A Modern Solution for Career Coaching

Cut your job search time in 1/2 and aim for the RIGHT position while ultimately turbocharging your career growth.

You just need a roadmap and a solid brand marketing strategy to get you there.


Whether you need a new job or want to make the most of the one you're in, you can roadmap your way to meaningful work to utilize your top strengths and drives daily and earn the salary you deserve

Our unique coaching system saves you 1/2 the time and cost of traditional coaching, and increases your career growth and salary trajectories on average by 20%+. We keep you on track by combining:

Strategic Career Coaching (Tap into inner drives, strategize, and stay the course)

Unique Marketing & Networking Strategies (Get noticed. Connect to the right people)

Career 5 Roadmap CMS® (Career Management System-stay on track, organized.)

Data Solutions that Drive Decisions (Make informed choices.)

We primarily work with motivated individuals at various levels of their career in the following areas:

Job Searching

Career Transitioning

Turbocharging Your Career & Salary Growth

Interview & Salary Negotiations

Map Out College to Career Path

Imagine enjoying going to work every day...where you feel like you are truly contributing.

Hi, I'm Aimee Marcelo, founder of Career 5. I'm here to show you how to carve out meaning into your work by taking ownership in your job search and career efforts...to start thinking of YOU, Inc...to become the "driver" in your career, and not just the "passenger". My 20+ years in marketing, training, and now recruitment have been the basis for creating a methodology that has been a game-changer for helping my clients get jobs exponentially faster, switch careers, and catapult in leadership roles. 

What's the difference between being a driver or passenger of your career?

Aimee Marcelo 

Why relying on blogs and piecemeal advice to job search or grow your career can sometimes hurt more than help...

woman  on computer

According to a Duke University study, in order to build an effective new habit, you need five essential components: a reason, a trigger, a micro-habit, effective practice, and a plan.

When you read piecemeal advice on blogs or books, you are not building a holistic framework, nor implementing lifelong habits that help you to job search or grow your career effectively.  This information is helpful, but it developed as a "one size fits all" solution, and you are not ordinary.

You have your own drives,  meaning of success, concept of how and where you want to grow, financial needs, etc. So by sifting this out through...

  • coaching
  • mapping out solid growth, marketing, networking strategies
  • learning best practices to job search and grow your career
  • establishing the habits needed to support your growth

...you will build the life long skills needed to have that amazing career that you deserve.





You don't have to be the best talent out there to get the job, you just need to be the best at authentically market your top strengths and value.



The Job Search Roadmap® focuses on 5 key areas to give you the most traction so you can focus on getting the RIGHT job:

Growth Strategy that Creates Focus
(Know your top strengths. Target the RIGHT job.

An Authentic Brand that Instills Confidence
(Stand out. Be unique. Carve in meaning & a mission.)

Align Your Value to Your Job's Needs
(With market fit, you get more interviews/offers.)

Marketing & Networking Strategies that Cut Your Search in 1/2
("Be the solution" when networking for work.)

Convey Your Value in Your Interview/ Salary Negotiations 
(Get more job offers and better pay.)

Results include:

Increased focused and streamlined your efforts for job searching. Ability to cut your search time in 1/2.

Able to attract a consistent flow of high-quality job offers from targeted companies that will aid in your career and salary growth. 

The ability to effectively market your value and proven track record to potential hiring managers.

Simplified search efforts that save $5-20K in lost wages by using best strategies,  resume/cover letter templates, and phone scripts for networking. 

Land more job offers and negotiate for a higher salary, making 10-30k more annually.

Includes (left to right): Combined with coaching of your choice, the Job Search Roadmap® includes the  Career 5 Roadmap CMS®,  resume/cover letter templates, LinkedIn development guides, optimization reports, marketing funnel, email templates and phone scripts for networking, interviewing, and salary negotiations,  and marketing infographic ideas.

Career coaching Sessions +  Career Strategic Plan +  Resumes +  LinkedIn Example 1 +  Optimization +  +infographic

 The hidden costs of an ineffective job search strategy can really add up...

Extra Jobs You Have to Apply
Weeks Lost from an Unoptimized Resume
Wages Lost from a Diluted Strategy
TImes You Start Over from Interview Problems

We also want to help you grow your career. 

Building your career is similar to building a business- think YOU, Inc!  It has a building blocks process. Many people organically work through some of these areas throughout their career, but you gain far greater traction when you work through this as a whole-just like a business.

5 Areas to Turbo Charge

Man on Computer


Growing your career and salary is a scaffolding process. Whether you need to:

  • Turbocharge your career & salary growth
  • Map out a new career choice

Use our Career Roadmap©, dial your needs in with coaching, and work: to grow your career and salary, move from college to career, or career transition.  These 5 key areas increase your confidence and grow your value... just like a business. That's why it's important to think YOU, Inc.

(We also have affordable 30-min and 1-hour coach sessions you can purchase if you just have a quick issue you need to address.) 

Focus on 5 key areas to double your traction so you can reach your long-term career goals:

Create a Growth Strategy for Focus
(Know your top strengths and value. Aim for the RIGHT jobs.)

Create an Authentic Brand that Instills Confidence
(Stand out. Be unique. Carve meaning. Aim for a mission instead of a "dream job".)

Align Your Value to Your Job's Needs
(Creating this synergy with your employer that gives you great career and salary growth.)

Create Marketing & Networking Strategy that Expand Opportunities
(Build your supportive tribe.  Be job-opportunity ready.)

Develop Leadership Abilities that Propel Your Growth
(Focus on the top areas that make true traction for leadership growth.)

Results include:

Dial in the right career path for you. Increase your focus to streamline efforts for career growth.

Attract a consistent flow of high-quality job opportunities from your network that continue to grow your career and salary.

Align top tier company goals with your value for better traction. Stay on forefront of industry changes and become a thought leader.

Be "job opportunity ready". Learn to subtly convey your value and proven track record to your director reports, sponsors, and network so that you are thought of for new growth opportunities.

Dial in leadership abilities that make the most traction. Assure you are earning your maximum salary.

Includes (left to right): combined with coaching, the Career 5 Roadmap CMS® includes over 5 hours of coaching videos,  a YouScience ® Career Assessment, resume/cover letter templates, LinkedIn development guides, optimization reports, email templates and phone scripts for networking, interviewing, and salary negotiations,  and marketing infographic ideas.

Career coaching Sessions + Career Strategic Plan +  Career AssessmentResumes + LinkedIn Example 1Optimization +infographic

 Why is an authentic personal brand important?

When looking for a job or growing your career (especially into leadership), having a personal brand that authentically conveys who you are and how you want to contribute your value on this planet can be a game changer!

It provides clarity from the inside out by getting you tapped into a personal work mission. This brings you an inner confidence that your employers, clients, and colleagues innately respond to, that also carries over to your personal life.  We work with all of our clients to build authentic brands!

If you don't properly managing your online reputation, then you're actively losing out on job opportunities. The average person now switches jobs every 2-3 years and 40% of the workforce will freelance by 2020, so a strong personal brand is more important than ever before to help you be successful in today's workforce.

Visibility, perception, and influence are 3 key components that help you become a great leader. Even if you're an introvert, not a fan of social media, tooting your own horn, or being visible, you have to break through this in order to make the changes in the world or work that are important to you.


"More than half of employers won't hire potential candidates without some sort of online presence today."- Career Builder

Job Search

We have many individual services like interview or salary negotiations prep. 

We've researched and targeted the best ways to assure that you go into your interview with confidence, and can land the job and negotiate for the salary you deserve based on your value and researched data by combining:

  1. Strategic Coaching
  2. Interview Video Prep SoftwareInterview Salary Negotiations Career Coaching

Plan Your College to Career Path

Focusing on the 5 key areas, we assess to assure you are picking a major that is a good fit for both your strengths and the job market. Then we map out your path from A-Z to assure you have all the supports to get you there: scholarships, network, branding, resume, LinkedIn profile, etc.

Typically saves clients $5-50K on choosing the wrong path and not setting up supports to land the first job after college.


 Apply for jobs

How does our coaching approach make your life easier?

 Our Career 5 Roadmap CMS® comes with an Action Plan to keep you on track and increases your ability to succeed with your goals by 42%.

We also created an effective virtual coaching system that keeps you on track without losing that personal touch or valuable commuting time!  Sessions can be 30-min or 1-hr long so you can use your work breaks for phone or virtual screen sharing when needed.

That's why we created the Career 5 Roadmap© Career Management System... to help people get jobs quickly AND grow their careers. It includes both Job Search and Career Roadmaps and so much more...

Career 5 Roadmap Career Management System

Most of our packages come with the Career 5 Roadmap CMS© (career management system) that was built to keep our coaches and clients on track. See all that it includes:

  •   Roadmap Courses- Access your purchased course and keep track of progress as you move through using coach videos. 
  • Career Roadmap Plan auto-populates vital areas that you fill out in your roadmap courses so you stay on track with your long-term goals (just like a business).
  • Action Plan that keeps coaches and clients on track weekly
  • Job Tools such as job boards, economic and labor data, resume, cover letter, and email templates and scripts for networking, interviewing, and salary negotiations.
  • Vision Board to help you visualize where you want to go and grow.

See how the Career 5 Roadmap® Career Management System (CMS) works!

We help you make SMART decisions.

Making a sound decision for your career is no different than making one for a business. You want to assure you have the right data and tools by your side. We have ones that organize, optimize, and strategize your growth and job search efforts! Many already come with our packages.

LinkedIn and Resume Keyword Optimization

Resume & Linkedin Optimization Software

YouScience Career Assessment

Discover Your Unique Path with Our YouScience® Career Assessment


Interview & Salary Negotiation Video Prep Software

Job & Career Growth Analysis

Career and Salary Growth Analysis Report

What Clients Are Saying...

Testimonial“Career 5 was just what I needed to help push myself forward in uncovering the type of work that would fulfill my needs and align with my lifestyle, and the coaching I received helped me to dig deeper to discover insights that I wouldn’t have found on my own. Going through the Career 5 program helped me to develop an action plan and roadmap to fit my timeline and keep me on track in a strategic manner, rather than just moving wherever the wind blew me. Coaching makes the process fun, with gentle nudges, offering invaluable advice that also helped get me excited about new opportunities. I am now working in my new career path and I love it! I would use the Career 5 method each and every time I needed to explore new paths! Thanks Career 5!”    

-Suzie L (more testimonials)

Why OWN Your Career Growth and think YOU, Inc.? Because you are the ONLY person that can make your amazing life happen!

We were led down a path in school until we received our diplomas but were never really taught to manage or strategize our career growth.  Instead, we are just left to our own devices to figure this out.  But the job market is rapidly changing and in order to stay on top of it and get the personal and financial growth we want out of it, we have to take ownership of our growth...to start thinking of our careers as our own personal businesses...and like most businesses, you need a plan.

Watch this short video now.

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