Map Out a New Path to Build Your Legacy.

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Choose and Map Out a New Career Choice So You Can Access Your Talents Daily.

It is sometimes muddy, even agonizing, to make a new career choice or map out a new phase of your career legacy because many layers and factors come into play. We are here with you through the entire process of making your next choice, strategizing & mapping out your steps, and actualizing your career change, using our Career5 Roadmap Platform®.




Are you on track with your career or do you need to pivot? Let us help you get reacquainted with what matters.

Sometimes a position just goes "south" and we need clarity on who we are and the value we want to bring to our work.

That's when taking the time you need to clarify, pivot...even heal from a bad situation...can really be vital to moving forward. We take the time with you to sift out what you want in the next opportunity.

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The Job Market is Changing Rapidly

The job market moves so much quicker today and the "jobs of tomorrow" are not even around yet, so it's important to start looking at your career more as a journey and focus on your skills and strengths that can translate to different opportunities.

Typically for our clients, this package saves hours, days, weeks, and months agonizing over a career choice by working with aligning strengths and talents with interests and drives, combined with market research to help sift out the right career based on an informed choice.



Let us roadmap your way to your new career path using our Career Sifter©!

Career5 Platform


1) Assessments (if needed) - Take our YouScience® or Gallup CliftonStrengths®Assessments (additional charge) or 2 free assessments (no charge).

Let's get some data behind this to get you on the right track, learn what skills you intuitively access and/or want to grow, understand your cognitive abilities, and find the careers that are a good fit for these.

2) Determine your key strengths, interests, leadership traits you gravitate toward, and what is meaningful to you so we can align it to new roles for the RIGHT job market fit.

By discovering more about who you are, we can more accurately sift out and align what you want out of your career to the current job marketplace.

3) We help you determine what are your career logistics and rank possible career choices based on these needs.

Deciding your next career path can feel confusing and daunting often because there is a conflict between what you logistically need from your career and what you would love to do.

We focus on what you need from your career such as salary, number of hours a week, amount of travel, mission-based or meaningful work, in-person vs remote work, etc. vs your top strengths you want to access. We then can find the middle path between where you excel and what you logistically need to be happy and fulfilled in your work. That's where we mirror back to you the "hidden sweet spot". We find most people can determine this within a 1-hour session because the answer is already there- they just needed to sift through these two layers to drill down to something that can be actualized.

4) Make a career choice and strategize your path.

Sift through the best career choice with your coach and strategize your path of how you will get there.


Find your dream job


"Find your dream job," is a cliche term that is often based on hope and not always rooted in reality. We're not saying you can't find your dream job. We are saying that you might have to scaffold up in education or work experience to get there and we can help you map this out. It might take 2xs as long if you have to do it as you working full time but we can help you map it out.

Or we can help you find a middle path if you don't currently have the resources to get you there. The "dream job" is accessing what is most important to you in a job that will logistically work for where you are at this moment. There is always more than 1 option to access your strengths and honor your work-life logistics.



From Chiropractor to Data Analytics. Took 6-10 months of a boot camp, networking, and traction right away; 10X ROI from coaching


My data analytics boot camp doesn't end for another couple of weeks, but the spouse of one of my contacts is the director of analytics at a nonprofit, and he was looking for someone to join his team. The job is part data, part liaison with the clinical staff, so the fact that I speak both languages [as a former chiropractor] helped me get the job offer this week. I'm so excited! Talking to you was a huge and necessary step at the beginning of this path... To be honest, at the time, I thought changing careers might be a ridiculous notion. But you had me take that YouScience test and encouraged me to start thinking differently, and I really appreciate it. -Gratefully, Mike D."

Client on Computer
Coaching helps you sift through what you REALLY want out of your career.

By working with a coach, you can dive deep into what you want to carve out of your career. The world is a different place now. You will not be at the same job for decades. By making your career a journey, a little clarity, forethought, & intention can make your work meaningful and rewarding.





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