Why Career5?

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Career5 is an online hub that also offers services when needed. Our mission is to inspire and empower people from around the world to turn their ideas into a reality, build wildly successful careers as an intrapreneur without the stress of owning a business.

We believe that every single one of us has the ability to achieve incredible things and life is too short to waste the opportunity to make it happen.

However, sometimes the intrapreneurial journey can be challenging.




Why is your career so important? 

Aimee MarceloAs humans, we are meant to grow.

Your career is one of your greatest financial and personal growth vehicles. If strategized well, it can make the difference between an impactful and deeply fulfilled life or one of drudgery, depression, and continuous challenges. Be the Driver and not the Passenger of your career.

My Story

I started Career5 for 2 personal reasons:

1) No one in my family had graduated from college except for my sister and I, so navigating through my college and career growth had been a bit of a challenge and I wanted to make that easier for others.

2) My husband sadly ended his life after his company went bankrupt and he lost his purpose in life. And when this happened, I heard of so many other people with similar stories. Suicide is on the rise for younger and older men. Without purpose, life can feel meaningless.

Your work is NOT your life...your job is NOT who you are. It can, however, be a fantastic growth vehicle on this journey of your career and life. So let's treat it as such- an excellent growth vehicle-both personally and financially.  If you fail, which you most likely will at some point-just treat it like a car breaking down and find a different and better car.  It happens.

If your career is taking over your personal happiness, your life, your relationships... find another path/career. Life is too short.

Think like a consultant at work from this point forward.

We have a choice every day to let happenstance take over our work and home lives or to drive it with meaning and intention. Being the driver of your career means treating it like a business and using a consultative mindset... be more than just a person who gets a paycheck every week- be a consultant who thinks of ways to grow companies and is paid fairly for that with a value-based salary.

In exchange, this experience helps grow your abilities, proven track record, salary, and ultimately your career. That's when true synergy happens. That's when any job aligned to your top strengths is your "dream job". So from this point forward, think of your career as "YOU, Inc.", give it a mission, and take on an intrapreneur mindset.

Invest in Career5 as part of your career growth strategy. The ROI is priceless.

Many people are working so hard, they don't have time to job search effectively, they miss opportunities because they have no time to apply, and they don't take advantage of networking to get in front of the job postings (85% of jobs come from networking). This adversely affects their career and salary trajectory. By letting us guide you through the logistics of your job search, you can focus on effectively landing the best offers using our unique interview strategy.

Don't wait another week, month, year, etc. to make the changes needed to grow.

You have nothing to lose by investing in your growth and taking the chance to become the absolute best version of yourself.... and everything to lose by doing nothing. Starting with your career, the place you spend 40+ hours a week is one of the best places to invest in your growth. All you have to do is believe in yourself and be you in the process. You've got this!

I wish you the best,

Aimee Marcelo
CEO, Founder

Have you ever felt like…

  • You’re on top of the world, determined to make your dreams come true one day and the next you feel totally lost and confused about what you’re doing?
  • You’re excited to grow into new roles at work but don't know how to do it?
  • You’ve heard a million ideas of how to scaffold up in your career but are not sure which ones to focus on, and so you go round and round in circles?
  • You know you should be making more money but you don't know how?
  • You feel like you’re stuck, fed up, burnt out, and just want to break free and do whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing in life?
  • You became an employee to have more freedom and a life you loved, but you feel more overwhelmed than you ever felt before and are not sure how to manage it?
  • You feel isolated and lonely because you don’t know any other like-minded people to talk to about what you’re going through building your career?

If so, you’re human! I think most of us feel like this at some point or another.

Here’s the truth…

You don't have to be scared to grow to new heights and take on more responsibility at work. You have been doing this all along in grade school, college, etc.

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