intuitive, and provides a wealth of resources that harness some of the more daunting aspects of aligning your career and life goals. There is a genuine sense that Aimee cares about her clients, and has the educational/professional background to be a legitimate resource. Thank you, Aimee!" - John K., Geospecialist

"My coach has made innumerable valuable contributions to my small business - teaching me how to better promote my work, and better articulate my skills. You will be working with an intelligent, motivated, and very personable professional when you hire a coach from Career5." - Kate R., Project Manager, Jewelry Design Business Owner

"In reflecting on this experience it really all came together because of my connecting to you-- thank you. You should know you helped me see my own value and the materials you provided, comments, etc. were amazing - so inspired..." - Aria W., SVP of Client Services

"Landed interviews with Amazon and Nordstrom already!" - Lyca S., Senior Program Manager

"I'm reaching out to you as I received a LinkedIn message on Monday from the Chief Executive Officer at an aviation software company. He asked me to call him. I followed up with a message requesting the subject of the call so I could be prepared and he indicated he may have some remote work for me! WOW! I seriously did not think people were actually contacted on LinkedIn for jobs!" - AnnMarie G., Operations Management

"Career5 and the coaches here have been amazing for me. After 18 years as a Senior IT Manager, I was ready for a change. Career5's method helped me get closer to my purpose and open my mind to new and different possibilities. My coach was able to listen and provide amazing suggestions based on your personal situation (needs, wants, and responsibilities). Whether you are loving your job, need a new job in the same field, or clueless and looking for a career change (like me), Career5's tools and coaching can help you find your true purpose and get you on your way to a solid career path." - Federico F., Realtor

"The Career5 framework is a truly unique and comprehensive career management tool. It helped me align my personal values with my career ambitions, and gave me the resources and information I needed to define and pursue my future career path. Aimee is also the best career coach I've ever had. Her knowledge of the job market and the resources she provided to me were invaluable, as her desire to help people advance in their careers infectious." - Greg H., Sales Director, GIS

"Aimee is a sincere, genuine person that has both a passion and a mission to help people improve their lives and careers. I can tell that she worked really hard on her Career5 system, and that work has paid off. She really helped me get over feeling stuck in my career and gave me both the tools and the confidence I needed to get into something I love (which basically felt impossible to me at that point). It's taken hard work, but that labor is paying off. I'm so grateful I decided to work with Aimee; it's done much more for me than just help with work-related issues. I feel like I understand myself better and the value I bring to others. It's an amazing feeling and something that's really important for everyone to understand." - Ethan R., Marketing/Brand CEO

"Career5 was just what I needed to help push myself forward in uncovering the type of work that would fulfill my needs and align with my lifestyle, and the coaching I received helped me to dig deeper to discover insights that I wouldn't have found on my own. Going through the Career5 program helped me to develop an action plan and roadmap to fit my timeline and keep me on track in a strategic manner, rather than just moving wherever the wind blew me. Coaching makes the process fun, with gentle nudges, offering invaluable advice that also helped get me excited about new opportunities.  I am now working in my new career path and I love it! I would use the Career5 method each and every time I needed to explore new paths! Thanks Career5!" - Suzie L., Project Manager

"My coach was able to provide focus and direction to my career search. The tools are helpful for aligning your strengths and interests, so that you can identify a career where you will be successful. Her one-on-one meetings provided some good coaching for interviews and challenged me to think in broader terms regarding what is possible and how I can apply myself. Aimee can help you get unstuck, and allow you to take advantage of the latest resume formats to get noticed." - Andrew F., Consulting Group Brand Manager

"Career5 is a unique blend of coaching and career management utilizing a unique platform that helped me transition from my former Chief Operating Officer position into my Business & Hospitality Consulting business. My coach's techniques were extremely helpful and insightful when I was creating my business vision, strategic plan and targets. Career5 held me personally accountable and ultimately was a key tool to the success of my new business venture. THANK YOU! I could not have transitioned so smoothly without your guidance and the software assistance!" - Tim S., COO in Aspen, CO

(Resume/LinkedIn Package)

"LOVE it!! Everything looks and reads not only extremely professional, but also creatively unique. It POPS and makes me look awesome!  (The Red Rocks background is soooo sharp and cool!).

Thank you both from the bottom of my heart for your work and dedication to telling my story in a very captivating way. Can't wait to get started with these materials!" - Jason C., COO in Denver, CO

(Resume/LinkedIn Package)

"Thank you so much! I've begun applying for jobs, and I am feeling very confident about my resume and the cover letter! I may want to touch base with you at a certain point in the coming weeks for coaching, but for now I am very happy. 🙂 Thank you so much for your hard work on this!" - Bryan D., Director of Sales

(Resume/LinkedIn Package)

"I wanted you to know that I used the base resume that you helped me prepare, when applying to the {company} position. They commented that my resume stood out from the competition, and that they liked the quotes. I made it to the final 10 and hope to close the deal.  Thank you again for your coaching, it continues to pay dividends."  (2 years after resume development) - Andrew F. , Program Director

(Resume/LinkedIn Package)

"Thanks so much!  The entire process has been great, really happy with the final product.  I'll definitely be recommending to anyone I know that's going through the job search process."-Mike Z., National Director of Recruiting


(EXPEDITE Package)

"I’ve decided to take a position.  Thank you for all your help and I will certainly continue to recommend you!" -Kara P, VP of Ops, Staffing


(EXPEDITE Package)

"I forgot to let you know that I did accept an Executive Director role in Strategic Development with a health plan.  It's not perfect, but this market is difficult and the salary is fair and I am so happy to be working!  AND, you were a big part of it.  I got this job from the reverse recruiting outreach you set up, so I didn't have to apply for it, which was really, really nice and easy. Thanks again for all your help, support and encouragement.  I wish you the best!"
" -Julia H. Healthcare & Technology Leader


(EXPEDITE Package- In Progress)

"Thank you so much! The campaign led to two job opportunities. I had an interview for the Globalization Technical Project Manager position last Friday and am waiting for the result. There's another potential interview opportunity on the horizon with Hyatt."-J. Lee, Localization Engineer