Career5 Roadmap Courses

Since we want every person to have the opportunity to take his/her career to the highest level, anyone who purchases the Career 5 Video Course Library as a stand-alone package will have access to all courses along with the Career 5 Roadmap Platform™.  

Sneak a Peak at What’s Inside These Courses

 We stand behind our coaching and courses.  Results in 30 days or your money back guaranteed.Our Guarantee

You will have access to the following:  

 1) Your resume, cover letter, and Linkedin profile will be reviewed and scanned for optimization and you will receive recommendation reports.

 2) Roadmap out your plan (utilize our roadmap to help keep you on track).

Utilize My Job Search Roadmap, My Career Roadmap, and My Career Strategic Plan which brings in the most important aspects of your map to the front
Career 5 Roadmap

 3) Assess your strengths and interests.

YouScience Assessment
You Science Assessment

 4) Take Action!

My Action Plan gives you a place to organize and track your efforts

 5) Visualize where you want to go!

My Vision Board– a fun place to visualize where you are going

 6) Be part of our community and resources.

Join the Career 5 Tribe forumFree resume and cover letter templates, job boards, and many useful resources are available for you,.
Resume Templates

 You can purchase a coach session along the way if needed. (Most coaching packages come with the platform deeply discounted.) If you purchased the Career 5 Video Course Library, you have the option of purchasing a one-month subscription to this software for $69 by clicking here.
Big Interview

Purchasing the Career 5 Video Course Library  will exponentially improve your ability to map out a new career choice, design and fast-track your career, and land and negotiate for a salary you are worth. At $18 a month, isn’t that worth it?