Job Search Launch

Job Searching Can Be Time-Consuming and Stressful.
Let us save you valuable time by applying and networking for jobs for you (10+10+10)!

Man on ComputerWe Lay the Groundwork and You Continue with the Networking Efforts!  

Applying and networking for work can be extremely time-consuming and stressful. If you are out of work, getting up to speed with this can cost you thousands of dollars in loss of wages.  We wanted to offer an affordable service that launches your job search efforts effectively and efficiently- and often our clients get jobs right away just based on this package.

We launch your process by applying to jobs, reaching out to hiring managers or recruiters for these jobs via email or inmail, and then targeting companies and hiring managers to network for job opportunities- all on YOUR BEHALF/ in your name/email address, etc. and then you continue making efforts to connect.

The Hidden Costs to You of Using Recruiters
Save 5-15K+

RecruiterRecruiters can be an additional asset in your back pocket when needed, but there is also a cost to you in the process. Sometimes companies use them because they just don’t have the time, so when you apply, you are actually applying to the recruiter.

Since we are not recruiters, hiring managers like our service because we don’t take 5-20% commission off of your salary upon hiring. You have greater leverage with salary negotiations, and a better chance of the getting job YOU want versus one that a recruiter wants YOU to have.  

Plus, when using a recruiter, you have to justify to the hiring managers why they want to pay the extra cost of hiring you versus someone else, and when onboarding your job, there will be the extra pressure of proving your worth.

Out of Work? Carve out some real YOU TIME while you have it – by letting us job search on your behalf!

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We highly recommend you utilize both our Job Search Jumpstart and Launch programs if purchased together so we take care of your efforts from start to finish with your resume, cover letter, Linkedin profile development, optimization and posting, and then, fully launch your job search and networking efforts.

This is a far better option than relying on recruiters (which may hurt your salary negotiations process) or going through the painstaking process of job searching alone.

Plus we get the ball rolling, so that if you still haven’t found the right opportunity yet after launching your job search, then you are easily set up to continue on the efforts on your own, or just purchase another launch package to keep your job search efforts going.

Coaching Package

How it works:
1) Meet with your designated account manager to customize and organize efforts.

  • Jump on the phone with a coach to strategize efforts.
  • Send us your resume, CL, & LinkedIn so we can review and make recommendations.
  • Set up your email so that all communications that we send out are coming from and go to your email address.
  • Fill out a short form.
  • Designate search criteria in Job Tracker where we organize all efforts.
    Job Search Tracker

2) We post, apply and network on your behalf (10+10+10)

  • We post your resume on all the necessary job boards and recruiters (reach over 1,000 recruiters).
    Post Resume
  • You designate jobs and companies that you want us to apply for you on your behalf.
  • We scan your resume and cover letter against EVERY job and job description using our software, then optimized with keywords until a high score is reached.
  • We research company info and hiring managers to gather info for your cover letter.
  • We craft your cover letter that you approve. You approve the first cover letter and any that typically don’t fit into your typical realm of experience.
  • We apply for 10 job opportunities.
  • Send 10 first-touch emails to hiring managers for these jobs when applicable. We call companies for names!
  • We network out to 10 hiring managers from different companies to look for new job opportunities, targeting your  A, B, & C list companies and professional organizations if applicable.

Apply for jobs

 3) You respond to interested parties.

Any communication from that point on is handled by you.  For many of our clients, this can often be enough effort to land a job opportunity.  If not, another package can be purchased.

We are still MUCH MORE affordable than recruiters, which gives you better leverage for salary and benefits negotiating and more control over the jobs that are a better fit for you!

We also can also develop, optimize and post your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile with our Job Search Jumpstart Package. 

Purchasing the Job Search Launch package will greatly speed up the process of getting the job that you desire! Purchase with our Job Search Jumpstart and we will take care of the entire process for you!