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Get ready to make impact in a job that you love!

We help people accelerate their job search and level up in their careers by uniquely branding and marketing their true value to find high-quality opportunities.

We work with leaders and changemakers to cultivate and market their value to move mountains using a hybrid coaching system that saves you 1/2 the time and costs of traditional coaching but fully supports your efforts:

Career Strategy & Executive Coaching 
Tap into inner drives and fire, strategize, and stay the course with 1-on-1 virtual coaching.

Unique Marketing & Networking Strategies 
Build your authentic brand. Get noticed. Strategize your value pitch. Connect to the right people.

Career5 Roadmap CMS® (Career Management System) Stay on track, roadmap your next career move, and use data to drive decisions. Use courses and tools to fill in the gaps. 

We market mid to C-level executives ($100K-$1M+) to get noticed faster, cut their search time in 1/2, and justify their level of salary by developing a value proposition-based marketing campaign that gives companies a clear reason to hire you.

Resume Cover Letter LinkedIn Development Infographic

Every step up becomes more competitive, so it's vital your resume and LinkedIn profile convey your value and proven track record succinctly so you can land the high-quality opportunities you deserve.  See our Executive Value Scope™ resume building framework.

(That's why we create infographics of top strengths, abilities, and metrics.)

We've created the most efficient systematic approach you'll ever need for the following:

JOB SEARCH (Mid to Director Level)

Our Rapid Job Search Program® saves you thousands of dollars in lost wages by accelerating your job search and guiding you through the top 5 efforts to cut your job search time in 1/2.

Align your growth strategy, value, communications (resume/LinkedIn profile) and pitch to your targeted jobs to cut your job search in 1/2 using our proven method. Tap into your strengths, drives, and inner confidence using a unique brand and marketing strategy.  

Create a customized package based on what you need or pay as you go.

Job Seeker

Our Rapid Job Search Methodology® is the base framework for our job search program.

Target the Jobs that Will Help You Grow

Brand Your Unique Authentic Value that Instills Confidence

Align Your Value to the Market & Develop Your Value Pitch

Create a Game Plan and Organize to Cut Your Job Search in 1/2

Land High-Quality Job Offers by Closing Your Interview and Salary Negotiations

Executive Search

JOB SEARCH (Senior Executives, VPs, and C-Suite Level)

Find the RIGHT position for your growth in 1/2 the time by building a solid value proposition that aligns to your personal growth mission.

Get clear on your value proposition with a unique marketing and networking strategy that brings the high-quality opportunities you deserve. Let's target positions and brainstorm how you will create the transformation for their organization. We fully support you in the job search process so you can focus your efforts on aiming for the RIGHT legacy opportunity while simultaneously working in your current job.

Imagine going to work every day, where you feel like you are truly making an impact, earning what you're worth, and continuously growing. Start treating your career as your own personal business to move mountains.

Hi, I'm Aimee Marcelo, founder of Career5. I'm here to work with you to carve out meaning into your work by taking ownership of your job search and career efforts... to think of your career as YOU, Inc., and to run it like your personal business. I have worked with hundreds of midlevel to C-Suite executives to help them get in touch with their value and confidence so they can market themselves authentically to land the opportunities they deserve. My 20+ years in marketing, training, and now recruitment, have been the basis for creating a methodology that has been a game-changer for helping my clients get jobs exponentially faster, switch into careers that truly fit strengths and drives, and catapult into new leadership roles.

Aimee Marcelo 

Our research shows how this method will create limitless opportunities where you can make HUGE positive impact through your work. About Aimee.


 The hidden costs of an ineffective job search strategy can really add up...

Extra Jobs in Which You Have to Apply
Average Weeks Lost from an Unoptimized Resume
Typical Wages Lost from a Diluted Strategy
TImes You Start Over from Interview Problems

 Why is an authentic personal brand important?

When looking for a job or growing your career (especially into leadership), having a personal brand that authentically conveys your skills and values can be a game-changer! This brings you an inner confidence that your employers, clients, and colleagues innately respond to. We work with all of our clients to build authentic brands!


"More than half of employers won't hire potential candidates without some sort of online presence today." - Career Builder

Job Search

Get interview or salary negotiations prep that lands you more job offers by practicing your "value pitch". 

We've researched and targeted the best ways to assure you go into your interview with confidence and present your "value proposition/pitch" to land high-quality offers. Then negotiate for the salary you deserve based on your value and researched data using the following:

  1. Strategic Coaching
  2. Interview Video Prep Software (if needed)Interview Salary Negotiations Career Coaching

We created the Career5 Roadmap© Career Management System to keep you on track through this entire process... to help people get jobs quickly AND grow their careers. 

Career5 Roadmap Platform

Most of our coach packages come with the Career5 Roadmap CMS© (career management system) built to keep our coaches and clients on track. See all it includes:

  • Career5 Roadmap Platform
  • Job Search Roadmap
  • Action Plan 
  • Job Tools (salary data reports, economy information, hidden job market links, keyword optimization software, best places to work, career videos, etc.)

We help you make SMART decisions.

Making a sound decision for your career is no different than making one for a business. You want to assure you have the right data and tools by your side. We have ones that organize, optimize, and strategize your growth and job search efforts! Many already come with our packages.

LinkedIn and Resume Keyword Optimization

Resume & Linkedin Optimization Software

YouScience Career Assessment

Discover Your Unique Path with Our YouScience® Career Assessment


Interview & Salary Negotiation Video Prep Software

What Clients Are Saying...

Testimonial“Career5 was just what I needed to help push myself forward in uncovering the type of work that would fulfill my needs and align with my lifestyle, and the coaching I received helped me to dig deeper to discover insights that I wouldn’t have found on my own. Going through the Career5 program helped me to develop an action plan and roadmap to fit my timeline and keep me on track in a strategic manner, rather than just moving wherever the wind blew me. Coaching makes the process fun, with gentle nudges, offering invaluable advice that also helped get me excited about new opportunities. I am now working in my new career path and I love it! I would use the Career5 method each and every time I needed to explore new paths! Thanks Career5!”    

- Suzie L. Learning Network Manager (more testimonials)

We specialize in helping mid to C-level executives cut their job search in 1/2. Need a new job? A new career path? Both? Schedule a call today!

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