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We're job search, career, and salary experts.

We help you stand out, scale up in roles and salary, and make meaningful impact.
Chuck F.
Chuck F.
Re-branded and networked him out to pivot into a new career at Oracle.
Patricia D
Promoted with a much higher salary in Healthcare; currently starting own Nutrition business.
Jesse D
Recent Grad; branded and networked him out to a top company in DC. Negotiated $10K higher in first job.
Minaz K.
Coached and rebranded to find a advanced role in Marketing; slowly built own athletic apparel company.

A step-by-step framework to future-proof your job, career, & salary growth.  

Career5 is committed to accelerating your job search and career efforts affordably by combining 3 key ways to support you. 

1 Career5 Membership©, course & videos to cut expensive coaching time. Find everything needed to step-by-step job search and grow your career and salary effectively so you can make better impact in your work life. 

2 Result-Driven Executive Coaching. We develop a step-by-step roadmap, action plan, and cadence using a consistent framework to keep you on track and actualize your goals.

3 Services that provide an excellent ROI (10X+). You don't have to do it all. We find jobs, develop branded resumes and LinkedIn profiles, coach you to scale up your career, and negotiate for a much higher salary. 

Job Search: We cut your search time in 1/2, help you land more offers for high-quality roles, and justify a higher salary ($10K-$50K+).

We do it for you or show you how to do it.

1 BRAND: Resume, Cover Letter, & LinkedIn Development
Carve out your unique value to get noticed faster.

Resume Example- Resume Writers Near Me

2 REVERSE RECRUIT, GUIDE, & COACH:  We set up your job search. We show you how to apply. We reverse recruit on your behalf. Cuts your search in 1/2 by managing your job search for you. 

3 GROW: Guaranteed Salary Negotiations
Negotiate for  a value-based, not market-rate salary ($10K-$50K+).

Salary Negotiations

We organize your job search and growth on our Career5 Membership Platform®

Includes courses, action plan, job search and career growth tools, networking email scripts, vision board, and so much more to be used with virtual Executive Coaching.

Career5 Platform

Career Acceleration: Let's move you forward quickly to make impact and target a higher salary ($10K-50K+) using our unique framework to expedite your mobility with our ACCELERATE® Program. 

1 Focus, Growth Goals & Mindset
Let's look for gaps and opportunities, and visualize goals.


2 Authentic Brand & Executive Presence
Let's ensure that your brand conveys you are perfect for this next level and increase visibility (Linkedin, presentations, etc.)

Resume Example- Resume Writers Near Me

3 Business Acumen & Strategic Monetization
Develop your business acumen and know how to monetize for companies.

job search

3 Partnerships, Teams, & Networking
Learn to build high-impact teams, build partnerships, and network strategically.

Salary Negotiations

5 Leadership Abilities
Whether you are new, seasoned, or a subject matter expert, you need to have solid leadership abilities.

Career Coaching

Executive coaches you can learn from

Executive Coaching On Demand

We use unique consultative strategies for Career Transition, Interview Prep, Salary Negotiations, Job Search Strategy, Leadership Coaching, Team Building, Career Advancement, Executive Presence, College to Career, and Board Memberships.

Just some of the places our clients work...

Job Search Experts

No more stressful jobs, meaningless work, or stalled careers. We are built to grow.

This company has already helped 1000+ motivated new professionals to C-level executives to job search, scale up, increase salaries ($10K-$50K+) and reach for the right roles to open the doors for you to continue to grow and thrive. 

✮Roadmap a meaningful work life.✮

Aimee Marcelo, Founder

Professional to C-Level Clients Served
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Average Salary Increase Using Framework
Network to targeted hiring managers
What Clients Are Saying...
Career5 Reviews

Executive client landed a new role and received a 20% salary increase; 10X ROI from coaching
"The set looks awesome. You guys did a great job.  I have been very impressed with the experience and the final product.  You have been flexible, consultative, and overall accommodating to get me in the best position possible. Looking forward to getting this out on the market. It's a much better representation of me. Thank you!!!!!" - Aaron H. VP of Strategy.  (more testimonials)"

Data Engineer landed a new role through multiple opportunities that came from his resume/LinkedIn development; opportunity included a salary increase; a 30X ROI.
"I just wanted to let you know that I accepted an offer last week and will be starting Monday, October 25th. After you updated my LinkedIn profile and resume, I was BOMBARDED with great opportunities. I just wanted to say thanks so much for all your hard work. I couldn't have done it without you."-Andrew H., Data Engineer.  (more testimonials)

Executive client in process of landing a new role; results are soon to be determined.
"Thanks for reaching out! Actually, the sheer volume of activity is hard to keep up with (and maintain my fulltime job). But overall, the results have been excellent - both from the contact-blitz but also from the resume itself. To answer your question, I don't see a need to open up the territory - it looks like I may have 4-7 offers materializing right now." Mike L., VP of Program

Executive client in process of landing a new role; results are soon to be determined.
"This process was extremely helpful. Gave me a great boost of confidence." -Janell W., Director of Programs


Your career can be your greatest financial and personal growth vehicle with the right strategy.  Be proactive. Don't leave money and opportunity on the table. Tap into training that can help you personally grow. Make it count.