Catapult Your Career & Salary Trajectories to a Whole New Level

Catapult Your Career

Make Your Time at Work Count!

Working harder is not the same as working smarter…and being busy does not mean you’re being productive.  So with a little bit of forethought, we can hone in on the areas of your work that will bring you the most reward– because why not?  If you could work the same amount of time, maybe even less, and see greater results like a higher salary, more free time, happy supervisors…wouldn’t you want that? So we are going to focus on your KPIs…the KPIs in your work, and the KPIs for your career and salary growth.

Job and Career Growth Analysis

We’ll Drive the Decisions Based on Data

Career 5 conducts a Job & Growth Analysis Report of your position based on salary, job market, industry, and economic forecast data, which will allow us to make accurate decisions of what salary you should be commanding, what skills we want to enhance,  and how we are going to grow your value.

Target an End Goal of Creating Your Definition of a Success Worklife 

What brings you peace and empowerment in your life and work?  The goal of this package is to create a scenario that gets you there.  So if you need a little more money to breathe, but a little more balance in your time, let’s focus on the top efforts that bring you the most return. With a little forethought, data, and drive, you can create a work-life that you truly enjoy!

Ways We Can Work with You

Let’s review and strategize your position and determine career KPIs and where to focus your efforts to see some real growth!
  • StrategyCoaching via Skype/Phone 30-min or 1-hr increments. 
  • We are with you every step of the way to make sure you are truly meeting your goals.  A heavy focus will be on determined KPIs based on where you want your career to grow.
  • My Job Search Roadmap, My Career Roadmap & My Career Strategic Plan with “how to” videos.
    Career 5 Roadmap

  • Job and Career Growth Analysis Report- The data needed to make an informed choice!

    Job and Career Growth Analysis

  • Career 5 Roadmap® Platform with Action Plan, free resume templates, vision board, job board, job resources, and labor market info . Tour Our Platform
    Resume Templates  
  • Results can include the exponential increase of your career and salary trajectories, with annual salary gain of $10k+.

Look for Ways to Increase Your Value and Salary

If we can tap into your innate strengths and drives and align them with data and the best places where you can provide value at work- then there is synergy and you will see true traction. We can strategize and target the best places to provide value to your employer based on that synergy.  That is where the magic happens because it comes from a place of authenticity.

Results Our Clients Have Seen Include:


Purchasing the Career Catapult Package will exponentially improve your career, salary, and happiness trajectories.