Accelerated Networking

Our Accelerated Networking® will save you weeks of time in your job search. 

Accelerate Your Networking


Research says that 85% of jobs come from networking, and we have definitely witnessed this at Career5 over the years.

However, networking out often takes a while to make traction. That's why Career5 has developed the Accelerated Networking service to quickly get your name out to hundreds of hiring authorities within you industry and specific area of expertise within a week to quickly get you on informational calls and interviews that lead to the unposted jobs.

In the pandemic, we have seen clients make great traction with this!

Tim"Hello.  I think we can put a hold on the emails. The response has been great. I have 7 interviews lined up just within 2 days! Thank you.  I will let you know if we need more."-Tim A., Business Development Director in Logistics.

How it Works

  1. Network out for youPurchase our package and fill out a quick discovery form.
  2. Send us your resume if we do not already have it.
  3. Jump on a call with us so we can target companies and people and work out your scripts.
  4. We go to work making networking connections on your behalf via email or LinkedIn that ask hiring authorities (your future direct report, talent managers, and recruiters) at your target companies and industry.
  5. You answer emails and LinkedIn inmails and ask for advice, information on getting jobs, and see if you can fill a need for a position.

This is a great pandemic job search method. Results include:

We save between 2-12 weeks of networking
Networking gets 85% of jobs.
We fill your network with high quality connections

Accelerated Networking®

We network you for 300+ hiring authorities at your targeted company using your approved scripts saving you weeks/months of time to get ahead of the job posting process.

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