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We cut your job search time in 1/2 and increase your salary by 10-30%. Ready to move to your next role?

Branded Resumes & LinkedIn Profiles | Job Search Accelerator (Reverse Recruiting) Service | Interview Prep | Salary Negotiations | Executive Coaching | Career Transition

Career5 specializes in accelerating your job search, career growth, and increasing your salary to make big impact!

It's time to radically RETHINK how you spend your time at work. Investing in our services can be a game-changer in your career and financial trajectory.

►Go from 0 to 5+ interview opportunities in a matter of weeks.
►Increase your salary (earn 10 to 40Xs more) so that you have more financial resources available.
►Land offers in competitive fields and companies (Amazon, Apple, Google, etc.).
►Pivot industries (blue chip to high growth sectors or startups, public to private sectors, agency to industry).
Transition to a new career field by marketing the strengths you currently have.
►Set up a work from anywhere scenario using a strong networking strategy.
►Roadmap for impact at work to fulfill a personal mission.


Executive Coaching

Use the job search to advance your career to the next level.

Our Rapid Job Search© services ensure you stand out with confidence so you can land more offers and choose the right growth role that can earn $10K - $30K+ more.

Choose from INDIVIDUAL or discounted FULL SUPPORT services.

1 Marketing
Modern Branded Resumes & LinkedIn Development
We brand your unique value to get you noticed so much faster.

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2 Networking
Job Search Accelerator® Service
We speed up your job search 10X by discreetly networking you out on your behalf using a reverse recruiting method. We review your resume and LinkedIn to make sure you are marketed well.

Job Search Coaches Near Me

3 Virtual Support
Executive Coaching On-Demand
Transition to a new career path, negotiate for a higher salary, prep for your interview, or get accountability coaching, you can count on our level-specific coaches to use our unique consultative strategy.

Branded Resumes

4 Full-Service Job Support
Rapid Job Search Program

We are there from beginning to end with you, using a combo of marketing, networking, and coaching services, organizing your entire process to ensure that you find the right role at the salary you deserve.

LinkedIn Development

Rapid Job Search Full Service Program©

Executive coaches you can learn from

Let us take the stress off of your plate so you can focus on finding the right job. Job searching can be tedious and a full-time job which is often difficult when people are currently working or finding it hard to focus their efforts. Our full-service program keeps you on track and provides marketing and networking services to get you noticed 10X faster for high-quality roles, with a 95% success rate of finding a new role within 2 months or less.


Your career can be your greatest financial and personal growth vehicle with the right strategy. Don't leave money and opportunity on the table. Make it count.

Just some of the places our clients work...

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Career Coaching Income & Impact Accelerator Program©

We focus on 5 well-researched areas to onboard you effectively to new roles and ensure your career and salary trajectory takeoff exponentially using a proven consultative strategy and framework for this 12-month program at $99 a month (includes an accountability partner, course, and meet with monthly with your Executive Coach for 30-minutes). Cancel anytime.

Goal Setting & Intrapreneur Mindset

Grow your career with us

Leadership, Organizational Growth, & Business Acumen

Professional Branding & Executive Presence


Partnerships & Networking Strategies

Intrapreneur & Salary Negotiation Strategies

Career Coaching

Our research has shown time and time again that by focusing on these 2 programs, you will...

✓ Increase your salary (10-30%+)
✓ Have a better work-life balance and career satisfaction through learning prioritization and communication tactics.
✓ Significantly increase your career, salary, and personal growth trajectories.
✓ Be able to apply many subject matters to your home life as well (business acumen, leadership abilities, etc.)
✓Know how to strategize your networking to expand out on opportunities for your company.
✓Become an intrapreneur to create better impact and be able to negotiate for a value-based salary vs. market rate.
✓Be promoted more often toward growth roles and not be afraid to change roles when needed.


We organize your growth on our Career5 Platform®

Includes courses, action plan, job search and career growth tools, networking email scripts, vision board, and so much more to be used with virtual Executive Coaching.

Career5 Platform

Professional to C-Level Clients Served
Marketed resumes get noticed faster by
Average Salary Increase Using Framework
Network to targeted hiring managers
What Clients Are Saying...
Career5 Reviews

Executive client landed a new role and received a 20% salary increase; 10X ROI from coaching
"The set looks awesome. You guys did a great job. I have been very impressed with the experience and the final product. You have been flexible, consultative, and overall accommodating to get me in the best position possible. Looking forward to getting this out on the market. It's a much better representation of me. Thank you!!!!!" - Aaron H. VP of Strategy. (more testimonials)"

Data Engineer landed a new role through multiple opportunities that came from his resume/LinkedIn development; opportunity included a salary increase; a 30X ROI.
"I just wanted to let you know that I accepted an offer last week and will be starting Monday, October 25th. After you updated my LinkedIn profile and resume, I was BOMBARDED with great opportunities. I just wanted to say thanks so much for all your hard work. I couldn't have done it without you."-Andrew H., Data Engineer. (more testimonials)

Executive client in process of landing a new role; results are soon to be determined.
"Thanks for reaching out! Actually, the sheer volume of activity is hard to keep up with (and maintain my fulltime job). But overall, the results have been excellent - both from the contact-blitz but also from the resume itself. To answer your question, I don't see a need to open up the territory - it looks like I may have 4-7 offers materializing right now." Mike L., VP of Program

Imagine going to work every day, where you feel like you are truly making an impact, earning what you're worth, and continuously growing. Start treating your career as your own personal business to move mountains.

Hi, I'm Aimee Marcelo, founder of Career5. I'm here to help you carve out meaning into your work by taking ownership of your job search and career growth... to think of your career as YOU, Inc., and to run it like your personal business.

We have served 1000+ pro to C-level clients to personally brand their marketing (resume & LinkedIn), pivot to new roles, network them out to targeted companies, prep them for interviews, and negotiate higher salaries so they can have better lives, more resources for themselves and their loved ones, bring greater impact to organizations, and continue on an upward career, salary, and personal growth trajectory. (I seriously love my job and my team!)

You don't have to wait another day to get started. Let us support you on this journey to be the best version of yourself. Why Career5?

Career5 will always stay committed to offering affordable solutions for people of all income levels.

Aimee Marcelo

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