With our Career Accelerator (Impact & Income) Program®, we fast-track your growth using a 5-step framework.

People can fall into 1 or all 3 of these categories but the goal is to leverage your abilities and earn $15K-$50K+ more annually.

The Eternal Intrapreneur

Make money like an entrepreneur without the headaches. Generate new business, products, or revenue growth for companies and get paid based on value (not average market rate). 

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The Eventual Entrepreneur

Gain experience first, then start a business. You get free "How to Run Your Business" knowledge as you gain experience at a company that knows how to run a business, so you're prepared when starting your own company.

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The Subject Matter Expert (SME) 

You are the SME, key researcher, industry guru, or a thought leader. You are sought out by others in your arena for knowledge, be on committees, and give presentations. You are a desirable candidate in which companies will pay extra because your expertise brings clout to companies.

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No matter what stage you are in your career, you can "scale up" and have an amazing career by investing enough forethought, time, and focus to design and create a career path with an actionable plan.



This is our main goal here at Career5. We want to help you make the most of your strengths and talents and to support you in driving your career with intention and meaning. 

Become the "driver" of your career instead of a "passenger". 

When you think of your career as your personal business - YOU, Inc... it's a game-changer because you're thinking like an entrepreneur.

You are no longer waiting for a promotion, to be recognized for your efforts, or to be paid what you are worth because you know these rules no longer apply to your way of thinking. You set yourself up to make opportunities continuously arise for you. 

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Typically for our clients, this package has improved career and salary trajectories by $5-10K+ annually by utilizing fast-track efforts for growth... as well as increased happiness, work-life balance, and personal growth due to carving out the right career path for them.




Career CoachingCareer Accelerator (Impact & Income) Program©

We focus on 5 well-researched areas to onboard you effectively to new roles and ensure your career and salary trajectory takeoff exponentially. Just a $99  monthly subscription. Cancel anytime.

This 12-month program ensures maintaining your new role as well as standing out quickly as a viable candidate for new ones.  Meet with your level-specific assigned coach every month to strategize, learn, and be held accountable for their goals via a 30-minutes.

1. Growth Goals & Mindset

  • Think like a consultant and set your career vision.
  • Create impactful goals that move the needle in your role.
  • Organize for it, and own the mindset needed to be successful.
  • The perks will be endless.

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2. Authentic Brand & Executive Presence

  • Define your mission, value, proven track record, create your bio, LinkedIn, resume, & any relevant social media needed to coney who you are as a leader, intrapreneur, and/or subject matter expert.
  • Dial-in your personal image and communication style that befits a leader or subject matter expert.

3. Partnerships & Networking

  • We will set up your strategic network to ensure your growth is always supported and you support the growth of others. 
  • We will give key examples of how to leverage your network and build partnerships to expand out on endless opportunities.

4. Strategic Monetization

  • Your job is to help your company grow (i.e., new opportunities, revenue optimization/generation, positive brand awareness, etc.) and in return, you get paid a value-based salary. 
  • We act as an incubator to help you discover new opportunities as an intrapreneur so you can earn money beyond your salary.

5. Leadership & Business Acumen

  • Hone in on your authentic leadership style to be able to bring high-impact teams together and innovate. 
  • Learn key business models and change management concepts.
  • Choose your sources to continuously learn new business concepts.

Non-profit executive client landed a role and received a 20% salary increase; 18X ROI from coaching

"I did not even realize how important it was to track my results from the projects and grant money I brought in annually. I was bringing exponentially more in than my colleagues but did not realize that I could negotiate a higher salary based on this. Career5 provided reports, and we strategized efforts to increase my salary by 20% that year based on this value. I was able to travel more and breathe easier with this salary. It also brought unexpected side effects like job security, outside opportunities, and confidence in my ability to provide because I now know how to grow this aspect of my career." - Lisa A. 

It's recommended that you look for a higher position every 2 years.

Yes, Ladders came out with a study about this that shows if workers stay within a company for longer than two years, over time they will get paid 50% less vs. looking for a new position. You have to stay on top of your growth... much like growing your own business.

You and your assigned executive coach will assess your current situation, set a strategy on your profile on our platform with an action plan to keep you on task so that you reach your goal by the end of the year.

-You will create an action plan and goals for yourself to ensure you are in the right mindset and on the right track to vastly improve your career and salary trajectory in the next 2 years by $15K-50K+ to make an impact BOTH for your professional and personal life.

-You will develop a solid professional brand and vision of where you are going that will ensure you are always job opportunity ready.
-You have greater confidence due to the in-depth process.
-You will be able to lead high-impact teams and communicate effectively.
-You will be able to time manage and prioritize to maintain your work-life balance.
-You will gain a greater understanding of business models and the acumen needed to save/make money, and innovate for your industry.
-You will build your executive presence in your specific role and understand the different types of presence at a different level.
-You will be able to align yourself to your next role and ensure you earn a value-based (vs market rate salary) and understand how to negotiate to the ceiling level of your earning potential (making you 10-20+% more in the first year).
-You will understand what is needed to reach your long-term vision of your career.

Get started today with the Income & Impact Accelerator Program. Cancel anytime.

Your career is one of your biggest financial and personal growth vehicles. Make it count!