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Become EMPOWERED and CONFIDENT in your job search, career, and salary growth efforts. Everyone deserves to THRIVE at work!


Career 5's unique hybrid method of combining coaching with our Career 5 Roadmap™ platform helps you to quickly align your top strengths and drives (your fuel) to your position and path so you are able to market yourself confidently to find the RIGHT job, and grow your career and salary trajectory like a rock star! 

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Hi, I'm Aimee Marcelo, founder of Career 5. I'm here to show you how to carve out meaning into your professional life by taking ownership in your job search and career efforts...to start thinking of YOU, Inc...to become the "driver" in your career, and not just the "passenger".  You don't have to wait for a better salary, boss, shorter hours, or better career.  You can make it happen and even start today!

My 20+ years in marketing, training, and now recruitment have been the basis for creating a methodology that has been a game-changer for helping my clients get jobs exponentially faster, switch careers, and catapult into leadership roles. To see how empowered they are after this process is a gift for me.

The Career 5 Roadmap© CMS (Career Management System) was developed to help you tap into your inner drives and talents, strategize, organize, and actualize your amazing career.

How deep you dive personally, and how far you fly professionally are really up to you!

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Aimee Marcelo 

What's the difference between being a driver or passenger of your career?

Need a job quickly?  Use our Job Search Roadmap© to cut your search time in half.

We're here to guide, support, and empower you step-by-step through the entire job search process with different levels of affordability.  

Job searching has changed drastically in the last 5 years. We created a system to quickly and effectively guide you step-by-step through the process using a unique marketing strategy, funnel, and resume and email templates. Utilize our Job Search Roadmap and coaching to align your strengths to the job market to create a market fit by working through 5 key areas.



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5 key areas that increase your confidence in your value:

  1. growth strategy
  2. authentic  differentiated brand
  3. value alignment
  4. marketing & networking strategy
  5. interview & salary negotiations prep

We can even set up your efforts!  (All coach packages are customized to your needs.)

  Driver (Self-Directed)

Go through the Job Search Roadmap self-directed and utilize coach emails and templates where needed to build a solid marketing package for your job search.

Commuter (Webinars)

Go through the Job Search Roadmap self-directed and utilize weekly group coach webinars and collaboration to answer questions as you move through your job search.

 Mover  (Coach-Assisted) 

Work with your coach through the Job Search Roadmap based on your needs. Dive deep into your internal drives, set up your strategy, and job marketing package. Prepare for your Interview & Salary Negotiations by rehearsing, rehearsing, rehearsing.

Driven (Full Service)

Sit back and relax while we do the work for you! We develop and optimize your brand, and your entire job marketing package, and organize your efforts so you can market and network out confidently. Access our Interview & Salary Negotiations Prep Software for one month to rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. We also reach out to 5o potential hiring managers on your behalf.

Why is an authentic personal brand important?

When looking for a job or growing your career (especially into leadership), having a personal brand that authentically conveys who you are and how you want to contribute your value on this planet can be a game changer!

It provides clarity from the inside out. This brings you an inner confidence that your employers, clients, and colleagues innately respond to, that also carries over to your personal life.  We work with all of our clients to build authentic brands!


 The hidden costs of an ineffective job search strategy can really add up...

Extra Jobs You Have to Apply
Weeks Lost from an Unoptimized Resume
Wages Lost from a Diluted Strategy
TImes You Start Over from Interview Problems

Job Search

Need individual services like interview or salary negotiations prep? 

We've got you covered.  We have researched and targeted the best ways to assure that you go into your interview with confidence, and can land the job and negotiate for the salary you deserve based on your value and researched data. Individual sessions are always available.

Strategic Coaching

Interviews have changed so much in the past 5-10 years. We want you prepared, and to get you into a marketing/sales mindset where you are answering the pain points or speaking to the vision of the position.  You want to go in with an authentic unique brand concept of who you are and the results you can bring to this position.  Your results statements are key and often overlooked and ultimately determine the salary you are offered through negotiations. 

Interview & Salary Negotiations Video Prep Software

Big Interview

When you go into your interview or begin to salary negotiate, not only do you have to be strategic but you want to be confident in conveying your value and that takes practice.  By rehearsing with our level and industry-specific software, your efforts will make the most of your career and salary trajectories. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!

We also want to help you grow your career. 

Building your career is similar to building a business. It has a building blocks process. Many people organically work through some of these areas throughout their career, but you gain far greater traction when you work through this as a whole.

5 Areas to Turbocharge Career

That's why we created the Career 5 Roadmap© CMS... to help people grow their careers. It not only includes both the Job Search and Career Roadmaps to help you through your efforts but also so much more...

Most of our packages come with the Career 5 Roadmap CMS© (career management system) that was built to keep our coaches and clients on track. See all that it includes:

  •  Roadmap Courses- Access your purchased course and keep track of progress as you move through using coach videos. 
  • Career Roadmap Plan auto-populates vital areas that you fill out in your roadmap courses so you stay on track with your long-term goals (just like a business).
  • Action Plan that keeps coaches and clients on track weekly
  • Job Resources such as job boards, economic and labor data, resume, cover letter, and email templates.
  • Vision Board to help you visualize where you want to go and grow.
  • Career 5 Tribe is our forum to ask questions when needed.

Our method gets you exponentially FASTER to your new job or career goal by keeping you on track in key areas.  See how.  Tour our platform.


Want to turbocharge your career & salary growth?  Map out a new career choice? Plan your college-to-career path?

(All coach packages are customized to your needs.)

Smart savvy people like you don't just look for job opportunities, but instead, create them by staying on top of 5 key areas that increase your confidence and grow your value ... just like a businessThink YOU, Inc. 

  • growth strategy
  • authentic differentiated brand
  • value alignment
  • network & communication strategy
  • leadership abilities 

Roadmapping your path with our coaches using the Career Roadmap©  will help you plot out your direction to have the career you love and the salary you deserve.  We specialize in 3 areas:

Turbocharge Your Career, Salary, & Personal Growth

Align your strengths and drives with your job and career growth. Look for key opportunities to increase your value and leadership abilities at your organization... the basis to both career and salary growth. 


 Map Out a New Career Choice

Find a job by aligning your top strengths and talents to market fit and what you want out of life. Assure industry viability. Then map out a clear path on how you will get there, using data tools, desired personal growth, and return on investment of transition costs.

Plan Your College to Career Path

Focusing on the 5 key areas, we assess to assure you are picking a major that is a good fit for both your strengths and the job market. Then we map out your path from A-Z to assure you have all the supports in place to get you there: scholarships, network, branding, resume, LinkedIn profile, etc.

 Apply for jobs

 Did you know that roadmapping a plan increases your ability to succeed with your goals by 42%?  We created an effective virtual coaching system and platform that keeps you on track without losing that personal touch or valuable commuting time!  All of our sessions can be 30-minutes or 1-hour long so you can use your work breaks for phone or virtual screen sharing when needed. 

Our coaching approach is unique where we try to access the strengths and drives of all of our clients so that it is the fuel that empowers you to start OWNING your career growth! 

Strategic Career Coaching + Career 5 Roadmap© CMS

Testimonial“Career 5 was just what I needed to help push myself forward in uncovering the type of work that would fulfill my needs and align with my lifestyle, and the coaching I received helped me to dig deeper to discover insights that I wouldn’t have found on my own. Going through the Career 5 program helped me to develop an action plan and roadmap to fit my timeline and keep me on track in a strategic manner, rather than just moving wherever the wind blew me. Coaching makes the process fun, with gentle nudges, offering invaluable advice that also helped get me excited about new opportunities. I am now working in my new career path and I love it! I would use the Career 5 method each and every time I needed to explore new paths! Thanks Career 5!”    -Suzie L.

We help you make SMART decisions.

Making a sound decision for your career is no different than making one for a business. You want to assure you have the right data and tools by your side. We have ones that organize, optimize, and strategize your growth and job search efforts! Many already come with our packages.

LinkedIn and Resume Keyword Optimization

Resume & Linkedin Optimization Software

YouScience Career Assessment

Discover Your Unique Path with Our YouScience® Career Assessment


Interview & Salary Negotiation Video Prep Software

Job & Career Growth Analysis

Job & Career Growth Analysis Report

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Why OWN Your Career Growth and think YOU, Inc.? Because you are the ONLY person that can make your amazing life happen!

We were led down a path in school until we received our diplomas but were never really taught to manage or strategize our career growth.  Instead, we are just left to our own devices to figure this out.  But the job market is rapidly changing and in order to stay on top of it and get the personal and financial growth we want out of it, we have to take ownership of our growth...to start thinking of our careers as our own personal businesses...and like most businesses, you need a plan.

Watch this short video now.

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We empower you to simply stay on top of 5 key areas in your growth so you can have that amazing career and life you have always believed in for yourself!

This company was developed to SERVE your job search and career growth needs so that you can THRIVE by utilizing a unique marketing and business methodology!  WE CARE ABOUT YOU!  Every package, pricing structure, partner tool, and researched methodology was designed to help you reach your long-term dreams and goals...but in the most economical, effective, and efficient way possible.   Read about why Career 5 was started.


A career strategy will increase your:

Happiness (your career now has meaning and purpose)
Energy (you have learned to balance work and life through prioritization)
Ability to Earn More (you know your value and can negotiate for it)
Ability to Job Search Quickly and Effectively (you know latest methods and strategies)
Job Security and Relevancy (you stay valued and ahead of automation)
Network Support (that will help you reach your long-term vision)

What clients say about us.

We get personal trainers, marriage therapists, and financial planners. So why don't we get professional help growing one of our biggest 3-for-1 (personal, professional, & financial) growth vehicles called Our Careers?  See how roadmapping your growth can go a long way.

Career and Salary Trajectories

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