Map Out a Career Choice

Map Out a New Path (Career Transitioners and Graduates)

Choose and Map Out a New Career Choice So You Can Access Your Talents Daily!

Making a career choice can be a somewhat agonizing decision because of the many factors that come into play.  When you spend over half of your waking hours at work, you want to make sure that you make the right choice.  That's why we are here with you through the entire process of making a career choice, strategizing & mapping out your steps, and actualizing your career change.


(This package is for anyone who needs to map out their career choice and will be customized based on your needs.)



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Jobs change rapidly and the "jobs of tomorrow" are not even around yet today, so it's important to start looking at your career more as a journey and focus on your skills and strengths that can translate to different opportunities.

This means that you can make an informed choice about what realm you want to work in, determine the skills and strengths you gravitate toward, and carve out a path that gets you in a career that excites you. In ten or twenty years, you might want to grow in a new direction and flex a different type of intellectual muscle.

Typically for our clients, this package saves hours, days, weeks, and months of time agonizing over a career choice by working with aligning strengths and talents with interests and drives, combined with market research to help sift out the right career based on an informed choice.

Here is how Career5 works with clients to help make new career choices:
(for new career goers, transitioners, or encore careers )

 1) Take our YouScience® Assessment.

Let's get you on the right track, learn your skills, cognitive abilities, and the careers that are a good fit.

 2) Determine your key strengths, interests, leadership traits you gravitate toward, and what is meaningful to you so we can align it for job market fit!

By discovering more about who you are, we can more accurately sift out and align what you want out of your career to the current job marketplace.

 3) Research what careers are important to you and work through our Career Choice Sifter©

Through the internet, LinkedIn, job boards, and speaking with others, we can sift down careers you are leaning toward.

 4) Conduct an ROI (return on investment) of a career choice based on costs.

Costs matter when making a career choice, and it is best to make an informed choice by weighing a 10-yr projected income of your career choice.

 5) Conduct an ROI of a career choice based on happiness.

Money isn't everything, and sometimes sanity and an inner calling in an area where you need to grow-may be more important.

 6) Make a career choice and strategize your path.

Sift through the best career choice with your coach and strategize your path of how you will get there.

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Coaching helps you sift through what you REALLY want out of your career.

By working with a coach, you can dive deep into what you want to carve out of your career. The world is a different place now. You will not be at the same job for decades. By making your career a journey, a little clarity, forethought, & intention can make your work meaningful and rewarding.

You Science Assessment
You'll LOVE the YouScience® Assessment!

It is a game changer! It not only tests for personality traits and strengths but also runs a series of cognitive ability tests so that the career choices recommended for our clients are much more accurate.

  • Make an informed career choice by sifting through what you truly want out of your career!
  • Career Strategy Coaching (Skype/Phone-30-min or 1-hr increments). Customize a solution with your coach and work towards your goals.
  • YouScience® Assessment
    You Science Assessment
  • Work through My Career Roadmap with coach utilizing the career choice section and mapping out strategy.
    Career5 Roadmap
  • Job and Career Growth Reports- Get data on your position, salary, labor market, and economic forecast to make informed decisions.
    Job and Career Growth Analysis
  • My Job Search Roadmap, My Career Roadmap & My Career Strategic Plan with “how to” videos.
  • Career5 Roadmap® Platform with Action Plan, free resume templates, My Vision Board, job boards, job resources, and labor market info. Tour Our Platform
    Resume Templates     

 does this work? It's super easy: Purchase the Career Choice Package with coaching or go self-directed.

Purchase your package and set up your first meeting with your coach, who will help you strategize your next steps to get started.

Sneak a peek at our Career5 Roadmap Platform and How it Works!

"It was a difficult decision to transfer over to a new career field, but my graduate degree was almost finished, I knew I could transfer some of my old skills to my new field, but I just needed the extra coaching support, job market intel, and a clear strategy that Career5 provided for me."

-Greg Hall