You deserve to utilize your strengths and talents to get the most out of your work-life.

As a career strategist and marketer of human strengths and values, I’ve dedicated my work-life to helping others thrive. If I had a bumper sticker, it would read: “Better humans- better planet”, because every person deserves to realize their potential and thrive…and when societies are thriving, we can get past that bottom rung of Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs, we take better care of others, and ultimately we take better care of this planet.  

My family is an array of high school and college graduates, sprinkled with some ivy-leaguers giving me a unique perspective as to the differences between these worlds and upbringings. Those who utilized career, executive coaching, or mentors, as well as strategized and managed their careers with meaning and intention saw their dreams come to fruition (some in extraordinary ways), and often were the ones that taught their kids to strategize and manage their careers as well.

But think about it…most of us in school were never taught to grow our careers…just to immediately go out and get a job.  Though our careers, if strategized well, can be one of our greatest personal and financial growth vehicles…a rare 2-for-1.  

Why is this important? Because we spend half of our waking hours at our jobs and if we are unhappy, even miserable, with no purpose or meaning in our work, the mental and physical toll it can take on our lives and our loved ones can be debilitating and sometimes devastating.

Suicide is on the rise for males between 45-64. Wealth and riches are not enough to bring happiness, as research has repeatedly conveyed. I have traveled globally and have seen the difference in people that bring purpose and value into their work. Their lives are rich, no matter what level of salary they bring home… no matter what career they have. The importance of threading meaning into one’s work can be the difference between life and death sometimes. Nietzsche said once, “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.”

I started this company because life is far from perfect, but at least in this country, and many others, we have the opportunity to change our career trajectories. We have the opportunity to make a difference with our strengths, drives and, talents. By tapping into our underlying drives, especially, we will get more traction in our work.

I wanted to help my clients get there faster and more effectively,  and make it easier to look for new opportunities or job search when needed. I  wanted to make it accessible to all by offering different levels of affordability. I also realized that there needed to be a system to help people get there… a way to help them sift through their drives, motivations, and what was important so that they could map out their paths from A-Z to stay on track, which is why we developed a career management platform called the Career5 Roadmap© .

Two years were spent on researching, creating, testing, listening to users, and iterating the Career5 Roadmap© methodology and developing the first career management platform so that our clients had a better way to get what they wanted out of their careers. Watching them get clarity through the roadmap combined with coaching has helped them to quickly and economically get on the right road, and has been amazing to witness. There are so many people out there with drive and amazing strengths just waiting to be discovered.  

I want you to experience this. I want you to thrive and use your strengths and talents because we will ALL be better off for it. All I ask from you is that you “take the wheel” and OWN your career journey. You individually need to cultivate your own growth and forge your own path, because no one will ever hand you your dreams.  It’s a concept that when embraced, can be so empowering.  

When you are on the right path for you, utilizing your talents and strengths in a meaningful way, you will be surprised by how much support you will get. Your positive energy and spark will shine through and you will begin to feel more energetic and be able to give back more. Seeing it in my clients is, by far, the BEST part of my job.

So let us at Career5, support you through your journey. My mission is to create a supportive site that, combined with coaching, can help guide people to a place where they can really use their strengths and talents. The Career5 site provides a:

  • supportive “tribe” (Career5 Tribe-forum and coaching)
  • guided method of keeping you on track with your goals (Career5 Roadmap- a career management platform where you develop your career strategic plan) using up-to-date research methods and tools
  • solid strategy to help you find jobs quickly using the latest tools and trends
  • “go-to” place to keep you up-to-date with economic and labor market information so you can “batten down the hatches” when skies are stormy, and stay relevant in your job

So, please,  let me know how I can make this site better, improve your experience, and keep this positive mojo going. Your feedback is always appreciated, and your support through positive reviews (if we have helped you) will help spread the word so that others can empower themselves.

Best to you,

Aimee Marcelo
Career Strategist and Founder of Career5