Design a Career that Represents You
Be fearless. Create your own job opportunities.
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Access your strengths and talents on a daily basis in a job that you LOVE.

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Carve out a meaningful career that allows for epic lunch breaks.
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Find a job that you love in a culture that fits you.
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Push yourself to your highest peak!
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Become a leader with a personal mission that inspires others.
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Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

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Build a supportive network that helps you move mountains.

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Work with your company to support what's important to you.

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Smart savvy people like you don’t just get a job, but instead, carve out meaningful work where you’re accessing your strengths and talents on a daily basis. Let us help you roadmap your amazing career to get you the RIGHT job today!

[We help people create better lives and get great jobs quickly. For employees and solopreneurs (consultants/freelancers).]

Think You, Inc.… and like every business owner, you need a plan!Career5 Methodology

Career5’s (five phase) Roadmap Methodology was developed using research, concepts, and trends from the following:
business management, human resources, marketing, career development and transformative learning.


Our unique hybrid system saves you 1/3  of the cost of traditional coaching, gives you 4xs the knowledge,  and increases your ability to succeed with your goal by 42% due to our hybrid Career5 Roadmap CMS that is combined with all packages.

Smart People Invest in Themselves (See the ROI)

Successful people get coaching and professional help in order to grow, just like business owners.
You can too! By using a hybrid approach to help you combine drives, skills, meaning, and data– you can make SMART decisions without breaking the bank.

Keyword Optimization Resume LinkedIn Profile Photo

Our Rapid Job Search Strategy® guides you step-by-step to your new job quickly!

Saves $2-10K typically in lost wages by learning best methods for job searching.
Resume Development

Develop & optimize your resume/LinkedIn profile to get noticed!

Saves $1-5k in lost wages from resumes that end up in a ‘black hole” in HR.
Amazing Career

Map out a career choice you LOVE based on drives, strengths, and market data/fit. Choose college/training based on ROI.

Saves $2-50K often on making an INFORMED career/ college/ training choice.
Where do you want to grow your career?

 Roadmap your career growth with an actionable plan (just like a business strategic plan).

Makes $10k+ more annually by staying laser-focused with a plan.

 Map Out Immediate Needs and/or Big Picture Goals

Target single needs like getting the RIGHT job or mapping out a career choice, or work toward your BIG Picture Goals where you can find the RIGHT job AND grow it into a meaningful career.

Built for employees or solopreneurs (consultants and freelancers) who want to empower themselves in their work and lives.

Coaching Package

To get started, choose your path from 3 levels of affordability (our hybrid solution cuts coaching time in half):
1) Career Coaching (1-on-1) + Our Career5 Roadmap CMS

Make GREAT traction by strategizing your career and job searching needs with your coach while mapping out your strategy on the Career5 Roadmap™ CMS utilizing phone and virtual coaching (with screensharing(.  Your coach fills out areas of your roadmap in session to keep you on track. We work virtually with clients via WebEx and/or phone to save you time in your busy day. It’s highly efficient and effective.

2) Self-Directed Video Courses, Weekly Webinars + Our Career5 Roadmap CMS

Choose our Self-Directed Premium Subscription option based on your needs that includes the Career5 Roadmap™ CMS and videos, where you choose what you work on. Attend weekly webinars where you can ask questions. Purchase a coaching session when and if needed. Email coaching and resume and cover letter review and optimization reports come with this package.


Full-Service Resume LinkedIn

 3) Add Full-Service Options

Don’t Have Time to Develop/Optimize Your Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile AND Apply for Jobs? We Can Do the Work for You with Our JOB SEARCH JUMPSTART and/or LAUNCH Services.

Job Search JUMPSTARTWe develop, scan, optimize keywords in your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile, and post your resume to key sites and with recruiters so that you will get noticed quickly when jobs searching!

 Job Search LAUNCHWe apply and network on your behalf for job opportunities to a strategic array of targeted hiring managers, companies, professional associations, and recruiters!

Our method gets you there FASTER.  See how.  Tour our platform.

How Career5 Can Help You Reach Your Goals!
Watch this short video now.

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Are You a Driver” or a Passenger” of Your Career?
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We help you make SMART decisions.

We have tools that organize, optimize, and strategize your growth and job search efforts! Many already come with our packages.

LinkedIn and Resume Keyword Optimization

Resume & Linkedin Optimization Software


YouScience Career Assessment

Discover Your Unique Path with Our YouScience® Career Assessment



Interview & Salary Negotiation Video Prep Software


Job & Career Growth Analysis

Job & Career Growth Analysis Report

RESULTS our clients typically experience include:


Frustrated with your career? You’re not alone. Here’s why:

Career strategy and management are building blocks concepts that are rarely taught in school but necessary to help you “scale up” your career.  With the rapidly changing job market, it’s time to treat your career like your own personal business. Think YOU, Inc. And just like a business, you can map out a solid career and job search strategy that defines and actualizes your vision of success and happiness. Everyone deserves to THRIVE in their work, which is why we have built this system for different levels of affordability to target immediate or big picture needs).

This company was developed to SERVE your job search and career growth needs so that you can THRIVE!  WE CARE ABOUT YOU!  Every package, pricing structure, partner tool, and researched methodology was designed to help you reach your long-term dreams and goals…but in the most economical, effective, and efficient way possible…because not ALL amazing people make 200k a year. There are professors, small business owners, contractors, consultants, social workers, etc. that want to make the most of their career path too!   Read about why Career5 was started.

Aimee Marcelo, Founder of Career5
Aimee Marcelo, Founder of Career5

A career strategy will increase your:

Happiness (your career now has meaning and purpose)
Energy (you have learned to balance work and life through prioritization)
Ability to Earn More (you know your value and can negotiate for it)
Ability to Job Search Quickly and Effectively (you know latest methods and strategies)
Job Security and Relevancy (you stay valued and ahead of automation)
Network Support (that will help you reach your long-term vision)

What Client’s Say

Definition of Thrive